6 of the Best Smart Turbo Trainers To Buy Now

Sirena V

Turbo trainers are all about helping you get a great cycling workout in from the comfort of your own home. You can attach your bike, and ride it as if you’re outdoors, despite never stepping foot outside. Smart turbo trainers focus on the same principle but take it one step further.

With a smart turbo trainer, you are able to hook up your trainer and bike to technology that will offer in-depth feedback and analysis of your workouts, as well as making it easier to set up special resistance levels. So, if you’re looking to take your workout to the next level, take a look at the best smart turbo trainers that you can buy right now. Our list covers a wide range of price options, so whether you’re looking to splurge, or stick to a budget, we’ve got you covered.


Best Selling Smart Turbo Trainers in 2021


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1. The Tacx Neo Smart Cycle Trainer

Tacx T2180 Neo Smart Trainer
168 Reviews
Tacx T2180 Neo Smart Trainer
  • Can be controlled using software developed by third parties including...
  • True direct drive meaning no physical transmission
  • Powerful motor delivers resistance of up to 2200 W. Simulates slopes...


This smart turbo trainer is listed for a moderate price and offers all of the features that you will be looking for in a smart trainer. With the Tacx trainer, you’ll get a smooth ride that mimics real-ground cycling. It allows for multiple levels of resistance, including slope-like descents. When you get in the zone, you’ll soon forget that you’re riding indoors.

You can use this trainer just like any regular, non-smart phone, if not hooked up to smart devices. Though, when connected, your options become limitless. The trainer can be controlled by software made by Kinomap, TrainerRoad, Bkool, and Zwift. It will also communicate with ANT+ and Bluetooth smart. Tacx apps allow performance data to sync easily, so your progress and stats are right at your fingertips. Though it is at a higher price compared to more budget-friendly trainers, the Tacx trainer is perfect for serious cyclists.

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2. Tacx Satori Smart Home Bike Trainer

Tacx UK – Garmin Brand Unisex's T2400 Bike Trainer, Black, One...
143 Reviews
Tacx UK – Garmin Brand Unisex's T2400 Bike Trainer, Black, One...
  • Operation handlebar resistance lever
  • Magnetic resistance unit
  • Realistic slope 10 positions


This trainer is another Tacx product that is perfect for cyclists on a budget. For only one of the lowest prices on the market, you get a stylish 2015 model that still allows for smart software syncing. The bike comes with all of the basic bike trainer capabilities, including a magnetic resistance unit. Including 10 realistic slope positions, you’ll be breaking a sweat in no time.

This product will sync on any tablet, smartphone, PC product, or laptop with the Tacx cycling app. Your ride data will be broadcast to your smart device via Ant+ and Bluetooth connectivity. You can also sync it with popular cycling apps, like Zwift and Sufferfest.

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3. Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Bike Trainer

Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Bike Trainer - Green
61 Reviews
Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Bike Trainer - Green
  • Quiet, smooth, progressive resistance
  • Pairs with Apple and android devices using built in bluetooth sensor
  • Built-in guided workouts


This stylish green smart turbo trainer will run you a mid-price range cost. With this decent pricing, you’ll get a smooth, quiet ride with progressive resistance. It fits a wide range of wheel sizes and works on a power-based training system.

The Kinetic trainer will pair with Android and Apple devices using a built-in sensor on the trainer. The powerful inRide technology and app allows the user to follow a training program, or stick with your own methods of training. The inRide app and display is all about the freedom for each cyclist, so you’ll have a wide range of displays to choose from, and can track all of your training data under an easy-to-use workout analysis feature.

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4. Elite Suito Smart Cycle Trainer

Elite Suito Smart Cycle Trainer
59 Reviews
Elite Suito Smart Cycle Trainer
  • Drive: direct drive
  • Resistance: magnetic, electronically controlled
  • Resistance levels: no levels


This unisex Tacx trainer is great for the cyclists out there who want a powerful ride. There is a high maximum simulated slope of 25%, a maximum brake power of 1900 watts at 40 km/h or 2900 watts at 60km/h. The heavy flywheel on this trainer gives a wide simulation range, and a smooth ride feel.

The resistance on this trainer is magnetic and electronically controlled. Though, there are no levels for resistance. This means you’ll have to do all of the work yourself, which can be handy for those deep in training.

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5. Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ Cycle Trainer

Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ Indoor Cycle Trainer
188 Reviews
Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ Indoor Cycle Trainer
  • Perfect trainer for powerful riders for hard interval training
  • Misuoro B+ Bluetooth and ANT sensor (included) transmit speed and...
  • Maximum resistance of over 1580 Watts (at 60 kmph)


For a low price you can purchase the Elite Qubo trainer that gives you a stable and realistic ride. This wireless roll trainer offers an easy-to-install unit with a magnetic resistance system. It is controlled via ANT+ or Bluetooth technology and can be controlled with your tablet or Smartphone.

The trainer is compatible with My the E-Training App. This app will display all of your fitness data, including heart rate, speed, time, distance and cadence statistics. You also have access to hundreds of training videos and tests to determine your fitness levels at any point through your cycling journey. You also have the option to create your own training programs.

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6. CycleOps Fluid

CycleOps Fluid with One Way Smart Sensor, Yellow, Standard
2 Reviews
CycleOps Fluid with One Way Smart Sensor, Yellow, Standard
  • WORKS WITH ZWIFT: One way smart easily connects to Swift.
  • STABLE WIDE FRAME IS SAFE AND EASY TO USE: Confidently mount your...
  • QUIET AND SMOOTH: Fluid resistance is the quietest, smoothest, and...


This trainer offers a smooth, quiet, consistent ride. It advertises to customers a confident mount, with a sturdy, steel frame and included skewer. So, you can ride with confidence that you’re getting a quality and safe workout. It also comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, so no matter what, you can spend your money and feel safe.

The trainer’s one-way smart sensor connects to Zwift for data tracking. It will vary your resistance levels to offer a mix of simulated terrain conditions. It will connect with common road bikes and mountain bikes, and has a quick-release skewer for easy connections.

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Now that you’ve reviewed our list of the best smart turbo trainers, you may be asking yourself if a smart turbo trainer is the right choice for you. Are you serious about cycling, and want to continue to improve your fitness while being able to check your real-time data and statistics? Do you miss the social aspect of biking when you’re stuck cycling indoors, due to weather or situational reasons? Do you feel like you’re so close to reaching your goals, but need a little bit more of a push? Well, with a smart trainer, you can have instant access to all of your training metrics. You can also sync your data to apps and online profiles where you can compare and compete against fellow cyclists. So, you can keep the fun spirit of competition, and continue to improve your cycling skills with confidence.