10 Health Benefits of an Inflatable Hot Tub

Les Roberts

Do you think people bath in an inflatable hot tub just out of the fun? There are lots of health benefits of an inflatable hot tub. You may be surprised after knowing the effects of an inflatable hot tub has on our overall health. It has multidimensional health benefits. 

It is one of the oldest forms of taking care of your health. Bathing or soaking in an inflatable hot tub stabilizes blood pressure, reduces body fat, works as water therapy, and it goes on. For thousands of years, it is known all over the world. This article will explain 10 benefits. 

1. Burns body fat and reduces weight

You might think how soaking in hot water can burn fat. Yes, it does. According to many fitness websites, you can burn 17 calories just by sitting in a hot tub for 15 minutes. Though the number is not very significant, you can increase it by exercising on a hot tub. A simple exercise like shoulder rolls, back bending helps your body lose. When you are in the process of reducing weight, you need to stay in a sound physical condition. It freshens your mind. Also, it regulates blood circulation properly. 


2. Cures arthritis

If anyone has arthritis, he or she will go through stiff and painful joints. It is a devastating experience. Taking a pain killer for a long time for arthritis has an unfortunate side-effect. Doctors prescribe hot water treatment for arthritis because hot water soothes joint pain.

Bathing in a hot tub helps open blood vessels which allow blood to circulate the painful joints. When you submerge your whole body in warm water, it gradually heals arthritis. You can change the temperature as you wish. Doing it continually gives permanent relief from arthritis. 


3. Stress-relieving tool 

In modern life, it is almost impossible to avoid stress. But we can relieve it to a great extent. Chronic stress is very harmful to the body and mind as it affects our overall lifestyle. For this problem, we cannot even focus on our work. It can bring other diseases like imbalanced blood pressure, obesity, depression, insomnia, etc. 

Relieving stress is perhaps one of the best health benefits of an inflatable hot tub. When you soak in a hot tub, a simmering heat goes inside the body through the hair follicle. It helps instantly relieve from stress. Warm water allows the release of dopamine and endorphins. After a while, you will feel relaxed. 


4. Skincare

Skin covers our whole body. We have all the benefits of hot water through the skin. Well, hot water takes care of our skin as well. Health-conscious people must agree that cleaning the skin with warm water is the most beneficial.

Hot water easily cleans the impurities of the skin. When we sweat, it dries on our skin. Dry sweat contains germs. It can cause many skin diseases. Bathing in hot water cleans it up, and we feel fresh. It helps us to have healthy glowing skin.


5. Reduces headache

After a busy day, most of us feel a bitter headache. It is caused by day prolonged stress and tension. Spending a short time on a hot tub can reduce this headache. Hot water makes the body release natural pain killer and heals the pain. Moreover, soaking in warm water is very useful in soothing migraine headaches. Doctors say that, when you take a hot water bath, it increases the blood flow and oxygen in the painful area, and it gets healed.  


6. Cures hypertension

Hypertension should not be taken lightly. You can quickly cure hypertension. If you submerge in hot water in a hot tub, it will lower your blood pressure to a reasonable level. It will make you feel more comfortable after having improved blood pressure. Soaking in warm water improves cardiovascular performance and thus tackles hypertension.  


7. Cures insomnia

Some people spend a hard time in bed trying to sleep. Studies show that more than 130 million Americans face irregular sleeping disorders. Scientists say that insomnia kills people faster than starvation. Nowadays, diseases like insomnia, irregular sleeping disorders are common. These lead to depression, mood swings, and nervousness.

If you sit in a hot tub for a few minutes can give your body a full relaxed feeling that you will sleep like a baby at night. Hot tub bath cures insomnia. Research says that if you take a hot tub bath one and a half hours before you go to bed, it gives you a decent night’s sleep.


8. Protects muscle from cramp

Hot water therapy for a muscle cramp has been accepted in our society for hundreds of years. Science has found the benefits of having a hot water bath in an inflatable hot tub. It relaxes the muscle and reduces muscle cramps. Especially the muscles of our back get stiff quickly. After sitting in an office for the whole day, our body gets cramped. The hot water loosens the body joints. Thus it heals muscle cramp.  


9. Controls diabetes

Diabetes is one single disease that shelters many other disorders. Studies show that, if you take a hot tub bath regularly for more than 30 minutes per day, it radically reduces the sugar. Diabetes comes under control by sitting on a hot tub.  


10. Warms up your body

If you start your day after having a hot tub bath, you will feel super active. It warms your body for a tough day. You can easily handle the hustle of the workload. If you have a fresh body, you can perform well in the workplace. Or if you are an athlete, it can have an impact on your sports also. Your performance will go high if you start your day with a hot tub bath.



From this, in-depth discussion, you can easily understand why our ancestors suggested bathing with hot water. It is made easy by the inflatable hot tub. To avail of all the health benefits of an inflatable hot tub, you just need to soak yourself on it. You are only one step away from getting a healthy life