About us

The team at Which to Buy work to provide honest and accurate, articles and reviews on all things relating to Fitness, Grooming, Beauty, Home Life and More. What started as a small blog on fitness equipment has now turned into an online magazine with consumers at the heart.

The vision for Which to Buy is to provide informative, entertaining and honest content for our readers to enjoy.

With regards to the product reviews, Which to Buy aims to do the heavy lifting, saving our reader’s time and energy in selecting the correct products to meet their needs. The experiences on this website are provided by our team and where required professionals with the prerequisite knowledge on specific products.

The reviews on all products aim to act as a reference point for novice users as well as experienced shoppers who would like to buy new or update existing products.

In addition to reviews Which to Buy will also produce supplementary how to guides and Informative articles. The goal being to provide our readers with ample knowledge to make informed choices, so that they can avoid the dreaded buyer’s remorse.

Which to Buy is reliant upon our readers so if there is anything that can be improved or any experiences you would like to share please connect with us via email whichtobuy[at]gmail.com.

Now for the boring legal stuff:

  • All product reviews provided on this website are based on detailed research by the Which to Buy team and relevant experts in the specific field.
  • We do not own a gadget company or have an affiliation with any product company; we just provide the reviews and informative articles.
  • We hope to make a significant contribution to your product buying experience by saving you time and energy by not having to do all the research yourself.