How to Do a Brazilian Wax Step by Step – 7 Steps to Smooth and Hair-Free Skin


There are a large variety of reasons why you might be interested in getting a Brazilian wax done. Whether you always get razor bumps while shaving in that area, or you are going on a beach vacation soon and do not want to go through the process of shaving every single day of the trip, or you hate body hair and are tired of constantly shaving to get rid of it, a Brazilian wax may be the right move for you. While most people don’t want to spend the time and money to get a Brazilian wax done at a salon, it is important to know how to do a Brazilian wax step by step, so that you can complete the task on your own.

Brazilian waxes can be scary and intimidating, but with expert tips and the proper tools, it doesn’t have to be while performing one at home. Feel free to skip those expensive and painful waxing appointments at the salon, avoid the discomfort of having someone else handling that area, and get the job on your own and in the comfort of your own home.


7 Steps to Do a Brazilian Wax


What You Need to Do a Brazilian Wax

Before starting your Brazilian wax, there are a few things that you need to purchase and have on hand while completing this job on your own. The first thing that you need to focus on is the wax, of course. Hard wax is usually the best option for Brazilian waxes, not soft or sugar waxes which are better for finer hairs on your body. You can purchase hard wax in a kit from many different online retailers or retail stores, and the contents of the kit will vary. Some will include other products and tools necessary to complete the task, while others just have the wax. Make sure you do thorough research on the wax before buying to ensure that it is good for your skin type and sensitivities.

The next thing you need to think about are strips. Some waxing kits come with strips in the package while others don’t, so if they don’t you might need to purchase some separately. Certain hard waxes won’t require strips and will just harden for you to remove on its own, so if that is the case you won’t need strips. Make sure that you read the instructions for whichever hard wax you buy, so that you will know for sure if you need to use strips or not.

Popsicle sticks are extremely important to have on hand while doing a Brazilian wax. You will use the popsicle sticks to stir the wax while it is melting into a liquid and warming up, and will also use it to apply the wax evenly onto your skin. Some waxing kits include the popsicle sticks, but if yours does not you will need to purchase them separately.

To make sure that you can get a good angle and see everything you’re doing, it is important to have a mirror to look at. You can either use a compact, hand-held, or stand-up mirror to see, with the stand-up mirror being the easiest to use, and the hand-held the hardest. Having a mirror that you can set up and not have to hold is best, so that your hands are both free to complete the waxing.

The final things that you should be sure that you have on hand while doing a Brazilian wax are scissors, tweezers, powder, baby oil, and a towel. The scissors will be used to cut wax strips to size if necessary and to trim additional hairs, and the tweezers will be used to remove additional hairs as well. The powder will be applied before waxing to prevent the wax from sticking to your skin, and the baby oil will be applied after to remove any excess wax. The towel will be used to clean up any miscellaneous wax or reside during the process.


How to Do a Brazilian Wax Step by Step

Now that you know what supplies and tools you need to complete a Brazilian wax on your own at home, it is time to learn how to do a Brazilian wax step by step. Make sure that you don’t shave or trim your hair for about a week before waxing so that your hair can grow out long enough to be removed from the wax. Your hairs should be about 1/4 of an inch long. If it’s too short keep growing it out so that the wax can pull it up fully, and if it’s too long, trim it down so that the wax will not pull your hair and skin incorrectly, causing you unnecessary pain.

Once your hair is about 1/4 of an inch in length, you are all ready to begin your Brazilian wax. Grab your hard wax, strips if necessary, popsicle sticks, mirror, scissors, tweezers, powder, baby oil, and a towel, and you’re ready to get smooth and hair-free skin!

Step 1: Exfoliate your skin the day before you plan on waxing

The day before you plan to do a Brazilian wax, it is important that you exfoliate the area where the waxing will take place. Exfoliating removes all dead skin cells in that area, and lifts any shorter hairs that might be hidden underneath excess skin. This helps to ensure that the wax clings to your hair and not your skin during your Brazilian wax, and it reduces the risk of irritation and bumps on your skin during the process.

Step 2: Cleanse and prepare the area right before waxing

Before you begin waxing, take a quick shower to cleanse your body and your area. You want your hair to be clean of any lotions or oils, so don’t apply anything to it once you get out of the shower. If you have lotion, oil, or excess body wash still on your hair when you are waxing, your hair will be slippery and wax will have difficulty clinging on to your hairs.

Step 3: Apply powder to your bikini area

After you shower, apply baby powder or talcum powder to your bikini area. This will help the wax to cling on to your hairs, and not on to your skin. This makes the waxing process less painful, and will reduce the amount of redness, irritation, and bumps that will occur on your skin after your Brazilian wax.

Step 4: Prepare your wax and your strips for use

Every waxing kit is different, so be sure to read the directions on your kit for how to prepare the wax for use. Most likely you will have to heat up the wax to a temperature listed on your kit. Most waxes require a warm but not hot temperature, so that you do not burn your skin during the process.

If your waxing kit requires you to use strips, cut them with your scissors to be the size that you need them to be to properly wax your bikini area. If your strips are too long, they are hard to handle and apply correctly to your skin. If your strips are too short, they will be difficult to grip when you pull them off.

Step 5: Apply the wax and strips to your bikini area

Use a popsicle stick to stir the wax occasionally while it is melting, to ensure that it is the proper consistency when you apply it. Choose the area you want to wax first, and use one hand to pull your skin taut in that area. Using your other hand, dip a popsicle stick in the wax and apply the wax in the same direction that your hair is growing. Make sure the wax is coated evenly on the area.

If your waxing kit requires strips, grab one of the strips and place it on the wax. Press down on the strip to make sure that it is stuck evenly on the wax. Also ensure that there is an area free of wax on the strip for you to pull on once the wax hardens.

Step 6: Remove the wax and strips from your skin

After the wax has hardened, it is time to remove it. Grab the clean section of your strip or an edge of your wax if your kit does not require strips, and pull firmly in the opposite direction that you applied the wax and strip. Be sure that you do not hesitate while doing this, and that you pull both items completely off your skin quickly!

Step 7: Finalize your Brazilian wax

Continue the steps above for applying and removing the wax and strips, until your area is completely hair-free. To remove excess wax that is left on your skin during the process, apply a baby oil on your area and wipe it off with a wet towel. Make sure that you do not scrub with the towel, as this will irritate the area.

Remove any leftover single hairs or fine hairs from your skin with your tweezers. If you have large patches left over you can apply and remove wax again, but be sure not to re-wax any areas, as this will be extremely painful and will cause irritation. When you are completely done, apply more baby oil to moisturize the area and to prevent any additional irritation.


If you want a smooth, hair-free bikini area for your next beach vacation or a hot date, it is important to know how to do a Brazilian wax step by step. By following the directions and advice listed above, you can skip the expensive and embarrassing waxing appointments at your salon, and can do them on your own and in the comfort of your own home. Let’s get to waxing!