Top 18 Lawn Care Tips to Make Your Grass Greener


All those who have a garden, often put in most of their time and energy in trees, flowers, and bedding plants, completely forgetting about their lawn. But, no matter how colorful and beautiful your blossoming perennials look, they will lose their shine if the grass around them looks dull. Here are our 18 lawn care tips to make your grass greener.

You should put in the same amount of time, care, and attention in your grass as you do for your flowers. After all, the lawn is the foundation of your garden. And, even though lawn maintenance sounds like the most boring and demanding chore on your list, it’s incredibly simple. You just have to keep up what you’re doing already, but with some minor adjustments.

Keep reading to find out our lawn care tips to make your grass greener than ever before!

Lawn Care Tips to Make Your Grass Greener than Ever Before

Lawn Cutting

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The way you cut your lawn has a huge impact on the health and greenness of the grass. Here are a few lawn cutting tips that make all the difference:

  1. Check your lawnmower blade. One of the simplest yet very effective lawn care tips to make your grass greener is changing the way you cut your grass. Make sure that your mower blade is sharp. A dull blade will just split and hack the grass. As a result, the tips will be yellow and more vulnerable to disease.
  2. Change your mowing pattern. It’s recommended to change your mowing pattern each time you mow the lawn. Not only will this ensure an even lawn surface but it will also prevent the grass from ‘leaning’ as it grows. Varying the mowing pattern also prevents ruts from developing in the lawn. To make this task easier, you can simply get a robot lawnmower that will do all the work for you.
  3. Cut the grass when it is dry. You may be tempted to water your lawn and then mow it. But, according to expert lawn care tips to make your grass greener, mowing wet grass will only result in an uneven finish. Also, it can damage the blades of the grass and clog your lawnmower. If you sometimes have no other choice but to cut the grass when it is wet, make sure to remove the clumps of clippings from the lawn later on.
  4. Different types of grass have different needs. You may be familiar with this, but in case you are not, here’s what we mean. Cool-season grasses need more mowing in spring and autumn, whereas warm-season grasses need more mowing in summer. So, make sure to adjust your mowing frequency to the type of your grass.
  5. Pay attention to the grass height. It may seem like something relatively unimportant, but cutting your grass to the correct height can impact the growth and the greenness of the grass. Make sure to keep the blade of your mower low during the first and the last cut of the season. You should raise the blade during the summer so the grass could grow longer. As a result, the shade that prevents weed growth will be created. Also, shaded areas benefit from a higher mowing height.
  6. Warm-season grass types benefit from a short cut. As we already mentioned, each species of grass has different cutting height recommendations. If you’re not sure which height is suitable for your grass, make sure to check this guide on Today’s Homeowner.

Lawn Care Tips to Make Your Grass Greener

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  1. Grasscycling is an excellent natural fertilizer. Grasscycling is one of the simplest lawn care tips to make your grass greener. This means leaving the grass clippings on your lawn after mowing. Even though this may sound just like an excuse for being lazy, it is actually an excellent way to nourish and feed your lawn. Make sure to invest in a lawnmower with a proper mulching blade for optimal results.
  2. Avoid grasscycling when the grass is wet. We already mentioned that you should avoid mowing your lawn when it is wet. The same goes for grasscycling; it only works when the grass is dry. Leaving clumps of wet clippings on your lawn can cause untold damage.
  3. Grasscycling is suitable only for regularly mowed lawns. If you don’t mow your lawn regularly, then it is recommended to avoid leaving grass clippings after mowing. Long clippings are very likely to stunt the growth of the grass and often lead to brown or yellow patches.
Lawn Care Tips to Make Your Grass Greener
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Fertilizers & Weed Killers

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  1. The best weed killer is regular lawn maintenance. Believe it or not, one of the best lawn care tips to make your grass greener and get rid of weeds is cutting your lawn regularly and keeping the grass at the proper height. This will create enough natural shade that will prevent weeds from growing. But, if you notice that there are weeds in your garden, make sure to use a weed killer.
  2. Different weeds need different treatments. Not every weed killer works on all types of weeds. So, the first thing you need to do is identify the type of week you are dealing with. Then, research the best treatment plan. Some weeds can be eradicated with one spot treatment, whereas others require prolonged and concentrated dosing.
  3. The best time for fertilizing: early spring and autumn. Make sure to avoid fertilizing during the summer as it can encourage weed development. Light feeding every now and then can sustain the growth.
  4. The ideal time for fertilizing is autumn. If you’re wondering what is the best time of the year to fertilize your lawn, it is in the autumn. This way, you will repair all the damage caused by the heat in the summer. Also, this will prepare your lawn for the winter.
  5. Do your homework before using chemicals. Whether you need to use chemicals for fertilizing your lawn or eradicating weeds, make sure to research the product thoroughly, as well as the pros and cons of using it. Always follow the instructions on the product properly and don’t forget to take special safety precautions when applying the chemicals to your lawn.

Lawn Care Tips to Make Your Grass Greener

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Watering the Lawn

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  1. Watering depends on the climate and the soil. Watering your lawn too little or too frequently is going to have a negative effect on your lawn. If you live in a drier climate, then your lawn requires more watering. Also, sandy soils tend to drain quicker, so they need more regular irrigation. Clay soils, on the other hand, drain slower and can easily become waterlogged if watered excessively.
  2. The lawn needs about two inches of water weekly. So, if you want to water your lawn regularly, then we recommend doing it twice a week instead of every day. The best time to do this is in the morning when the air is cooler. When you irrigate the grass in the afternoon, the water evaporates quickly. And, when you do it in the evening, the water clings to the grass making it more vulnerable to mold and fungal diseases. Would you believe that such simple lawn care tips to make your grass greener can make such a great difference?

Aerating the Grass

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  1. Aerating the grass makes it greener. And, by aerating, we mean poking holes in the lawn so water, fertilizer, and oxygen could reach the soil more easily. If you have plenty of footfall in the garden or even layered soil, then aerating is going to be beneficial for your lawn. It will help the grass grow stronger, making the lawn thicker.
  2. Aerating should be done during the growing season. This way, the soil will get the chance to heal after the soil plugs are removed. It is recommended to aerate cool-season grass in early spring or autumn. Warm-season grass should be aerated in early summer or late spring. Don’t forget to apply some weed killer afterward, to discourage weeds from appearing in the holes.

Lawn Care Tips to Make Your Grass Greener

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There are two types of aerators available – plug and spike aerators. Spike aerators simply puncture a hole in the soil, whereas plug aerators remove a plug of grass and earth from the lawn. In general, plug aerators give better results.

These were our 18 lawn care tips to make your grass greener. As you can see, most of them are just simple adjustments to your regular lawn caring routine. There’s no need for buying additional equipment or any special products. All you need to do is make some minor routine changes. However, no matter how small these adjustments are, they make all the difference and will help your lawn become greener and thicker than ever before.