Best Solar Security Light to Keep You Safe at Night

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Is the surrounding outdoor area of your house a bit too dark? Does this make you concerned for your safety? Solar security lights can help you out and make all your worries disappear!

The best solar security light models on the market are durable, cost-effective, and independent from any connection to the grid. Since the lights are charged by solar power, your lights will work even in the case of a blackout. By installing a solar-powered motion sensor, you can ensure that no person will be sneaking around your house unnoticed.

We have prepared a list of the best solar security lights you can get in 2020. Besides listing the specs and important information about the products, we provided some tips on choosing the right model that will suit your needs. We also answered the most frequently asked questions for you.

What are you waiting for? Start scrolling and choose the best solar security light for your home!


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Best Solar Security Light for Your Home

1. MPOW 140LED Solar Security Light

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MPOW 140LED solar security light is one of the brightest shining security lights available on the market. 140 super bright LED beads and max 270° wide-angle lighting range, Mpow solar light outdoor creates a wider range of luminosity and can easily illuminate up to 16 square meters. The LED makes this light more bright than most other solar lights, and its range makes it better than many competitors.

The product features a sensitive PIR motion sensor, which can sense a person up to 27 feet (or 8 meters) away from the light. The sensor is so responsive that it can even detect movement from a small dog or cat easily.

This security light has three intelligent lighting modes: the strong light sensor mode, medium light, and dim light mode. Even though the lights are bright, they will not blind your visitors or scare your pets.

The light also features a sturdy construction and Mpow IPX7 Waterproof technology that ensure the lamp can withstand even the toughest UK weather without any difficulty. No amount of rain, snow, or freezing temperatures will cause any damage to this security light.

Last but not least, the lights can be attached to almost any surface – wall, front door, fence, or deck. And, you get two lights in this pack for an amazing price!

What We Like:

  • The pack includes 2 lights for a great price;
  • This solar light features 140 bright LED beads that will illuminate up to 16 square meters of space;
  • The lights are made of durable materials and can withstand any weather conditions;
  • The intelligent PIR motion sensor is very responsive and can detect even the smallest movement;
  • There are three different lighting modes that allow you to adjust the light to your needs.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some users complained that it takes a lot of exposure to direct sunlight for the lights to fully charge.

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2. SEZAC Solar Security Light

[42 LED/ 3 Mode] SEZAC Solar Lights Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor...
956 Reviews
[42 LED/ 3 Mode] SEZAC Solar Lights Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor...
  • [Motion Sensor Mode] With upgraded PIR sensor,the Solar Powered...
  • [120 ° Wide-Angle Lighting] Upgraded 42 powerful LED lights and 120º...
  • [Solar Lamp eco-friendly 1200 mAh] The 1200 mAh rechargeable...


What makes this product one of the best solar security lights on the market? The fact that you get six lights for a very affordable price!

Just like every other solar light, this one comes with a solar panel that charges the lights during the day. However, what makes the solar panel different from others is that it has much higher efficiency than regular panels do, thanks to the Monocrystalline Silicon. The 1200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows the solar lights to continuously illuminate your yard for longer periods of time.

All lights feature 42 powerful LEDs and 120º wide angle lighting. This means that the light will shine a super bright light on a wide area. The PIR sensor can detect visitors who are up to 16 feet away from the sensor. The lights turn off 20 seconds after the person leaves the sensor range.

Just like all the best solar security lights should be, this one is also made to be waterproof and withstand any weather conditions. The lights a very high protection level (IP65) that will ensure that your product lasts you many years and works even in freezing, wet weather.

Installing these solar security lights is a piece of cake! Just use the included wall plug and screw it to mount the device to any surface you desire. The recommended installation height is 1.8 meters – 2.5 meters.

What We Like:

  • Six solar lights are included in the pack;
  • The lights feature 42 LEDs and 120º wide angle lighting, that will shine bright;
  • The 1200mAH lithium-ion battery ensures the lights can work the entire night;
  • The PIR sensor can detect visitors who are up to 16 feet away from it;
  • Features IP65 protection, which is much higher than the standard.

What We Don’t Like:

  • If there is no direct sunlight for several days, the lights will not work at night.

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3. 97 LED Super Bright Solar Security Lights

Solar Lights Outdoor, Pxwaxpy [97 LED-4 Pack] Super Bright Solar...
936 Reviews
Solar Lights Outdoor, Pxwaxpy [97 LED-4 Pack] Super Bright Solar...
  • 【3 Intelligent Modes】The newest solar lights come with 3 smart...
  • 【97 LED Enhanced Version Solar Lights 】 Pxwaxpy solar lights have...
  • 【IP65 Waterproof and Durable Solar Lights】 These solar lights...


What does it mean when a solar security light has 97 LEDs? Well, that means that you’re in for one of the best solar security lights available on the market. The LEDs shine very bright and will illuminate even the darkest of spaces. The lights also feature a very wide lighting angle as well as 180° movement angles, so you can position the lights according to your specific needs.

These lights can work in three modes; you can choose between a dim light long mode, strong light sensor mode, and dim light sensor mode.

Similarly to the previous product, these lights also come with great protection. These solar lights are IP65 waterproof, made of high-quality ABS, are heat resistant, and can withstand all types of adverse weather conditions. In other words, no weather can damage the lights and they will last you for many years.

Just to make sure that they keep their word, the manufacturer provides 24 months professional after-sales services, as well as 90-days 100% full refund policy. So, if anything goes wrong, they got you covered.

The pack includes four lights as well as screws that are needed for installation. The recommended installation height is about 1.7 to 2 meters. Also, make sure that the lights are exposed to direct sunlight for a better charge.

What We Like:

  • A pack of four security lights that shine very bright;
  • There are three lighting modes that allow you to adjust the light to your needs;
  • The lights are weatherproof and can withstand all external elements;
  • The product is covered by a 90-days full refund policy.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some users complained that the lights have a mind of their own and change the lighting mode frequently.

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4. 128 LED Solar Security Light

Solar Lights Outdoor, Trswyop【Waterproof Durable...
2,618 Reviews
Solar Lights Outdoor, Trswyop【Waterproof Durable...
  • ▶【Waterproof and Durable】Waterproof coefficient IP65, not afraid...
  • ▶【Solar lights 128LED High Capacity 2200mAh】Solar lights is...
  • ▶【Solar Lights with 3 Intelligent Mode】: The solar lights has 3...


Does your definition of getting the best solar security light means getting the one that shines the brightest? Well, we got you covered. This security light is packed with 128 LEDs. A light this powerful will have no trouble illuminating your entire backyard or even garden. And, since the light is charged by solar power, you won’t have to worry about your electricity bill.

The light features a very responsive PIR sensor, which can detect movement up to 16 feet away from it and within an angle of 120º. The light features three different lighting modes: strong long light mode, strong light sensor mode, and dim light sensor mode. So, you can have it work continuously or just when it senses movement.

In addition, this light is equipped with a 2200mAh rechargeable battery. This means that you won’t have to worry about the light not working at night. After being charged in the sun for one day, the light can shine four hours continuously on full bright mode, or 12 hours on dim light mode.

Thanks to the IP65 protection, you will never have to worry about leaving your light outdoors. No amount of rain, snow, or any other weather condition will affect the lifespan of this solar security light.

What We Like:

  • 128 LEDs make this a super bright light that can illuminate your entire garden;
  • The PIR sensors can detect movement up to 16 feet away;
  • Different lighting modes allow you to choose between continuous light or sensor-activated light;
  • IP65 protection will ensure that the lights last you for many years to come;
  • 220mAh battery provides up to 12 hours of continuous light.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some users complained that the lights don’t last as long as the manufacturer claims.

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5. Kilponene 150 LED Solar Security Light

Solar Lights Outdoor 150 LED, Kilponene【6-Side Illumination...
1,976 Reviews
Solar Lights Outdoor 150 LED, Kilponene【6-Side Illumination...
  • 【Warranty 24 Months】Our solar lights provide 24 months warranty....
  • 【6-Side Illumination Super Bright 150LED】Kilponene solar security...
  • 【3 Intelligent Lighting Modes】 The solar design lamp has 3...


Wait, are you saying that 128 LEDs is not good enough for you? Well, then we have another option for you. One of the best solar security light models on the market, the Kilponene security light features 150 LEDs. This many LEDs make the light produce 1500 lumens which are very bright and more than enough to illuminate your yard, garden, or patio. This model provides illumination from six sides, thanks to 120 degrees angle of the sensor and 300 degrees angle of the lighting.

Similarly to the previous products we mentioned, this one also has three modes of operation: the strong long light mode, strong light sensor mode, and dim light sensor mode. Its PIR sensor is more sensitive than that of the competitors and will detect even the tiniest movement.

The IP65 protection will ensure that no weather conditions can damage your security light and prevent it from working properly. But, in case that something goes wrong, the lights are covered by the 24-month warranty.

Last but not least, installing lights is very easy. You can screw them onto a surface or just hang them. Ideally, the lights should be exposed to direct sunlight and placed at a height of two or three meters.

What We Like:

  • 150 LEDs and 1500 lumens is more than enough to illuminate your entire garden;
  • The model provides illumination from six sides;
  • The IP65 protection ensures that the lights can work in the harshest weather conditions;
  • Three modes of operation allow you to adjust the lights according to your needs;
  • The product is covered by a 24-month warranty.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some users complained that the lights stopped working after a few months.

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Everything You Should Know About Solar Security Lights

Before buying the best solar security light for your needs, you should get familiar with how do these products work at all.

The majority of solar lights use a single solar cell which produces a low voltage, and a certain amount of current which depends on the size of the cell and the amount of light that reaches the surface.

The solar cells are wired directly to a battery through a diode, and this prevents the battery’s current from flowing back through the solar cell at night. During the day, the battery charges, then at night, the solar cells stop producing power and a photoresistor turns on the LED light that is your solar security light.

The greatest advantage of owning solar security lights is that they are cost-efficient. Most of the models are DIY, meaning that you can install them on your own. In addition, the best solar security light models feature a Passive Infrared Sensor, an electronic sensor that measures and detects infrared light. This means that the sensor will detect the changes in light. At dusk, the sensor will switch the lights on, and at dawn, when the level of light increases, it will turn the light off.

Everyone knows that electric current and water do not mix well together, but solar security lights are completely safe. They require only 12volt to function, which is considered a safe voltage. This voltage is usually found in household batteries, toy trains and car sets, and livestock fences.

Since solar security lights come in various styles and sizes, you can use them in various ways. For example, they are an excellent choice for lighting up your path or patio or even the area by your pool. So, not only do these lights provide additional security but they also add aesthetic value.



Tips for Choosing the Best Solar Security Light for Your Home

After taking a look at our best solar security light list, you probably realized that there are so many different models with different features available. So, how do you choose only one? Here are some features you should consider before making a final decision.

Design & Construction

When choosing the best solar security light for your home, the first thing you should decide is where to mount it. With that in mind, examine the different mounting options that come with different models. Many models are designed for mounting on a wall, and then some models can be stuck into the ground.

Pay attention that you mount the light so that it is exposed to the sun throughout the day so that it can charge properly. This can be any spot that has no tall trees in the vicinity.

When it comes to the construction, you want your solar security light to be as sturdy as possible so that it can withstand all weather conditions.

Range Capacity

If you want solar security lights to improve the security of your home, then the motion sensor lights are an excellent choice. These are very easy to install and will successfully reveal any guest or even intruder who approaches your front door, garage, or porch.

In order to get the most out of these lights, you should examine the range capacity and sensing angle carefully. The most effective lights are the ones that have an LED motion sensor that can detect movement as far away as possible and from as many directions as possible. So, make sure to pay attention to the distance range capacity of the product.

Lighting Quality

Besides paying attention to the range, it is also important to consider the amount of light that is generated, especially if you plan to use the solar security light to lighten up a certain area. The light intensity is measured in lumens. And, the more lumens your security light has, the brighter will it shine.

In addition, also think of the color temperature since this can affect the lighting quality. 3,000K is typical of all lights glowing warm white; 5,000K will be close to the daytime lighting, whereas the temperature higher than 6,000K will make your lights glow in a cool blue shade.

Battery Capacity

The capacity of the lithium-ion battery that comes with your solar security light is very important. The solar lights charge during the day, and, when the nighttime comes, they rely on their battery. The best solar security light models have a battery that can get them to work throughout the entire night. This feature is even more significant if the security lights have a dim mode feature.

Operating Time

The operating time of solar security lights depends on several factors: modes of operation, battery capacity, and product quality.

The battery capacity determines the amount of energy that can be stored and that way determines the amount of time that the solar motion sensor lights can last. On average, this is typically between 8 -12 hours, which is just enough to last you the entire night.

Price Tag

The greatest part of solar security lights is that they are not expensive at all.

Various features affect the price, such as lumens, battery capacity, design, and construction quality. On average, one solar security light unit should not cost more than £40. This might seem pricy to you at first, but, think about it. The best solar security light models are meant to last you a lifetime, so the price is not that expensive at all.

Many brands offer a pack of two or more solar security lights at a discounted price. If you plan to buy several lights, then it is recommended to go for these packs.


Do I need solar security lights?

The first question you ask yourself before buying anything is if you need the product at all. Well, if there is not much light surrounding your home and you want to feel safer at night, then the answer is yes, definitely. Solar security lights are an excellent way to deter burglars from breaking in. They can also highlight any suspicious activity and alert your neighbors so they can take action if you’re not at home.


What protection level is good enough for the weather conditions in the UK?

IP44 protection is usually good enough to protect the light from rain and humidity. If you live farther west in the UK, you should consider buying units with higher protection levels, such as IP55 and IP65.



How to ensure that the solar security light gets enough sunlight?

If the light comes with a standalone panel, then it is recommended to install it on the roof so it can stay exposed to the sun all day long. However, if the light doesn’t come with a standalone panel, then you should find an angle that allows the solar panel on the light to face the sun.


Is a detached solar panel better?

Since we mentioned that there are products that feature a detached solar panel that can be installed anywhere, you may ask yourself is this option better. The answer is, it depends on your specific needs. If you want to install a solar light in a spot that doesn’t get much sun exposure, a detached panel would suit you better for charging the light. However, if the spot gets enough sunlight, then there is no need to have a detached solar panel (unless you really want it).


How many lumens is enough?

The minimum light output for a 3-watt LED lamp is 200 lumens. This is enough to light up several square meters. Any solar light that packs 200 lumens should have a lighting angle of 120 degrees. For lights that are meant to illuminate longer distances, the angle should be bigger and the light should have more lumen.


What tools are required to mount a solar security light?

The great news is that you don’t need many tools (or DIY skills) to mount a solar security light. Make sure that you have a couple of screws at hand and a screwdriver to drill mounting holes. Sometimes, the screws are even included.


Does more LEDs mean that solar security light is better?

The best solar security lights do not necessarily have the most LEDs. Even though LEDs can boost the overall light output of a unit, brightness also depends on the unit’s solar efficiency and other factors, such as proper installation and use. In general, more LEDs means brighter light, but this is not always a good choice for all homes (sometimes, less light is better).


Should I get adjustable solar security lights?

The adjustable spotlight models are fantastic for all those who have big yards that might make it hard for flat models to properly illuminate them. Having the ability to adjust the light is ideal for people who want to focus the light on a specific spot in their yard as well. Flat models that lay on whatever they are attached to and generally have trouble lighting hard-to-reach spaces because of their lack of directional specification.

If you’re still wondering whether you need solar security lights, we’ll help you make the decision; yes, you definitely do. Not only will these lights make it easier for you to walk around your yard at night, but they are also an excellent way to make your home more secure without investing too much money. Nothing will scare a criminal more than an unexpected bright light shining at his face in the middle of the night. In addition, the light can attract the attention of your neighbors so they can react and call the police.


By finding the best solar security light for your home, any attempt of approaching your home will be prevented, since the motion sensor will detect them and activate the lights. You can also get a solar-powered security camera, that will allow you to record the face of any person who is prowling around your home and report them to the police.

In addition, by having lights that illuminate your yard, you will feel much safer when approaching your home late at night. So, solar security lights are definitely a good investment. And, we hope that you managed to find the best solar security light for your home after reading this article!