How to Clean ghd Hair Straighteners – 6 Steps to a Sterile Hair Straightener


When it comes to relieving your hair of frizz and fly-aways to get sleek and straight hair, your ghd straightener is pretty much your lifeline. Unfortunately as time passes and it gets a lot of use from styling your hair, there tends to be a buildup of styling products, hair oils, dust, and dirt that continue to get stuck on it. As soon as you start to notice that this may be occurring on your hair straightener, it is crucial that you act fast. This is why it is important to know how to clean ghd hair straighteners.

Even though it may not be something that you constantly think of, cleaning your ghd hair straightener is as important as cleaning your makeup brushes and tools. You should actually be cleaning your ghd hair straightener about once a week, so the buildup on it never gets to the point where it is too bad for repair, leaving you with no other choice but to buy a new one. You don’t want to spend money on purchasing another hair straightener just because yours got too dirty, right?


6 Steps to Cleaning Your ghd Hair Straightener


Importance of Keeping Your ghd Hair Straightener Clean

If you don’t regularly clean your ghd hair straightener, the increase of styling products and hair oils on the plates of the straightener will begin to impact your hair. This could include things such as an increased risk of heat damage and prevention of proper styling with the tool. Buildup on the hair straightener causes it to not heat up evenly, which means your hair will be styled unevenly too. This can lead to split ends and damaged strands.

Other elements such as dust and dirt may get stuck on your ghd straightener as well, leading to even more issues. This will cause your hair to become dirty quicker, so you will have to wash it more often to keep your hair looking healthy and nice. Unfortunately, washing and styling your hair with heat styling products often leads to more harm to your hair as well. The more times you run your hair straightener over your hair, the more damaged it gets.

The buildup of styling products, hair oils, dirt, and dust all effect the longevity of your ghd hair straightener as well. The more gunk that is on it, the shorter amount of time it will last you as it will be more likely to break down, and will eventually begin to stop straightening your hair properly. Cleaning your ghd straightener should be an essential step in your haircare process to ensure that you get the best quality results while styling.



How to Clean ghd Hair Straighteners

Now that you know why it is important to clean your ghd hair straightener often, it is time to learn how to clean ghd hair straighteners. While this process is crucial to the quality of your hair straightener and to the health of your own hair, it is a simple process too that does not take long to complete. With proper products and the right procedures, you will be able to clean your hair straightener in no time. Follow these easy steps listed below to make sure that your ghd hair straightener lasts for a long time, and consistently works well on your hair.

Step 1: Plug in your ghd hair straightener and turn it on

Plug in your ghd hair straightener and put it on the lowest heat setting available. Allow it to heat up for a couple minutes to loosen up any buildup that’s caked onto the straightener. This will make it easier to clean, and will require you to do less scrubbing throughout the cleaning process.


Step 2: Get your cleaning supplies together

While your ghd hair straightener is heating up, it is best to gather the supplies that you will need to clean it. Grab a wash cloth, cotton balls, rubbing alcohol or a cleanser specifically made for heat styling tools, cotton swabs, and an old toothbrush. Depending on how dirty your hair straightener is you may or may not need all of these tools during the cleaning process, but regardless they are good to have on hand just in case. Each of these items will be explained in the steps below on how to use them.


Step 3: Unplug your ghd hair straightener

After your ghd hair straightener has heated up for a couple minutes, turn it off and unplug it. Set it down on a heat-resistant cloth or surface, and allow it to cool down. Make sure that it is not still hot when you begin cleaning, or else the cleaning liquid you use on it could evaporate before you wipe it off. You may also burn your hand on it if you start cleaning while it is still too hot, so be very cautious of this.


Step 4: Complete a basic wipe down

Before using any cleaner or product to clean your ghd straightener, it is best to do a basic wipe down first. Gently touch the edges of your straightener and make sure that it is not too hot before doing this. Once it is slightly warm to the touch, lightly dampen a cloth with warm water, and wipe down all of the surfaces on your hair straightener.


Step 5: Apply a cleaner to your ghd hair straightener and scrub

Make sure that your ghd hair straightener is completely cooled down at this point before applying a cleaning substance to it. You can purchase a cleaner specifically made for cleaning heated styling tools,  or you can just use rubbing alcohol. Soak a couple of cotton balls in the cleaner of your choice, and wipe down your entire straightener with it.

To get into tight areas, use a cotton swab to scrub those areas clean. After you have scrubbed down your hair straightener completely with a cleaner, wipe it down again with a damp wash cloth to fully remove any product or buildup that may still be left on it.


Step 6: Check for stains and remove any that you see

Many people use heat protectant sprays, hairsprays, or heat protectant serums on their hair before styling to lessen the risk of heat damage to their hair, and to hold their hairstyle for longer periods of time once they are done styling. Even though this is a highly recommended step for any styling process using heated styling tools, it also may cause buildup and staining on your straightener if applied too close in time to using your straightener.

If you start to notice stains on your ghd hair straightener, it is important to remove them as soon as possible. Grab an old toothbrush and dip it in rubbing alcohol, and scrub the stains with it. The mixture between the bristles on the old toothbrush and the rubbing alcohol should take the stains away.


Whether you use your ghd hair straightener for daily use or for just special occasions, it is crucial that you clean your hair straightener as often as possible to prevent buildup of styling products, hair oils, dust, and dirt on the plates. When your hair straightener has buildup on it, it will not work properly on your hair and may cause even more damage to your hair, such as an increase in split ends and breakage of your strands from heat damage.

If you use your ghd hair straightener often, it is important that you do a basic cleaning after every time that you use it. Immediately after use, wipe down your hair straightener with a damp cloth and scrub off any residue. By wiping it down after each use, you will only have to do a full deep cleaning about once or twice a month as needed. If not, you should do a deep cleaning about once a week. Save money, time, and your hair by cleaning your ghd hair straightener often and correctly.