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Is your garden in need of a little touch-up? Garden coverings are the perfect garden accessory that will add color and texture to any garden. They can be used in a variety of ways- as garden dividers, garden walls, or simply laid on the ground for people to admire. Not only are garden coverings an easy way to garden, but they are also very versatile.

Garden coverings can be made out of anything- wood, bamboo poles, metal mesh, netting, even garden waste materials like straw or mulch. As garden coverings have become a popular choice for gardeners, there are more garden coverings available to buy which means that gardeners have a larger selection to choose from.

This list looks at four different garden covering ideas and discusses whether they would be better off inside or outside.

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Garden Sheds as Plant Houses

Sheds are garden covers that are very popular as garden storage spaces or as garden sheds for garden equipment. However, some gardeners have been looking at transforming their garden shed into a house plant space.

This allows gardeners to purchase the largest size garden shed possible so that they have plenty of space to grow garden plants.

This is a garden covering idea which has many benefits for gardeners, with the main benefit being the fact that gardeners are in control of their garden shed all year round, even when it snows or is cold outside.

However, garden sheds come in different styles and gardeners need to be sure that garden sheds are a garden covering material that is suitable for growing plants. Some gardeners have decided to paint the garden shed so the wood doesn’t rot, but painting garden sheds means gardeners have to continue cooking the garden shed every few years so it doesn’t start looking shabby.

Garden sheds can make great plant houses as they provide the necessary protection for plants through the winter months. As garden sheds already come with glass panels in their doors, it is an easy way to allow light into your garden but you should ensure that any vents and airbricks remain open during the colder winter months. It will also depend on the garden shed’s location whether it provides enough shade to protect plants.

Some garden sheds come with small greenhouses on their roofs so you can attach plants to your garden shed for protection over winter.

Garden Furniture as Garden Coverings

garden coverings

Garden furniture is a garden covering that gardeners have been using for a long time as garden furniture provides gardeners with protection from the sun and rain.

Garden furniture can also be used as garden coverings as some people have been turning their garden furniture during the colder months so they can use their garden furniture as a greenhouse. This means gardeners can choose garden furniture that provides enough ventilation during the summer so gardeners do not risk their garden furniture becoming too hot inside.

However, garden furniture only stays looking good for a couple of years before gardeners have to start painting it with wood finish or garden furniture paint. Garden furniture can also be costly to replace so gardeners should make sure garden furniture is the correct garden covering material for their garden.

As there are now plenty of garden furniture covers available, including garden chair covers and garden table covers, it makes it easier for gardeners to find garden furniture covers that are on trend this year. These garden furniture covers are made of garden outdoor fabrics which are perfect for covering garden furniture, especially if gardeners want to turn their garden furniture into a garden room.

It is possible and easy to turn garden furniture into garden coverings by simply draping blankets and sheets over garden furniture such as tables and chairs. This works well if it is a temporary measure or if you simply want some extra protection from the elements. If you have garden furniture underneath a pergola, then this is an ideal way as it will stop rain from dripping onto your garden table but still allow light through where the roof of the pergola isn’t casting too much shade.

Trees as a Garden Covering

Trees can act as garden coverings to protect garden plants, yet be an attractive garden feature at the same time.

Gardeners can plant or prune their trees into a garden wall of green that covers garden plants and provides some winter protection for garden plants. However, this is only true if gardeners ensure they pick the right tree that isn’t going to drop garden branches and garden foliage all over their garden plants.

It is not always easy for gardeners to find good garden coverings that will provide adequate protection from the cold winter winds and garden plants can easily become damaged by harsh weather if gardeners do not think about the type of garden covering they choose. For example, gardeners should not choose garden furniture if they also have garden plants, as the garden plant will become covered in garden furniture’s garden fabric and this can cause garden plants to rot.

If you have a garden with a mix of taller and shorter trees, then this can make a garden look interesting and it can also provide shade during the summer months. If the garden is used to relax in or garden on, then planting tall ornamental trees can create an attractive garden cover that will also stop passers-by from peering into your garden.

Hedges as Garden Coverings

garden coverings

Garden hedges are another garden covering option. These garden coverings can be used to create garden designs that will keep little garden animals safe, such as rabbits and birds, so gardeners need to ensure they pick the right hedge for their garden.

If gardeners love garden birds and garden animals, then they can use garden hedges to create garden nesting areas. This is when gardeners trim their garden hedges into a dome shape so it contours the shape of garden nests. Garden hedges are not only an excellent garden covering but they are also aesthetically pleasing to look at as well. Some garden hedges have been trimmed into garden circles, garden balls, and even garden wavy lines.

Gardeners need to know which type of garden covering they want before buying their garden covering, as gardeners are more likely to choose garden fabrics that have been manufactured using garden outdoor fabrics if gardeners know what they are looking for. Garden outdoor fabrics are made from high-quality materials that are designed to be tough and durable yet also suitable for garden furniture covers.

Hedges are great for creating privacy but they can also be planted to form temporary garden coverings that will shield plants from those annoying birds that love munching those emerging shoots! The thorny nature of hedges makes them a great deterrent against pests so they can be great plant protectors too.

Final Words

Hopefully, these garden covering ideas give gardeners inspiration for garden coverings, yet gardeners need to ensure they pick the best garden fabric to suit their garden. Some garden fabrics are so tough that they can be used year-round but other garden fabrics are just ideal for creating garden coverings that can simply be removed when not in use. Garden furniture garden fabric is made to be UV resistant and weatherproof, making garden furniture garden fabrics an excellent garden covering.

However, gardeners need to know in advance exactly what type of garden covering they want to find the right garden fabric. They may even buy more than one garden fabric for different garden coverings and if they do this then it can help them create a beautiful garden design where each garden will be unique.

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