Long Handled Gardening Tools: Our Complete Guide


long handled gardening tools

Long handled gardening tools make weeding, planting, and cultivating much easier on your body. It provides a more ergonomic position for extended use of the garden and reduces strain on the back and joints, making long-handled gardening tools a great idea. When you’re working in your yard with long-handled gardening tools, you’ll be standing up straight instead of hunched over like you were using short handheld gardening tools or kneeling to do tasks that can easily be done standing. Long-handled gardening tools will save you time since many long-handled garden tools such as scythes allow you to accomplish multiple tasks with just one tool.

An ergonomic long-handled gardening tool is designed to reduce the strain on your body, making it a great idea for anyone who tends their garden, but especially beneficial for those who have disabilities that affect their flexibility or mobility. Chair mounted long-handled garden trowel attachments enable people with disabilities or limited arm mobility to perform gardening tasks more easily by giving them an extended reach of up to 12 inches. They are also popular among older adults since it reduces bending and kneeling, which causes certain problems due to aging.

Wondering what long handed gardening tools are available?

Look no further! We’ve got you covered with this complete guide to long handled gardening tools.

Garden Shovel

One of the most common long-handled garden tools is long-handled shovels used for digging holes or moving soil. You can also find long handled gardening tools that have features such as an ax, pick and hoe on them without having to switch out your long handle shovel for each task you need to accomplish, saving you time and effort. A long handle trowel has a long handle that lets you reach further into the ground when planting bulbs or flowers in the yard, making it easier on your back since you don’t have to bend over as far.

long handled gardening tools

Long Handled Shovel (claw)

A long-handled garden hay rake is similar to a long-handled garden shovel in that it has long handles and acts as an essential long-handled gardening tool. The long handle allows you to reach into flowerbeds or other places in your yard when removing weeds, debris, mulch, or leaves without having to get on knees or squat down and risk injuring joints in your body. This long-handled gardening tool works by using the long handle to grip the wood and pull back on the head, which causes the metal teeth at the end to scrape whatever material you want out of your way.

Long Handled Trowel (single point)

A long-handled double-pointed trowel is long handled gardening tool that curves at the bottom so it can be used to dig up dirt or move soil around. The top part has two points at the end, which you can use to dig into the ground, making them long-handled gardening tools. It’s most commonly used to plant bulbs in your garden since you’ll be able to reach further down than if you were using long handled gardening tools without having to bend over.

Long Handled Trowels (Double Pointed)

A long handle scythe is a long-handled gardening tool consisting of a long curved metal blade attached to an open wood, metal or plastic frame with grips for easy handling and long handles that let you stand up straight when cutting long grass or weeds with these long handled gardening tools. A long handle scythe can also come with a long handle weed hook used similarly to the blade, but works by using it to dig into the ground and pull out long-stemmed weeds without bending over.

Long Handled Scythes with Weeding Hook

A long handled garden wheelbarrow or cart allows you to transport heavy materials around your yard without hurting your back or knees since it rolls instead of requiring you to carry what you’re transporting. Long handle wheelbarrows are made up of long handles attached to short legs on either side that support long metal or plastic handles with long wheelbarrow wheels on either end attached to long handle garden barrows used for transporting heavy material.

long handled gardening tools

Long Handled Wheelbarrow

A long-handled scissor is a long-handled gardening tool with two long handles placed at an angle, making it possible to cut plants and materials in hard-to-reach areas without getting down on your knees, squatting, or bending overusing its long handles. A long-handled loop tool can also be used to cut tough stems or roots since the long handles enable you to easily grip these tools by placing one hand around the long handle and the other around the long handles for leverage and grip.

Long Handled Scissors or Loop Tools

Long handled garden tools make long-reaching tasks easier by allowing you to avoid having to get on your hands and knees, squatting down or bending over when cutting grass in your yard, planting bulbs in your flowerbeds, or maintaining your lawn by having long-handled gardening tools. It’s important to choose long handled gardening tools that are well balanced so it doesn’t fall forward while you’re using it since that can lead to a back injury. By choosing a long-handled garden tool with the correct long handle length, you can avoid bending over too far, which can strain your back and knees while working in your yard.

How long should long handled of gardening tools’ handles be?

Before buying long-handled garden tools, it’s important to consider the height of the person using them, so they don’t have to lean over or reach too long when cutting grass with a long-handled lawnmower or reaching for bulbs in long handled trowels. It also helps to choose long handled gardening tools that are well balanced with the right long-hand handle since longer doesn’t always mean better, especially if it becomes hard to control.

When choosing long-handled garden tools, it’s important to keep your back and knee joints safe by considering long handle lengths for comfort and balance, as well as the person who will be using them before buying long-handled garden tools. The best long-handled garden tool length is just long enough to stand up straight or slightly bent at an angle with your hands placed firmly on the long handle grips and able to reach far distances without having to lean too much, which can lead to a back injury. The right type of long handle material also matters, such as wood and metal, which have pros and cons.

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