Front Yard Cactus Garden Ideas: Landscaping And Garden Designs


front yard cactus garden ideas

Front yard cactus garden ideas will spruce up your yard! Try out a cactus garden if you’re not into gardening or landscaping. Cacti are drought-resistant and easy-care plants that will brighten up any yard. Here are some great ideas on the landscape with this unique plant type. Be creative; the variety of colors, shapes, and sizes of cacti are amazing! Let’s go through a list of front yard cactus garden ideas!

Front Yard Desert Landscaping Ideas

Now, if you still think desert landscaping is too hot for your taste, then consider using only cacti in containers (and no trees/shrubs). Doing so will create an elegant look that makes use of vertical space. A simple yet effective design would create one corner of your yard into a garden area, perhaps geometrical in shape. This can be done by using bricks that layout the form of the corner and then filling it with cacti that are placed into holes or pockets cut into the bricks.

Cactus Garden Wall – Front Yard Cactus Garden Ideas

Here is another unique idea: how about building a wall around your cactus garden? That way, everyone will know where your property ends and that you should not be trespassed on. It also makes for a great backdrop to beautiful red blooming flowers (grown along the wall) during spring/summertime! And as you can see from this picture, adding patios surrounded by greenery makes for nice outdoor living areas.

front yard cactus garden ideas

Desert Landscaping Ideas With Rocks And Cacti

Pair cactus with rocks and other desert plants to create an elegant garden. If you’re not sure what types of cacti go well together or which ones will grow well in your region, then check out Garden Guides’ article on how to choose the right plants for your area. There are so many varieties of cacti that it would be a shame to limit yourself by growing only one species. Just remember that it’s best to place them where they won’t get trampled by children or pets. After all, they do have spines!

Cacti and Succulents Front Yard Landscape Design

This front yard has a lawn, so it is not exactly what we are looking for, but the front yard cactus plants are gorgeous! This makes me want to move to this neighborhood! There are two tall barrel cacti on the right side, and some smaller ones are between them. The front yard seems very wide, allowing plenty of space for these great plants. I love that they have different heights, just like trees do.

There are also two beautiful barrel cacti placed far apart on the left side, smaller ones between them. At the front, there is a low ground cover cactus growing at the base of one of the front yard trees. This front yard landscaping is well-planned and beautiful. Front yard cactus garden ideas can deck out your yard!

Cacti Front Yard Rock Landscaping Design

This front yard landscaping has many succulent front yard plants like cacti, agaves, aloes, and yuccas growing in front of rocks which are beautifully placed alongside each other to form walkways; well, actually, they are more like patios! They enclose small areas where you can sit for privacy or even grow succulents on them. The front yard grasses form a lawn along with the house, contrasting with front yard cactus and front yard rock landscaping.

front yard cactus garden ideas

Desert Landscaping

Although this front yard does not have front yard cactus plants, it is interesting to see that they were used in the front yards here and there among the front yard rocks instead of front yard trees or bushes which would be quite normal to see in front yards like this one. The front yards here are quite small but very well designed. There are many different succulent plants and some agaves; all of them are planted well where each plant has its place, making an attractive design without having too much vegetation in such a small area. Front yard cactus garden ideas make you want to visit our local nursery!

Rock Landscaping

This front yard has front yard cactus plants growing in front yards with front yard rocks, making a very attractive front yard landscape design. There are tall barrel cacti on some of the front yards, but there are shorter ones on this one. They seem to be planted among front yard rocks, not sure how they did it; maybe by taking advantage of their roots, or perhaps each plant was glued to the rocks? This idea looks like it would work since the front yard cacti are growing well next to these front yard rocks. Regardless of how this was done, it makes for an interesting and beautiful front yard rock landscaping idea.

Lawn Desert Landscaping

Again this front yard does not look like a typical front, and it is not, since there are no front yard trees or bushes, but we can still see front yard cactus plants growing here and there among the other succulent plant’s agaves, and aloes. Front yard cactus garden ideas are an attractive design for front yards like those with no front yard grasses growing.

front yard cactus garden ideas

Cacti Front Lawn Landscape Garden

This front lawn has beautiful small barrel cacti along with some low ground cover cacti planted right into the soil. It makes for a very nice-looking, well-planned front lawn landscape garden idea. This would be so easy to do at front yards like this one; the front yard soil is probably already loose and perfect.

Another great-looking front lawn with many different colorful and interesting succulents growing all over the place; some of them look like they are growing out of front yard rocks – perhaps they are? The front yard cactus plants also make a very attractive design and the agaves, aloes, and other types of ground covers.

If you live in an area where there are frosts, you might need to take some extra care of these small cacti – either by moving them into your home during cold nights or perhaps covering them with plastic bottles filled with soil (my preference). It makes for a nice-looking front yard landscape design that can be easily maintained without too much work. Front yard cactus garden ideas are great for your yard!

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