How to Hide a Waist Trainer Under Clothes – Your Complete Guide To Looking Fit and Fantastic


Waist trainers have become an increasingly popular choice of fashion over the past decade. While they can make you look slim and work towards trimming your waist, they can be a pain to hide underneath your clothes. So, we’ve put together a simple guide on how to hide a waist trainer under clothes.

How to Hide a Waist Trainer Under Clothes


What is a waist trainer?

Waist trainers are almost like a modern-day corset. They use a combination of thick fabric materials and metal boning to suck in the waist. These garments are held together by a hook, velcro, or lace-up system.

People typically wear waist trainers to make their bodies appear to have more of an hourglass shape. They allow you to look much smaller in the midsection compared to your natural form.

Corsets may be long gone, but the waist trainer has swooped in as a clear replacement. The rise in popularity of the waist trainer can be attributed to celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, posting online photos of them in their waist trainers.


Can waist trainers help you lose weight?

Not only do waist trainers make you look slimmer, but they can actually have a lasting effect on your body!

There are two main reasons that the waist trainer can help alter your shape.

First of all, your waist is essentially “trained” to form into the hourglass shape after spending enough time with the waist trainer on. Most research has proven that this change in shape is not a lasting effect.

While the waist trainer may not make you look slimmer forever, it will certainly have the desired effect if you’re just looking to change your waistline for an event.

The second way that the waist trainer can change your body is by increasing perspiration. You lose more fluids while wearing the trainer, which can lead to weight loss. Additionally,  you may find yourself eating less while wearing the trainer.

Regularly wearing a waist trainer can also give you a better posture. This will help lengthen your body, which can, in turn, make it look leaner.


How can you hide a waist trainer underneath clothes?

You may come across pictures of people, especially celebrities, wearing their waist trainer over their clothes. This is often done as a fashion statement. However, the waist trainer is meant to be worn underneath your clothes.

The biggest way to learn how to hide a waist trainer under clothes is to figure out what kind of loose clothes look best on your body.

Trainers are worn directly over your entire belly. So, they’ll hit your belly, back, and near your hips.

High-rise jeans that are not too tight can easily conceal the bottom half of a waist trainer. You can wear lower rise jeans if your shirt is long enough to cover your entire torso.

A loose-fitting, longer shirt is the best option for concealing a waist trainer. Baggy sweatshirts will make them impossible to see unless you are wearing a cropped sweater.

Here is a quick list of clothing to consider when learning how to hide a waist trainer under clothes:

  • loose-fitting dresses
  • high-rise bottoms
  • baggy sweatshirts
  • baggy jackets
  • loose-fitting tops
  • layers

In addition to the types of clothing you wear being important, the fabric that you have on can also have a big impact on how visible a waist trainer is.

Thin fabrics will stretch and make the waist trainer more apparent. The thicker the better, as you’ll never be able to see an outline of a waist trainer underneath them.

Bold patterns can also distract the eye from seeing an outline of a waist trainer. Lace, frills, or other embellished clothing are distracting enough that nobody would ever guess you had a waist trainer on!

The following types of clothing would make the waist trainer very visible and should be avoided:

  • low rise jeans or leggings
  • bodycon dresses
  • crop tops
  • shirts with thin fabric or holes
  • shirts that are light in colour (when wearing a dark waist trainer)

Finally, you can also consider buying a seamless trainer. There are waist trainers that are made to be less bulky, leaving almost no trace of them on you. We still wouldn’t recommend wearing anything too tight with them, because moving the wrong way can cause it to show.


Are waist trainers safe?

As with any device designed to alter your body, there are some key bits of information that you should know before wearing a waist trainer.

First of all, the waist trainer can run the risk of experiencing breathing problems. Having a very tight trainer can decrease your lung capacity, making you feel less energized while experiencing shortness of breath.

Wearing a waist trainer for too long and too often can also cause inflammation in your lungs. Wearing one on rare occasions shouldn’t leave this kind of risk, so be careful with how often you put on your trainer.

The waist trainer can put immense pressure on your stomach. Pressure has the tendency to influence the movement of stomach acid within your oesophagus, which can cause heartburn.

Folks with preexisting gastrointestinal problems may want to avoid the trainer altogether.

You should stop wearing the waist trainer, or at least loosen it, as soon as you start feeling any shortness of breath or other physical symptoms like feeling light-headed.



Waist trainers are fantastic at boosting your confidence and making you feel more comfortable in your outfits. So, learning how to hide a waist trainer under clothes is essential for making the most out of your new fashion choice!

Always remember to keep your clothes loose, long, and comfortable. While there is no shame in someone seeing your waist trainer, it’s important that you keep feeling fabulous!