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When it comes to ab workouts, the basic crunch is one of the most common ways of going about it. However, there is one exercise that might be even more powerful, and equally as simple to learn: bicycle crunches.

We have put together a complete how-to guide on doing bicycle crunches. Whether you’re already incorporating them into your workout or have never tried one before, this set of steps will make sure that they’re being done properly.

bicycle crunches

How to Do Bicycle Crunches

Step 1: Get You and Your Space Ready

The first step to working out is ensuring that both you and your space are ready for exercising!

Bicycle crunches are a workout that you can do in almost any exercise gear. This could look like sweatpants and an athletic top, or an entire body full of workout fashion including the newest trainers. As long as you’re comfortable, you’ll be able to work something out!

In terms of your space, we recommend doing bicycle crunches on a yoga mat or exercise pad that is placed on hard floor. This will help ensure that the mat doesn’t slide or experience movement mid-workout. Though, you can complete bicycle crunches on carpeted floors if that’s what you’re working with.

One recommendation is to leave the headphones off if they have wires. It’s easy to tangle them in your body while exercising. You’ll want to use a speaker or wireless headphones for this workout if music is what gets you going!

Before moving on you’ll need to make sure that you have enough space on your floor to allow for your entire body, even when outstretched.

Is your outfit and space looking ready to go? You’re all set to start your bicycle crunches!

Step 2: Lay Down

This workout starts by laying on the ground. Using your yoga mat or exercise pad, lay back and keep your back flat on the floor, with your upper body raised right above it.

Step 3: Get In Position

There is a specific position that you’ll need to put your body in as to get this workout started. Keep your hands positioned on the side of your head. Your fingertips should be lightly touching the sides of your head, and your hands should not be touching.

Lift either leg off of the ground by a few inches and extend it. Your other leg will be lifted, and your knee on that leg will be bent towards your chest.

It doesn’t matter which leg you start off with, though you’ll want to remember which side for when you count your reps.

Step 4: Start Moving!

As your knee gets into position, you’ll want to start twisting your body with your core. The opposite arm (opposite the knee that you’ve raised) will be pulled towards the knee, with your elbow almost touching your knee.

It’s important to remember that each motion should be coming from your core, and not your arms. Let your arms stay in a similar position to your head.

Keep each opposing arm and knee in tandem. You will lower your leg and arm simultaneously, bringing the opposite into the same movement.

Once you get into motion, you’ll keep alternating sides.

Worried you’re getting it wrong? Take a look at this instructional video to get a glimpse of what proper bicycle crunches look like!

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Bicycle Crunches Questions & Answers

Do you have a few lingering questions when it comes to bicycle crunches? Well, fortunately, we’ve got the answers!

What benefits do bicycle crunches bring you?

Bicycle crunches are great workouts for your core muscles. Like with other core-strengthening fitness journeys, the bicycle crunch will help improve your endurance, help boost your posture, reduce your risk of injury, and limit the opportunities for back pain!

The specific muscles targeted in the bicycle crunches are your rectus abdominis and your oblique muscles.

How many bicycle crunches should I be doing?

Some people throw in a few bicycle crunches while warming up for other workouts. Others try to do as many as they can before feeling like they can’t keep going. Both of these techniques aren’t the most beneficial to you.

There are a few downsides to doing too many bicycle crunches. This includes:

  • It takes time away from diversifying your workout and targeting other body parts
  • You’ll tire yourself out quickly and limit the physical gains
  • You may hurt your back

You also don’t want to do too few bicycle crunches, as your body won’t be able to benefit from doing them. Repetitions bring benefits!

To gain the effects of bicycle crunches, you’ll want to do about three sets of ten repetitions. This can be slightly lowered or increased depending on the time you spend working out and your physical fitness.

Do bicycle crunches burn calories?

Bicycle crunches, like any other exercise, will burn a few calories. This is because you’re exerting your body, raising your heartrate, and moving! Though, the number may not seem like a lot, especially compared to cardio.

The average person will burn around 5 calories per minute of doing continuous crunches. 30 minutes of crunches will turn into 150 calories.

Unfortunately, bicycle crunches aren’t specifically designed to burn body fat. So, if this is a goal of yours, you’ll want to ensure that you’re combining your bicycle crunches with workouts that do burn body fat. This includes:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming

In conclusion, bicycle crunches are a great way to boost your workout. It will help you burn a few calories, strengthen your core muscles, and make your workout more fun and exciting! So, roll out that yoga mat, throw on your favourite music, and start crunching!