How to Put Heated Rollers in Long Hair – 8 Steps to Beautiful Curls


If you have long hair, you are well aware of the long-lasting struggle of styling it and the exhausting arm workout you have to endure to get the gorgeous hairstyle you want on your own. From somehow maneuvering all of your hair into the styling tool, to holding the tools in place for long periods of time so that it works on your long locks, it’s time to know how to put heated rollers in long hair.

Heated rollers curl your hair for you, with no strain on your body and no wasted time taken out of your day. They also cause less heat damage on your hair than the average curling iron or wand, straightener, and hair dryer. With the use of heated rollers, you will get effortless curls that have tons of volume and shine in no time.


8 Steps to Put Heated Rollers in Long Hair


What are Heated Rollers

Heated rollers are tubes that often have ridges or bristles on the outside of them, that you roll into your hair to create curls. The tubes come in a base that you plug into an electrical outlet to heat them up. Once the base is fully heated, you can then begin rolling them into your hair.

When the heated rollers are in your hair, the heat from the rollers will set your hair into curls that will stay in place for long periods of time even after you take them out of your hair. When your hair is moistened or gets wet again, your curls will fall. With that being said, never use heated rollers if your hair is wet or damp, as it will damage your hair and your curls will not hold at all.

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How to Choose the Best Heated Rollers for Long Hair

There are various types of heated rollers with multiple different sizes, so it is important that you pick ones that are best for long hair so that you can get the gorgeous curls that you desire. Here are a few critical factors to keep in mind when choosing which heated rollers to use.

The size of your heated rollers is extremely important to consider for the type of curls you want. When you have long hair, you have the ability to use the largest roller size, because your hair can wrap all the way around them. These type of rollers create voluminous, luscious curls in long hair. With long hair you can alternate medium and large rollers to have a variety of curls in your hair, but try not to go smaller than that so your curls are not too tight.

The quality of the heated rollers you use is important to pay attention to. Heated rollers reach extremely high temperatures, and your hair will be wrapped around them for a long period of time, especially if your hair is long. Be sure to read customer reviews before you purchase a heated roller set, and ensure that they are good quality and work well on long hair.

The material of the heated rollers is another factor to keep in mind when choosing. Since they do attain very high temperatures, the material needs to be able to transfer heat well so that your curls stay intact and your hair does not damage easily from the heat. Ceramic is a great material to look for, as it distributes the heat easily and is smooth on the rollers, making it safer for your hair.



How to Put Heated Rollers in Long Hair

Now that you know what heated rollers are and what factors to consider when purchasing them if your hair is long, it is time to learn how to put heated rollers in long hair.


Step 1: Start with clean and dry hair

When you are using heated rollers, it is important that your hair is fully clean and dry before curling. If you put heated rollers in your hair when your hair is wet or damp, your hair can fry and sizzle from the high heat of the rollers once they are in your hair.

For best results, wash your hair the day before you use heated rollers, so your hair has a little oil in it from not washing it directly before curling, and so your hair is completely dry. Long hair takes a long time to dry whether its from blow-drying or air-drying, so give your hair some time to prepare and wash it a day prior.


Step 2: Prepare the heated rollers and your hair

Plug your heated roller set into an electrical outlet, and give them time to heat up. While they are heating up, spray heat protectant on your hair to protect it as much as possible from heat damage. Even though heated rollers cause less damage than curling irons or wands, straighteners, and hair dryers, they will still reach high temperatures.

Brush or comb through your hair so it is completely tangle-free. Start from your ends and work your way all the way up to your roots. When you detangle long hair before styling, you will be less likely to have to brush or comb through it after it is curled, which could cause the curls to fall.


Step 3: Divide your hair into sections

Divide your hair into four big sections based off of where your part is, with one over each ear, one in the front, and one in the back. Clip or pin each section to hold them in place so they are kept out of the way while working one section at a time.

Especially for long hair, it is important to divide those four large sections into three smaller sections each, where each additional section is the same thickness and width of your heated rollers. This will ensure that you are not putting too much hair on one roller, so your curls come out correctly and don’t fall flat.


Step 4: Begin rolling your hair

Once your hair is sectioned correctly, grab the first section that you’d like to roll. Start from the front of your hair and work backward, which makes it easier to roll the back sections correctly. Pull the first section straight, brush or comb through it, and then place the roller a little lower than halfway up your hair.

Wrap the ends of that section around the roller. From there, roll the rest of that section down and under, away from your face. Roll the whole section up to your roots, and then clip or pin the roller so that it stays secured in your hair as you move on to the next section.


Step 5: Repeat the rolling process to all sections of your hair

Repeat the directions in step 4 to all of the other sections of your hair. For long hair, make sure that you are using the larger sized rollers, so that your waves are bouncy and voluminous rather than too tightly-coiled. Using large rollers will also ensure that your hair is fully covered by the rollers, instead of being too much for them.

If you want all of your curls to be even and soft, use the exact same size roller throughout all of your hair. If you’d rather have a variation to your curls, you can use different size rollers, as long as they are still on the large side of the spectrum.


Step 6: Allow the heated rollers to cool

Keep the heated rollers clipped or pinned in your hair for about 20-30 minutes, or until they are completely cooled. Taking them out too early or before they are completely cooled will cause the curls to fall once the rollers are out. With long hair, you should keep your rollers in for about 30 minutes, since long hair takes longer for the curls to hold than short hair.


Step 7: Unroll your hair

After the heated rollers have completely cooled, it is time to remove them from your hair. Make sure that you are careful taking them out of your long hair, because long hair can easily get tangled or trapped in the rollers.

Start from the bottom sections, and work your way to the front of your head. Gently unwind each section from the roller in the shape of the curl, and slowly pull the roller out to keep the curl in place.


Step 8: Complete the final touches

Once all of your hair is taken out of the rollers, softly run your fingers from your hair to loosen it up a little. Don’t brush or comb through your curls, as this will ruin the curl pattern. Lightly mist hairspray or texturizing spray to help keep your curls in place, and you are all good to go.



Learning how to put heated rollers in long hair is extremely important if you want gorgeous, voluminous curls without the struggle of personally curling each section one by one, or paying to get them done at a hair salon or by a professional. Grab your heated roller set, brush or comb, and hair styling products, and you are ready to get the curls of your dreams. Happy curling!