What Do Hair Dryer Attachments Do? A Guide To The Perfect Dry

Sirena V

Hair drying is always an unpredictable task, and hairdryer attachments can help make it easier. The last thing that you want to do before an important event or even just going to work is to have to sit and wait for your hair to dry. Nobody likes leaving for work with a head full of wet hair. If you’ve yet to master the perfect drying techniques, this guide is here for you. So, let’s explore the frequently asked question, what do hair dryer attachments do?

What do hair dryer attachments do?

The Hair Dryer Concentrator

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These hair dryer attachments are one of the most used and often come with your hair dryer upon purchasing it. They’re designed to help channel the airflow from your hair dryer onto any unique section of hair or spot on your head. This will prevent the hair from blowing too much and gives you far more control with both drying and styling.

Additionally, the hairdryer concentrator can help you straighten your hair. Using it in tandem with a hairbrush can make sure that your hair dries smoother and straighter.

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The Hair Dryer Diffuser

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Diffusers are another common hair dryer attachment. They’re typically in a bowl shape with tine-like points spread evenly across the surface. It works to lower the intensity of the airflow coming from your hairdryer, spreading out the air.

Hairdryer diffusers are made for people with curly hair. The curls will dry more gently, reducing both frizz and static.

Many hair dryers come with a diffuser as an add-on, but they can also be purchased separately.

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Hair Dryer Picks

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This hair dryer attachment works like a comb that’s already attached to the hairdryer. You use the hair dryer pick to untangle your hair while you blowdry, stretching out curls or getting rid of any knots. They’re also a great tool to use for getting more volume at your roots.

The hair dryer pick that you use will largely depend on the texture and length of your hair. Some picks are made specifically for afro hairstyles, while others are designed for straighter hair. The shorter prongs are ideal for short hair, while longer prongs will work better on a longer hairstyle.

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Style Dryer Attachments

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Some hair dryers are made specifically for helping you style your hair. These products will typically come with a variety of their own attachments to help you get the ideal hairstyle you want without having to break out another styling product.

The attachments on these unique hair dryers will vary in length and width to adapt to your texture of hair. A curling attachment may not get the exact same effects as other curling methods but they can help save plenty of time by leaving your hair looking voluminous. They also comb your hair as you dry, so you don’t need to worry about getting rid of all the tangles beforehand.

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Hair Dryer Caps

If you like the feel of sitting under the hair salon’s hooded blowdryers then you’ll love hair dryer caps. These attachments are often budget-friendly, and always easy to use. You sit the cap or bonnet on your head, attach the hair dryer to the exit, and plug in in. All you’ll need to do is hold the hair dryer or adjust it so that it can stay in one place while you wait for your hair to dry.

Using a hair dryer cap will leave your hair salon-fresh while keeping you from doing the work. It works faster than typical methods of drying your hair, as the heat will disperse evenly across your head. It’s also mostly hands-free, so you can do your skincare routine or browse through your phone as you wait.

Hair Curler Tubes

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Curler tubes work with wet or dry hair. They’re simple plastic attachments that pop right onto your hair dryer and proceed to suck in the hair, curling it through the internal plastic stick. Your hair will wrap around the stick, leaving it wavy.

These tubes work in by using similar methods to regular curling irons. However, instead of needing to wrap the hair around the hot iron with your hands, the hair dryer does it for you

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Products For Hair Drying

So, now you have an answer to the question of what do hair dryer attachments do.  You’re likely feeling ready to begin blow drying your hair more often. However, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Heat Protectant Spray

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Any time you use a hair dryer your hair is being exposed to high levels of heat. You can use the cooler settings, but sometimes you need that hot hair to do the styling that you want it to do. So, always use a heat protectant spray or cream before using your hair dryer.

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Anti-Frizz Cream

You still risk for ending up with frizzy hair with some of the more advanced hair dryer attachments. Using an anti-frizz cream can reduce the time it takes to dry your hair, and will leave it looking and feeling smooth.

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Absorbent Hair Towels

Hair dryers are designed to do all the drying work for you. You can always start blowdrying with a soaking wet heat, but it will take longer. Using an absorbent hair towel before going to the hair dryer will make it easier and far more manageable. We recommend wrapping your hair in one of these towels for a few minutes before you go for the dryer.

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Sitting around with a towel around your head can take hours. You also don’t want to go to bed with wet hair, as it can damage both your pillows and your hair. Fortunately, hair dryers are designed to make your life easier. Now that you know what hair dryer attachments do, we hope that the process will become even easier!