How to Use Hair Brush Dryer – 7 Simple Steps to a Gorgeous Blowout


Every time you visit the hair salon you walk out with a beautiful, healthy, and bouncy blowout. But have you ever tried to complete a salon-quality blowout on your own? If you have, you properly struggled to dry, brush, and style your hair all at one time, and got a pretty rough arm workout in while you were at it. This is a sign that it is time to learn how to use hair brush dryer.

The difficulties you probably experienced while attempting a professional blow-dry on your own most likely stemmed from the tools you were using. If you were using a hair dryer while simultaneously attempting to brush through your tangles, you know the struggle. The key to a gorgeous blowout all comes down to one incredible hair styling tool: a hair brush dryer.


7 Steps to Using a Hair Brush Dryer


What is a Hair Brush Dryer

A hair brush dryer is a hair styling tool that allows you to dry, brush, and style your hair all at the same time. It is essentially a normal hair brush, that blows hot air out of the heated plates and bristles on the head of the brush. Since they heat up, you have to plug its cord into an electrical outlet to be used. The heat relaxes the molecular bonds in your hair that cause curls and waves, leaving styled hair and additional shine.

Hair brush dryers usually have a rounded barrel, and if the one that you have does too, then it operates very similar to a typical round brush. Some even include rotating barrels, so that they control what direction the brush is moving while you are styling your hair. With the use of a round brush and a hair dryer all in one, you can create beautifully styled and voluminous hair, with only one tool.


Important Factors of a Hair Brush Dryer

There are a variety of things to consider when choosing the right hair brush dryer for your hair type. Make sure that the bristles on it are soft in material but have a strong grip, so that they hold on to your hair well, but are still gentle on your strands. If the bristles are too rough on your hair, it will cause more damage to your hair as well as possibly give you scalp burns.

The size of the barrel is important based on how long or short your hair is, as well as how much volume you’d like in your hair after you are done styling. Small barrels are about 3/4 inch and are great for short hair or tight curls, medium barrels are about 1 inch and create medium sized curls and bounce, and large barrels are perfect for long hair and lots of volume.

The material of the hair brush dryer should be either ceramic or tourmaline, as these are the best for your hair overall. They heat up quickly and evenly, which allows the heat to be applied to your hair uniformly. These materials are also more smooth, so your hair does not snag on the hair brush dryer or break from damage to your hair.

It is beneficial to choose a hair brush dryer that includes multiple heat settings, so that you can decide which temperature is best on your hair. If your hair is long and thick, you will need to utilize a much higher temperature than someone with short and thin hair. Having the option to try out which heat settings causes the least amount of damage on your hair while also holding your hairstyle is important to the efficient use of this tool.


How to Use Hair Brush Dryer

Now that you know what a hair brush dryer is and what elements are important to consider when purchasing one for your specific hair type, it is time to learn how to use hair brush dryer. Let’s get to styling!

Step 1: Start with clean and damp hair

When using your hair brush dryer, it is crucial that your hair is clean and partially wet when you begin. Wash your hair with good-quality shampoo and conditioner, squeeze out excess water from your hair, and dry your hair with a towel once you are out of the shower. You want your hair to be damp but not still dripping wet when you begin styling to get the best results.

Step 2: Spritz your hair with heat protectant

Even though hair brush dryers use less heat than traditional hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons or wands, it still reaches high temperatures. It is always important to guard your hair from heat damage as much as possible, and to apply heat protectant anytime you use a hot styling tool. Lightly apply heat protectant or serum to your hair, and run a brush or comb through it to get rid of any tangles.

Step 3: Prepare your hair brush dryer and your hair

Plug in your hair brush dryer and choose the proper heat setting for your hair type. Make sure that you allow it to heat up all the way, and do not begin styling your hair until you do so. Using the tool before it heats up all the way could cause unnecessary damage to your hair, and will take you an extended amount of time to complete styling.

Once the hair brush dryer is plugged in, it is beneficial to split your hair into even sections. Gather the top layer of your hair and clip or pin it to the top of your head. This allows you to begin working on the bottom section first, and will keep the top layer out of the way so that you can complete it later.

Step 4: Begin brushing your hair

When your hair brush dryer is fully heated up, grab a portion of the bottom section of your hair that is about the same size as the barrel of your brush. Start from the top of your hair near your roots, and slowly brush down the section to your ends. Brush through the section as many times as you want until it is as dry and straight as you would like it to be.

Step 5: Continue the brushing process to all sections of your hair

Proceed to brush your hair the same way as explained in step 4, to all of the sections you have split up in the bottom portion of your hair. Once the bottom of your hair is fully styled, push it to the back of your head, and remove the clip or pin from the top section of your hair. Continue styling the top section the same way, until all of your hair is fully dried and straightened.

Step 6: Cool down your hair

When a section of your hair is in the hair brush dryer for the last time, set the hair brush dryer to the cool setting near your ends. Hold it there for about 10 seconds to keep your style in place, then gently finish brushing through the end of that section. Make sure to do this to all of your sections to add supplementary shine and silkiness, and to maintain the straightness you created.

Step 7: Finish off your hairstyle

Once you have dried and straightened each section of your hair fully, it is time to finalize your hairstyle. Apply a light amount of hairspray or shine serum to your hair to add additional shine and volume to your strands, and to hold your hairstyle in place. After this final step, you’re all set and ready to go!


If you’re wanting to get a salon-quality blowout on your own and in the comfort of your own home, it is important to learn how to use hair brush dryer. With a hair brush dryer, you can dry, brush, and style your hair all at the same time, with one individual tool. This saves you time and effort, as you can get all of your styling done at once. Grab your favorite hair styling products and your hair brush dryer, and get the gorgeous hair of your dreams yourself!