How to Use Hair Dryer Brush – 6 Simple Steps to a Blowout


Have you ever experienced the long-lasting struggle of attempting a salon-level blowout on your own? If so, you’re far from alone. From maneuvering your hair dryer and your brush at the same time to get the style that you’re going for, you know the task is the opposite of easy to complete whether your hair is naturally straight, curly, or just plain frizzy. This is why it is important that you know how to use hair dryer brush.

A hair dryer brush allows you to dry, brush, and style your hair all at the same time, and with one singular tool. This allows you to get that gorgeous salon blowout in the comfort of your own home, without having to spend the time and money it takes to get your hair done at a hair salon or by a professional. When you know how to use hair dryer brush the proper way, you can get beautifully styled hair in a matter of minutes, and without that tiring arm workout that you get from handling multiple styling tools.


6 Steps to Using a Hair Dryer Brush


What is a Hair Dryer Brush

A hair dryer brush is essentially a brush and a dryer combined, that can straighten your hair at the same time as well, like a straightener does. Even though you can do all of this styling at once with this singular tool, you just use a hair dryer brush in the same way that you use a traditional brush. The bristles on the brush allow you to detangle your hair, and the heat dries it while providing straightening styling options depending on how you use it. It’s that simple.

The first type of hair dryer brush resembles a round brush, that is basically just a round brush attached to a hair dryer. You can choose one that rotates if you’d prefer, so that it does all the work for you and you do not have to move the brush in different directions in your hair, you just have to brush it through your hair like a normal brush. Rotating hair brush dryers turn in both directions on its own while in your hair, which allows for effortless styling and volume.

The second type of hair brush dryer is similar to a paddle brush, but it has ceramic plates that allow it to heat up unlike normal paddle brushes. These kind of hair brush dryers make your hair sleeker and straightener, because the head of the brush is flat unlike a round brush where you have to wrap your hair around the barrel of the brush. Using a round brush hair dryer brush allows you to add more volume and curl to your hair while styling with it.



How to Use Hair Dryer Brush

Now that you know what a hair dryer brush is, it is time to learn how to use hair dryer brush. Styling with a hair dryer brush is fairly simple, and it does not take much effort as it dries, brushes, and styles your hair simultaneously. All you need are your favorite hair styling products, a few clips or pins, and your hair dryer brush. Here is how to properly style your hair with a hair dryer brush, and how to get the best results from it.

Step 1: Wash and condition your hair

Before using your hair dryer brush, it is important to start with clean and damp hair. Wash your hair with good-quality shampoo and conditioner, squeeze the excess water out of your hair, and towel-dry your hair when you are out of the shower. For additional volume to your hair after styling, use a shampoo and conditioner that have specific volumizing benefits.

Step 2: Warm up your hair dryer brush

Plug your hair dryer brush into an electrical socket, and set it to your desired heat setting depending on your hair type. Allow your hair dryer brush a few minutes for it to fully heat up, and make sure that you do not start styling before it reaches the setting that you chose. Styling before it is completely heated creates uneven styling, and you will most likely have to redo your hair to go over sections multiple times to get the look you want.

Since your hair dryer brush will reach high temperatures, apply a heat protectant spray or heat protectant serum to your strands. This will help guard them from the heat, and will lessen the likelihood of heat damage on your hair. It is crucial that you use heat protectant on your hair before using any heat styling tool on it. Run a brush or comb through your hair to get rid of any tangles or knots before you begin styling with your hair dryer brush. 

Step 3: Separate your hair into sections

It is very helpful to split your hair into sections before styling with your hair brush dryer, so that you can keep track of where you have styled and create a more even look. Grab the top section of your hair and clip or pin it to the top of your head, so that it is out of the way when you begin brushing the bottom section first. Within the bottom section, split your hair into various smaller sections that are all about an equal width that matches the width of your hair dryer brush.

Step 4: Begin styling your hair with your hair dryer brush

Once your hair is sectioned off and your hair dryer brush is completely heated up, it is time to begin styling with it. Grab the first section of your hair and begin brushing the section from your roots to your tips, moving the brush slowly down your hair. You can repeat the brushing process as many times as you prefer for each section, until it is as straight as you desire. 

If you want a slight curl to your hair rather than it being fully straightened, you can roll your hair around the brush once you get to your ends, and then roll the whole section back up to your roots. Hold the hair dryer brush in place for about 5 seconds, and then softly unroll the brush down your section and release it. 



Step 5: Continue the brushing process to all of your sections

Repeat the directions listed in step 4 to all of the sections in your hair. Brush through all of the sections you created in the bottom portion of your hair, and then push the bottom portion to the back of your head. Remove the clip or pin from the top section of your hair and begin the brushing process again to all of the sections you created within that top portion. 

Step 6: Finalize your hairstyle

After you have brushed through each section that you created in your hair, make sure that each section is styled to your preference. Run your hair dryer brush through any section that isn’t as straight as you would like, until it looks the way you would like it to. It is best to make sure your hairstyle is even at this point, so you do not realize it later when it is too late to fix.

Lightly mist a holding hairspray or texturizing spray onto your hair, or apply a shine serum to your hair,depending on your preference. Styling products like these will help to keep your hairstyle intact for long periods of time, and will reduce the amount of frizz that will occur on your hair later on.


When you want a salon-quality blowout without the hassle of spending time and money going to a hair salon or getting it done by a professional, there is luckily a styling tool out there for you. If getting a beautiful blowout on your own is calling your name, it is time for you to know how to use hair dryer brush.

With a hair dryer brush you can dry, brush, and straighten your hair all at the same time, with the use of only one tool. Long gone are the days where you have to use a round brush and hair dryer at one time trying to achieve a gorgeous blowout. By using a hair dryer brush, you can have a blowout in a matter of minutes in the comfort of your own home and on your own. Grab your hair styling products of choice, some clips or pins, and your hair dryer brush, and get to styling!