How to Use BaByliss Big Hair Brush – 7 Steps to a Smooth Blowout


Hair stylists at salons have perfected the look of a gorgeous blowout, but it’s not often that we’re wanting to spend the time and money it takes to get our hair done by a professional. Luckily for us, there are tons of hot styling brushes on the market that we can purchase to create beautiful hairstyles in the comfort of our own home. If this is of interest to you, it is time for you to know how to use BaByliss Big Hair Brush.

The BabyBliss Big Hair brush allows you to create beautiful sleek, straight hair on your own, in a fraction of the time your trip to the hair salon would take. There’s no need to use a separate hair dryer and round brush to get a blowout like they do at a salon anymore either. With this singular tool, you can say goodbye to frizzy strands and hello to gorgeous, silky hair within a matter of minutes and entirely on your own.


7 Steps to Using the BaByliss Big Hair Brush


What is a Hot Styling Brush

A hot styling brush combines a brush, hair dryer, and straightener all in one individual tool. It dries, detangles, and straightens your hair all at once by using bristles and heated plates that glide easily through your hair. The heated plates and bristles break up the molecular bonds in your hair that make it curly or frizzy.

When the hot styling brush relaxes these bonds to take away curl and frizz, your hair is left straighter and smoother. With the use of heat on the bristles, your hair will also have more volume and shine after it is used, especially if your hot styling brush has ceramic coating covering it, like the BaByliss Big Hair Brush does. Whether you have long, short, thin, or thick hair, you can benefit from the use of a hot styling brush.

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Benefits of BaByliss Big Hair Brush

There is a large variety of hot styling brushes to choose between, but some are definitely better than others in terms of quality and benefits that it includes. Here are the reasons why the BaByliss Big Hair Brush is a great tool to purchase, and one that you should consider whether your hair is long or short, and thick or thin.

The large barrel on the BaByliss Big Hair Brush is made of ceramic material, which means that it transfers heat more evenly onto your hair. This leads to less heat damage on your hair than other materials, and more shine will be added to your hair as well. The bristles on the barrel are soft and lightweight, which is gentle on your hair to create additional smoothness and shine.

The BaByliss Big Hair Brush includes two different heat settings and a cool setting, which allows you to play around with different temperatures, so that you can find the one that works best on your hair type. It also has two rotation speeds so that you have the ability to style all of your hair, as it spins either clockwise or counter-clockwise, depending on what side of your head you are styling at the moment.

The barrel spins faster on the higher heat setting, making it more beneficial for longer and thicker hair types. It spins slower on the lower heat setting, which is better for shorter and finer hair types. The barrel stays still and does not move when it is set on to the cool setting, which creates more shine on your hair after you use a heat setting on it.


How to Use BaByliss Big Hair Brush

Now that you know what a hot styling brush is and what makes the BaByliss Big Hair Brush a great tool to purchase, it is now time to learn how to use BaByliss Big Hair Brush. Let’s get to styling!

Step 1: Wash and condition your hair

To get the best results from your BaByliss Big Hair brush, use it on freshly-washed damp hair. Wash your hair with good-quality shampoo and conditioner, and towel-dry your hair once you get out of the shower. Make sure your hair is not still dripping wet when you begin styling, but is still damp.



Step 2: Get your BaByliss Big Hair Brush and your hair ready

Grab your brush and plug it into an electrical outlet so that it can heat up. Set it to your desired heat setting, and make sure that you wait until it reaches that temperature before using. Many women are in a rush and want to get started right away, but this won’t be beneficial to your hair. If you start styling before it is heated up all the way, your hair will not be styled evenly or properly, and it will take much longer to complete your look.

While your brush is heating up, apply heat protectant to your hair to lessen the amount of heat damage your hair will experience. Even though hot styling brushes cause less heat damage than hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons or wands, they do still reach high temperatures. It is best to be as cautious as possible when using heat on your hair.


Step 3: Divide your hair into sections

Splitting your hair into sections ensures that your hair is dried and styled evenly. Gather the top half of your hair and clip or pin it to the top of your head. This will keep your hair out of the way as you begin styling the bottom portion of your hair, and will help you work in even sections.


Step 4: Begin brushing your hair

After you section off your hair into top and bottom, you will separate your bottom layer into a few relatively even sections, that are about the same size as the barrel of your brush. Grab the first section, and gently brush your hair from your roots to your ends. Go over the section as many times as you’d like, until the section is dry and as straight as you’d like it to be.


Step 5: Continue the brushing process to all of your sections

Repeat the process explained in step 4 to all of the sections within the bottom portion of your hair. Once you have finished the bottom, release the clip or pin from the top section of your hair. Softly pull that section toward the front of your face, so it is separated from the bottom section that you have already styled. Continue the brushing process over again until you have styled all of the sections in the top portion of your hair.

Add volume to your sections by turning the brush upwards for one rotation near the ends of your hair, and wrap your hair only one time around the brush. Softly brush through your hair and release. This creates additional smoothness and volume to your ends.



Step 6: Cool down your hair and the brush

Since the BaByliss Big Hair Brush includes a cool setting, you should change the it to this setting once your hair is wrapped around the brush for about 5 seconds. After you change it to the cool setting, hold the brush in your hair for about an additional 10 seconds before you release the brush from your hair. This will help to set your hairstyle, and will create shine to your hair.


Step 7: Finalize your hairstyle

After you have brushed, dried, and styled all of your hair with the BaByliss Big Hair Brush, it is time to finish your hairstyle. Lightly apply some hairspray or serum onto your hair to keep your hair straight and to reduce frizz throughout your day. If your hair is tangled at all, lightly run your fingers through your hair to get the knots out. Avoid using a brush or comb on your hair after styling, as this might increase frizz and make your hair less straight.


If you’re wanting to create a salon-quality blowout at home while using minimal time and effort, it is important to know how to use BaByliss Big Hair Brush. You can get beautiful, smooth, straight hair within minutes, all while using this single tool. Grab your BaBlyss Big Hair Brush, hair styling products of your choice, and some clips or pins, and get to styling!