The Best IPL Hair Removal Devices 2019

For most men and women, body hair is a horror, especially among the younger generation. More than 97 percent of young women and 79 percent of men regularly remove hair growth in at least one body region.

According to experts, even though the trend towards hairless appearance will reverse again, it is currently still in vogue. So the question arises, how do you get rid of the hair best? In addition to the classics such as shaving, epilation or waxing, the topic of IPL hair removal is becoming more and more fashionable. We’ll tell you if the method keeps its promise and how it works.

The 7 Best-selling IPL Hair Removal Devices in 2019!

Guide to the Best IPL Hair Removal Devices in 2019

How IPL technology works

While traditional hair removal methods are still widely used, the IPL procedure is becoming more and more popular in this country. IPL stands for “Intense Pulsed Light”, which is a relatively new process for permanent hair removal or reduction.

Important: IPL hair removal is not a laser treatment. In the IPL method, highly controlled light is used in a large wave spectrum. The laser method uses only a very narrow light spectrum, which is why laser devices are not available for free sale. Laser treatments are therefore only to be found by trained personnel such as some cosmeticians or dermatologists.

The functionality

In the IPL treatment, very short and strong flashes of light are superficially radiated to the skin. A light source with a broad wavelength of 380-1400 nm is used. The light spectrum ensures that the color pigment melanin in the hair follicles heats up (up to temperatures of up to 70 ° C) and reacts. Due to the resulting heat, the hair root should then be pinpointed. The hair falls out in the following days and can not regrow in theory. Since the home appliances do not provide the light output as they are found at the doctor, the hair usually grow back after some time.

Requirements and disadvantages?

Unfortunately, IPL hair removal is not suitable for every skin and hair type. If the hair does not stand out sufficiently from the skin color, the success will be lost. In the worst case, the skin can even be damaged sustainably, as the light energy is not concentrated on the pigments in the hair, but rather on the skin itself. Therefore, the better the contrast between skin and hair color, the better the light energy implemented. For people with very light, gray or red hair, IPL treatment is therefore not very effective.

Advantages of the IPL treatment

The complete hair removal method is almost painless. In most cases, only a slight tingling, burning or Ziepen is felt. In addition, the light treatment is suitable for almost all body parts. Because the light can be harmful to the eyesight, treatment should only be done below the cheekbones and with a special facial appendage. In the bikini zone area, it makes sense to use a device that has different light intensity levels. The skin is particularly sensitive there, so the intensity should be reduced.

Another clear advantage is the longevity of the method. Since the hair root is destroyed by the light, no new hair can form. It does not grow any longer, at least for a long time. To maintain the result of smooth skin, Philips recommends, for example, to repeat the IPL treatment every 4 to 8 weeks.

Important equipment details

Size of the light window

The size of the light window determines how large the area of ​​hair removal is. The bigger the window, the more hair can be removed at once. On the other hand, too large light windows make precise work on sensitive areas difficult.

Intensity levels

A good device for IPL hair removal has different levels of light intensity. The more intensity levels are present, the better the device can be adapted to your own needs. For example, the intimate area should be irradiated with less light energy than, for example, the legs.

Power supply

An important fact is the power supply of the IPL device. Although many models are now available with battery and wireless operation, cable operation is an important factor. Because the battery performance of the devices usually does not last longer than 10 minutes.


Some IPL devices have special skin and safety sensors. These detect, for example, whether the device should be placed correctly or at what intensity level should be started. These are practical features that should be interesting, especially for beginners. Whoever buys a device from a well-known manufacturer, plays it safe in terms of safety and sensors.


The accessories should contain various attachments to suit the different body regions. In most cases, a specially shaped attachment for the underarm area and an attachment for sensitive areas, such as the bikini area are recommended.

That’s how it’s done right

Although the treatment is relatively easy and painless, a few things need to be considered in advance:

  • Before the IPL application, the area to be treated must be hair-free. Either remove them with the help of a razor or with an epilator. Due to the resulting heat during treatment, the fine hairs would otherwise burn or char.
  • Subsequently, the device is moved piecemeal on the site to be treated.
  • The procedure lasts. For a lower leg, you need an average of 10 minutes. The whole intimate area of about 6 minutes. A full body treatment can take between 45 minutes and 2.5 hours.
  • Patience is needed. After about four applications, the first successes should be set.
  • But until all the hairs are completely eliminated, many more sessions are needed.
  • For example, to achieve smooth skin, Philips recommends repeating the treatment every 4 to 8 weeks.

Well-known manufacturers


Beurer is a medium-sized company with headquarters in Ulm and about 900 employees and 230 million Euro turnover (2016). The company focus is on electrical appliances for health and well-being. In this regard, the company offers both IPL devices and diode lasers for permanent hair removal.


Philips is a well-known provider of health technology and home appliances, founded in 1891 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Products from Philips enjoy a very good reputation in this country. Also in the field of IPL devices, Philips placed with the Lumea series very popular products in the market. The lifespan of the lamps is given as over 20 years.



Braun is also a well-known provider of personal care products on the German market. The Taunus-based company has belonged to the US giant Procter & Gamble since 1967 and has more than 3,000 employees. Braun sells its IPL hair removal devices under the name Silk-Expert.


Medisana AG is a health products company based in Neuss. The main focus is on development, production, and marketing. The company divides activities into health control, home therapy, personal care, home of wellness and mobile health.

The risks and side effects of IPL treatment

Basically, IPL hair removal is not considered dangerous. But as so often with this method, there are some factors that can cause side effects. At least with improper use. These include, for example, slight burns or redness of the skin areas to be treated. Acne, infections and other skin diseases can also be exacerbated. If these are present, the dermatologist should be consulted prior to IPL treatment. In case of photosensitivity, sunburn or even allergy treatment should be avoided. On tattooed body parts, liver spots or pigmentary disorders, the treatment should also not be performed, since the contrast between skin and hair is no longer present.

Alternative methods of hair removal

As simple and painless as the method may be, for some, the application is not suitable, such as for very light hair types. These include blonde, red or gray hair. The classic alternatives are then only:

  • Razor: When shaving the hair is cut just above the skin surface. The hair grows visible again in just a few days.
  • Epilator: When epilating the hair and hair roots are plucked from the skin. This is a very painful hair removal process. The method promises hairlessness, with normal hair growth, for about a month.
  • Waxing: When waxing, the result is similar to the epilation. The hair and the hair root are torn out of the skin with the help of hot or cold wax. The effect also lasts about 4 weeks and is extremely painful.
  • Sugaring: Sugaring uses a special sugar paste for hair removal, which is especially gentle on the skin due to its natural active ingredients. The method is especially popular in the Orient and in countries like Brazil. The approach is similar to waxing. The paste is mixed and applied against the direction of hair growth and then removed with the hair growth direction. The effect lasts about 4 weeks.
  • Electroepilation: Electroepilation involves inserting small needles under the skin and energizing them. This causes the destruction of the hair root. The method is very time consuming and the appearance of redness and swelling is very common. This can be said in the method of permanent hair removal.
  • Laser Hair Removal: During laser treatment in the beauty salon or dermatologist, the germ cell of the hair root is destroyed. Again, there must be a good contrast between skin and hair in order to be successful. Work is usually done here with ruby, diode or alexandrite laser.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What does Stiftung Warentest say about this topic?

So far Stiftung Warentest has not carried out a test on the IPL devices. She warns in a post but before that so far no long-term studies for the home devices exist. Therefore, any side effects cannot yet be conclusively assessed.

Is the IPL hair removal also suitable for the genital area?

Yes, she is. The devices usually have an attachment with a smaller light window, so that you can work with pinpoint accuracy. Attention should be paid to this accessory before purchasing the IPL device.

Can men also use a device with IPL?

Yes, the IPL devices work for both man and woman.

Can the IPL treatment be performed during pregnancy?

No. During pregnancy should be waived IPL treatment. Due to the hormone change, the appearance of the skin and the hair can completely change.

Can hair on the upper lip be removed?

Basically, that’s possible. In many women, however, the infamous “ladybeard” consists of fine blond hairs, which precludes removal by means of IPL treatment. In addition, the device should have an intensity setting. The area around the upper lip is very sensitive and should, therefore, be treated only with low intensity.

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