Young, old, poor or rich – one thing connects all the men of the world: they have to shave. While it is up to everyone how often the beard is cut back, even if this happens irregularly or at least not daily, there is still a lot of time spent on it. Since you want to do that as efficiently as possible, what is there a selection of different devices. The most popular variant for this is wet shaving with a system shaver, which shears thoroughly and relatively gently. In addition, there is the razor, which is hardly needed, but cuts well especially with long growth, because it does not clog. An uncomplicated and fast way of shaving, which has become increasingly popular in recent decades, is the electric shaver dar. It can be used anywhere and does not require a bathroom.

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    History – The first electric razor

    The history of shaving has a painful beginning. As numerous wall paintings prove, people used to cut their beard hair with worked stones or even shells. That these materials are not really suitable for this purpose, was probably already known at that time. But iron was still a long way away, so you had to put up with the chunky razors Vorlieb and injuries.

    Only long after that was the technical state far enough to allow the invention of an electrical apparatus. And the man whose creative spirit gave birth to him was Jacob Schick, an American entrepreneur, and inventor who simply bothered to visit the barber on a regular basis. He thought that was wasted money, because after all, a shave had to be so easy to do that anyone could do it. He was supported by King Camp Gillette, who had just launched his first razor-shaver. Jacob Schick was thrilled with the invention, but still thought that was not all, and shaving could be even easier.

    So he set to work, to think different prototypes and then implement. At first this was a failure and if Jacob Schick had not had so much time, because he could not leave the bed for a whole year due to illness, he would have given up and the world would have had to give up his ingenious invention.

    His first model was then presented in 1929 . Unfortunately, there was no customer and all the major manufacturers refused to collaborate. This was partly due to the onset of the economic crisis, but largely because the device was just too bulky and unwieldy. It took another two years to finally develop a functional and user-friendly device. Two years that almost cost Jacob Schick his life. After all, he would have gone bankrupt after the first defeat. But the new razor was a hit. He sold nearly 1.2 million times until 1937.

    The different electric razor types

    With the electric razor, there are the variants film and rotary razors, which each have different advantages and disadvantages. When deciding which one should be used, the skin type plays a role, as they work differently gently.

    Foil razor

    The foil shaver works like this: A protective foil separates the blade from the skin. As a result, they never hit directly and injuries are excluded. The holes in the foil allow the whiskers to reach the blade when the device is pressed onto the skin. Now the knife cuts the harre by swinging back and forth. In contrast to the rotary shaver with its dynamic blades, the foil shaver does not adapt to the face since the cutting surface is straight. On the other hand, there are currently models that circumvent this problem by the elements of the head give way under pressure and he himself is also attached via a movable hinge on the body. As a result, such devices nestle against the skin. Next to it is the foil shaver more compatible with the skin and especially suitable for beginners. In addition, it can easily be used to trim longer whiskers.


    Rotational Shaver

    The rotary shaver usually has three blades, which are mounted in movable sockets, so that they can easily adapt to the face. Therefore, the handling is easier here and the whisker can be better eliminated at problem areas. Even with the round shape, a safety grille is attached, so that there should be no cuts. However, a shave in this type, especially in sensitive skin to irritation, but after some hardening no longer occur. Unlike the foil shaver, the cutting elements rotate in a circle and can thus edit the hair from several different places.

    The right application for foil and rotary razors

    The application is quickly explained: With the foil shaver, the device is drawn in straight lines over the face while the rotary shaver is moved in a circular motion. Therefore, only the former is suitable for styling the beard and to set contours, because with the rotary shaver would just not perform precisely enough. It is important not to press too hard as this may cause skin irritation.

    Important equipment details

    wet or dry shaver

    Some models are also suitable for wet shaving. As with the system razor, foam or gel is applied here before shaving. The advantage of this is that the hair can be removed more easily, as they mix with the foam and so remain pulled fixed, instead of flattening when pressed. Also, the process is so gentle to the skin, as the foam ensures that the blades slide smoothly over the cheeks.

    Some manufacturers offer completely waterproof devices. With them, the shave can be done while showering, which ensures a more thorough result. Finally, the warm water causes the pores to open, making the herner more accessible.

    Number of shear elements

    In the rotary shavers are usually installed three shear elements. This is because it allows the three-dimensional contour of the face to be optimally achieved even at problem areas. Here, three heads are simply the ideal number, since only two of them cannot be completely cleaned and a fourth may possibly be clunky. However, there are rarely even variants with more or less shear elements.

    The foil shaver is rarely seen at first glance, how many shear elements are installed. Especially with very high-quality devices, you will find up to four different attachments that are ever intended for a different purpose, such as setting up the Harre or for trimming.

    Battery – capacity & charging time

    Especially if you want to use the greatest advantage of the electric shaver, the mobility, also, it needs a strong battery. In addition to longevity, there are other qualities that a good model must bring with it. In addition, namely the charging time and fast charging time play a role. However, products that are priced in the middle segment, have excellent batteries that can be recharged in just a few minutes and last up to an hour.

    Beard Styler for Bearded Bearers

    If you want to trim your beard regularly, you know the problem: it is impossible to hold the device by hand at the correct distance and if you try this, the result will look shabby and irregular. For this purpose, there are special Bartstyler that can be placed on the electric razor and so never fall below a certain distance. Hereby the beard can be shortened to the desired length. Philips has the most razors including Bartstyler on offer.

    Travel Essentials – Case & Cleaning Brush

    Even on the move, you would not want to do without the electric shaver. But it needs the necessary accessories. Most devices come with a soft case to store the device. This ensures that no loose stubble will fall on the remaining baggage and make the clothes unsightly and unappetizing. The better solution, however, are hardshells. Especially on flights, a suitcase and its contents have to go through a lot. He is thrown back and forth and partly stowed under other luggage. A hard case feit the razor for such tests.

    Integrated trimmer/longhair trimmer

    Many electric razors are equipped with long-hair trimmers. With it even long hair can be cut, which would otherwise be indestructible for the shear elements. The trimmers, which are usually mounted on the back of the equipment and often fold out, are also suitable for the main hair.

    Cleaning station

    Especially some of the more expensive devices come with a cleaning station. In them, the razors are placed upside down and flushed with a liquid. Part of this is also helped with alcohol to disinfect. In addition to the actual cleaning, the apparatuses are oiled during the process. While some manufacturers offer a quick-cleaning feature, this is not as efficient. And the normal process takes a long time, from half an hour to a few hours.

    The cleaning & maintenance of the razor

    If the electric shaver does not have automatic cleaning, it must be serviced regularly, otherwise, the shelf life would suffer greatly. For this purpose, small brushes are included in the scope of delivery, with the help of which the cut stubble can be removed. This should be done after each use. The oil must then be taken by hand. In addition, the shaving heads should now and then be disinfected.

    For the foil shaver, the foil is removed for cleaning and poured over the sink. To be able to remove all the dirt, it is slightly tapped against the ceramic. However, this with great caution, because the sensitive material can easily break. The rotary razors can usually be opened easily, which does not require extra dismantling of the blades and you still reach any dirt.

    Wet Shaver vs. electric razor

    Wet Shaver / System Shaver – The pros & cons

    For a long time she was the only method of shaving, still resonating with something original and dignified: dipping the dachshund hairbrush into the shaving soap, brushing the chin, laying the razor with a stainless steel blade – this has more to do than pressing a plastic case against your face , But the wet shave takes longer. Also, when one is recorded and tames the face with a few moves, preparation and follow-up of the shave are more cumbersome. In addition, especially the razor blades are a wearing part. But even the brush does not last forever, and you need more care products.

    The wet shave is thorough. The blades go directly over the skin and can cut the hair close to the root. A good wet shave lasts longer. Men without a strong beard do not really need you every day.

    But thorough in this case is also the opposite of gentle. There is not much to discuss about this: wet shaving is a major strain on the skin and hair. Wet shaving is more responsible for the uppermost layer of skin, and not just because of excessive pressure. Depending on the blade and the razor’s guidance, hair is literally sharpened by the blade and grows faster, igniting. In addition, people with unclean or uneven skin can barely shave wet without cutting themselves.

    • inexpensive in purchase
    • thorough shaving result
    • little comfortable
    • can only be used in the bathroom
    • high costs due to replacement blades

    Electric Razors – The pros & cons

    Even the dry shave is already old enough for legends to entwine around them. The fact is: dry shavers have been developed over the decades. Today they are a quick, clean and gentle way to shave. The purchase price cannot be disputed. What you hold so close to the face should be quality and no cheap part. As the investment in a razor already comes into play. But it is also clear that the follow-up costs are very low thereafter. The knife blades are also basically wearing parts, but last much longer than a wet shaving blade could. In addition, you need less care products altogether. So the dry shaver is clearly the cheaper option in the long run – if you can afford it at first.

    Dry shaving is less thorough than wet shaving. This is in the nature of the matter: between razor blades and skin is still here a shaving foil. It prevents the risk of injury, but it also increases the distance between the hair root and the blade. First of all, the result of a dry shave is often good and secondly, it can often be improved. A good model, good and regular razor cleaning, a good dry shave preshave – all this improves the result. But even the best dry shave cannot prevent men with strong beard growth having a shadow on their face in the evening.

    Especially people with sensitive skin should not be deterred. A slightly more superficial shave is one thing: Ingrown hairs, pimples, and inflammation on the face are quite another. Who does not tolerate wet shaving, should switch to dry shaver. By the way, the wet-dry shavers should only be taken as a care tip. They can also be used under the shower, thus saving time, and can also protect the skin more. What they can not do is use a different, more thorough shaving procedure. The foil does not magically disappear when water flows.

    • usable everywhere
    • quick and easy
    • gentler on the skin
    • no / hardly any injuries
    • less care products needed
    • relatively expensive to buy
    • less thoroughly

    6.3 Extrapolation of costs and follow-up costs

    Why are many people still not reaching for the electric shaver? One of the most persistent arguments is the price. But it is also one of the most absurd. Although it is true that electric razors can sometimes cost a few hundred euros – but these are top models. Who has to save, will find very capable e-razor far under a hundred euros. And whoever shaves regularly saves a lot of money in a very short time.

    Wet razors have a high blade wear. In addition, there are shaving cream and care products that are needed for demanding wet shaving in significantly larger quantities. So: who can think a few weeks in advance knows who is really worthwhile.

    But even with the electric razor, the shaving head has to be replaced at some point. The manufacturers often indicate this for a period of 18 to 24 months, with regular and normal use. The prices for a new shaving head vary depending on the manufacturer and models

    Calculation: We have extrapolated the total costs for a period of 24 months. The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Flexball (Amazon Bestseller) vs. the Braun Series 9 9090cc (top model) and the Philips PT860 / 16 PowerTouch (more popular bestseller). Prices from July 2016.

    Important manufacturers


    The company was founded in 1921 by engineer Max Braun. Initially, Braun acted only as a supplier to other industries, such as the auto industry. It quickly earned the brand a reputation and prospered until World War II forced a collaboration with the Nazis and Brown mainly made only military equipment. Today, the company is an established supplier of all sorts of small electrical appliances and, in addition to Philips, is one of the two market leaders in the highly competitive field of electric shavers. When shaving head one swears here on foil shaver.


    The traditional Philips brand was founded in 1891 by Frederik Philips and his son Gerard. The first focus was on the production of incandescent lamps and, after a major research laboratory was built in 1914, it also expanded into other markets such as radio and pentode tubes. With over 100,000 employees, the company is currently one of the largest in the electronics sector. In the design of electric shavers, Philips relies on rotary shavers with three shaving heads.


    Panasonic, a Japanese company founded in 1918, also started as a family business. It was Konosuke Matsushita, who founded it together with his siblings. The first products that left the assembly lines were bulb sockets. Initially, the company sickened and found too little sales, but decided to continue to grow – and with tremendous success: Nearly 25000 people employed Panasonic today and generates a turnover of about 60 billion euros annually. The electric shavers used by Panasonic are foil shavers.


    Remington exists in 1936 and originated as a subdivision of Remington Rand, one of the first computer manufacturers. Since time immemorial, the company has been focusing on shavers and has been involved since the very beginning: electrical apparatus has been marketed since the 1930s. Remington offers both foil and rotary razors.

    The right preparation and follow-up of the skin

    The advantage of dry shaving is just less effort. In contrast to wet shaving, the preparation is largely gone. However, it is also possible to use the aforementioned pre-shaves or dab the face with a cloth moistened with warm water to open the pores and to better catch the hair.

    Thereafter, the face is washed with cold water so that the pores close again. This shower gel may also be used, which helps prevent pimple formation. Then the use of After-Shave is recommended because it cleans any small cuts and moisturizes the skin.

    Creams, pastes, lotions

    • Preshave: If you have problems with the skin, it should provide good conditions even before shaving. Preshaves are available for wet and dry shaving.
    • Antibacterial sticks: Hemostatic and antibacterial sticks, usually with an herbal supplement, are bought mainly in the pharmacy. For those who often have small cuts, the pens are a lifesaver. They often provide relief so quickly that you no longer have to carry a telltale plaster to work.
    • Facial Soap: Anyone should have a gentle soap for daily skin cleansing anyway. It especially prevents skin blemishes.

    But do not blush: a little better? Good care aftershave is not a secret. A few good (gentle) care products, care and rest on the shave solve the biggest problems for most patients.

    Sensitive skin – Is the electric shaver suitable?

    In general, you can say that the electric shaver less skin irritation. Finally, the fabric is not exposed to the open blades but protected by the mesh. Thus, this type of shave should be more suitable for sensitive skin. This is certainly the case after getting used to the apparatus. Should it still lead to complications, it may also be due to an allergy.

    Ingrown whiskers – What to do?

    Rarely does it happen that a hair grows back into the skin. But when this happens, it can quickly become uncomfortable and unsightly. However, one will master this in a few steps. For this one rubs the appropriate place with acne cream. The ingrown hair behaves similar to a pimple. The swelling is now back and it comes free. Alternatively, toothpaste can also be used for this.

    Changing from wet to dry shaving – this should be noted

    The reason why many give up the electric shaver quickly are the skin irritations that first develop. After shaving, an uncomfortable or painful feeling often disappears. But the skin quickly gets used to it and hardens. It can also lead to increased pimple formation since the blades remove tiny layers of the cornea, which then remains loosely on the cheeks. Maybe she clogs her pores there and small blackheads form. This can be done with pre-shave, which straightens the hair and thus protects against inflammation.

    Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

    Is the electric shaver of a man also suitable for the woman?

    Theoretically, this is the case. But the devices for men are tailored to the face. Apparatus for women (often referred to as Ladyshaver) are usually smaller and easier to find around the legs use.

    How often does the blade of the electric razor have to be changed?

    Here most manufacturers agree, about every two years, the shaving head should be exchanged.

    Is the electric shaver allowed in the hand luggage of an airplane?

    In contrast to the wet shaver, electronic devices cannot be converted into weapons. Therefore, they are allowed in hand luggage. However, it can happen in a control that you have to turn on the razor. After all, something dangerous could lurk in its hollowed-out housing.

    Can you cut yourself with the electric shaver?

    Rough cuts are virtually eliminated in the electric razor. Nevertheless, it can happen that one is tweaked.

    Does it make sense to use the Wet & Dry electric shaver with shaving cream?

    Wet & Dry razors, which are made for use in the shower, it is worth using shaving cream. This not only makes the shave more thorough, but it also softens the skin.

    Electric shaver in the Bundeswehr – Allowed or not?

    There is no ban on the Bundeswehr as long as the electric razor is used in the barracks. However, he may not be taken on exercises.

    Right of exchange for hygiene articles – Is it allowed to exchange the purchased electric shaver if you do not like it?

    This is controversial. In any case, the seller is entitled to compensation in such cases, because the article loses much in value because he can not resell him after all. For this, there is a precedent in which the seller was refunded the full price. However, this cannot be transferred in any case. Often, however, online retailers have a very high degree of goodwill, as they are losing privileges at bad reviews. Therefore, they often meet consumers.

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