Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Gadget Geeks


If you’re having trouble deciding what to by the gadget geek in your life this Christmas, you’ll be glad to know there is a healthy crop of tech to choose from this year, ranging from retro toys and games to cutting edge electronics.

Here are the recommended Which to Buy Christmas gifts for gadget geeks…

Top 5 gadget gifts for Christmas 2018

Playstation Classic by Sony – £89.99

If you long for the days before online multi-player and having to delete half your hard drive to install the latest games, then the Playstation Classic is the console for you. This pocket-sized, plug-in-and-play console comes with 20 of the best Playstation games, including Metal Gear Solid, Oddworld, Rayman, Resident Evil and the original GTA, along with two classic Playstation controllers.

Alternatively, you could opt for the Nintendo Classic Min NES (£47.99 from Amazon) or the Nintendo Classic Mini SNES (£69.00 from Amazon)

Buy the Sony Playstation Classic from Amazon

Apple Watch 4 – £499

If ever there was a gadget that signals we’re definitely living in the future, then the smart watch is it – and the Apple Watch Series 4 is arguably the best around. Its edge-to-edge display is 30% larger than previous iterations, and its improved digital crown offers improved tracking and the watches ECG for heart-rate monitoring. It also has an improved microphone and speaker for better call quality, and allows you to read messages without having to take out your phone. And the fitness tracker offers the perfect motivation to stick to that New Year health kick.

Buy the Apple Watch 4 from Amazon

Bose Noise Masking Sleep Buds – £229.95

Tired of arguing between listening to a podcast or some ambient sounds at bedtime? Does your other half need something to block out your incessant snoring? Then the Bose Noise Masking Sleep Buds could be just what your nighttimes need. Completely wireless, the buds block out external noise by channelling engineered soothing sounds into the wearer’s ears, and come in three sizes for a comfortable fit. They even work as an alarm clock only they can hear.

Buy Bose Noise Masking Sleep Buds at Amazon

Sphero Mini – £49.99

The gadget you never knew existed is also the gadget you never knew you needed. The Sphero Mini is a small robotic ball (think a headless BB-8), that has numerous driving modes including the ground-breaking Face Drive, which uses the latest facial detection technology to allow you to manoeuvre the Mini by tilting your head, raising your eyebrows and opening your mouth. Connect to the compatible smartphone app to play games and even teach yourself to code and program Javascript.

Buy Sphero Mini from Amazon

iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner – £499.00

Once the dust has settled on Christmas, all the presents have been opened, the last of the turkey has been curried and final drop of port has been quaffed, it’s time to start the clean-up operation. Now everyone knows that buying someone a vacuum cleaner for Christmas is akin to admitting you see them as little more than the home-help, but buying a robot vacuum cleaner is a completely different kettle of fish. And if your significant other isn’t wowed by the sheer robotic-ness of the iRobot Roomba, just let them know they’ll never have to clean up the carpet ever again – powered by a suite of intelligent Sensors, the Roomba robot vacuum makes more than 60 decisions per second to adapt to your home and help thoroughly clean your floors!

Buy the iRobot Roomba from Amazon

If you’re in the market for some top notch tech, you’ll no doubt be aware that the Black Friday weekend is on the horizon – a great time to buy anything from smartphones to smart TVs. For more inspiration, check out our Which to Buy guide to Black Friday.