Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners Reviewed – Why Clean When You Don’t Have To!


The dust on the floor of your home is made up of fibers and organic particles: in short, the preferred food for dust mites and molds. It sounds frightening, but it’s an easy fix! Keeping your floors clean is made easy with a suction robot, better known as a robot vacuum cleaner. You get clean floors and don’t have to put in as much work as with a regular vacuum cleaner!

Most robots have some brushes attached to the bottom of the device, as well as a device to direct dirt and dust into the built-in dust container. Side brushes are also used for cleaning wall edges and furniture edges. But what should you look for when choosing the right vacuum cleaner robot? If you want to buy such a device, you should pay attention to a few important instructions. Read our list of important things to look for, and check out our list of the best robot vacuum cleaners that you can buy now.


Top 9 Best Selling Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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1. Annew Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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This cute little vacuum comes in black and two shades of white. If you’ve got a home full of pets, this one is for you.

Key Features

  • It features three cleaning modes.
  • It’s thin enough to go under furniture.
  • It has anti-fall technology, so it’ll work on the stairs.

This product has high adaptability for all sorts of furniture and surfaces. So, if you’ve got a home with wood flooring, carpet, ceramic tile, or marble, it’s got you! Though the product is clearly smaller than most carpet cleaners, it still has strong enough modes to clean everything from ash to pet hair with its 800pa suction. Plus, it has a remote control to take away even more work from you.

There are very few cleaning products out there that do all of the work for you. Well, this one does, and it stays within budget! Though it may not be the best option for anyone with a tough carpet, it’s a great choice for those who want a consistently clean floor without having to pay attention to it. So, if you want to push a button, go to work, and come home to clean floors? Get this little robot.

What We Love:

  • A long battery life.
  • Efficient with its battery life.
  • Time (and stress) saving!

What We Don’t Love:

  • Works better on hardwood floors rather than carpet.
  • It’s too small to handle any major messes.



2. Bagotte BG800 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Bagotte Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Wi-Fi Connected, Map, Upgraded...
934 Reviews
Bagotte Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Wi-Fi Connected, Map, Upgraded...
  • NEWER, STRONGER, SMARTER: The all-new BG Robot with upgraded stronger 2200Pa suction power for absolute cleanliness. The intelligent navigation system saves 50% cleaning time and guarantees twice the efficiency compared to a standard robot vacuum.
  • Wi-Fi CONNECTION*: Thanks for the Bagotte App, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to control the BG Robot anytime by your voice commands or smartphone. Monitor the real-time cleaning progress* and battery status via the app.
  • AUTOBOOST TECHNOLOGY: The robotic vacuum will automatically increase the suction power to the MAX level when extra vacuuming strength is required on your carpets. Preset the LOW suction power at night to ensure a stable sleep for your children.
  • HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE: Numerous cleaning modes (Auto / Random / Edge / Spot) and 3 levels of suction power (MAX / Auto / Low) allow you to highly customize the cleaning. Set the routine schedule so you can focus on something more important.

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It’s quiet, it’s self-charging, and it’s almost like it’s not even there! This product is the ultimate robot vacuum for the person who doesn’t want to have to think twice about clean floors.

Key Features

  • Syncs with Alexa and Google Assistant products.
  • It can be found easily when lost or stuck.

One of the easiest parts of this robot vacuum is its functionality with smart apps. You can sync it with Alexa or Google Assistant products. With this, you are able to use voice commands to start and stop cleaning.  This is done through the Bagotte smart app that allows you to schedule a cleaning,  monitor its status, and more.

This product will work for 100 straight minutes of cleaning time. It also uses intelligent navigation to save time! When in use, you’re able to select from 4 cleaning modes. It has features installed that keeps it from cleaning the same spots twice. Once it’s about to run out of charging time, it will automatically return to its base.

What We Love

  • It doesn’t make much noise.
  • The app makes it easy to check on the process when you aren’t home.

What We Don’t Love

  • The wireless functionality can be difficult to set up.



3. Deenkee Robot Vacuum Cleaner

No products found.

If you want a sleek, stylish looking vacuum cleaner without paying a high price tag, this is a great product for you and your home.

Key Features

  • It’s designed to produce minimal noise.
  • It has an increased dustbin capacity.

This product will run through your home for up to 100 minutes. Since it’s made to be as quiet as a microwave, you won’t have to worry about running it while you’re sleeping. It uses an increased suction of 1500Pa, so it can pick up everything from dust to cat litter.

The Deenkee vacuum cleaner uses a 3-point cleaning system. This ensures that it will not miss any areas, and will even get into corners. It uses 6 modes of cleaning, including max power vacuum mode and a timed cleaning mode. So, whatever your home needs, this product is ready to suit it.

What We Love

  • It’s self-charging.
  • It’s small enough to get under furniture.

What We Don’t Love

  • It works much better on hardwood floors than it does on the carpet.

No products found.


4. Neato Robotics D450 Premium Pet Edition Cleaner Pack

Neato Robotics D450, Cleaner Pack, Corner Cleaning Robot Vacuum...
1,181 Reviews
Neato Robotics D450, Cleaner Pack, Corner Cleaning Robot Vacuum...
  • This Exclusive Package additionally includes: 2 x Ultra Performance Filters (colour: black), 1 x Spiral Comb.o Brush, 1 x Cleaning Tool.
  • Even better cleaning performance: The robotic vacuum cleaner removes dust, allergens and dog hair even more efficiently - different from round machines, the D-Shape can clean corners more thoroughly.
  • Improved laser Navigation, and even more thorough cleaning than other automatic vacuum cleaners -schedule your Neato on one or several levels with the new multi-floor feature - a new level of clean.
  • A longer run time paired with the combination brush and the powerful standard filter, guarantee thorough cleaning on all floor types - Neato helps to keep allergies in check.

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This product might look pricey at first. Though, it’s made to be paired with an Alexa device, and comes with a variety of add-ons making it the ultimate purchase for those with pets who are still after a clean home!

Key Features

  • It comes with additional features including a pet brush, filters, and cleaning tool.
  • It’s designed for those with pets in their home.

Animals are messy, and hair can get everywhere. This product is built with the pet owner in mind. It uses a D-Shape design to allow for ultimate corner cleaners. You can also set up No-Go lines so that the robot won’t get into areas where there is pet food or other spaces.

The Neato app allows you to control your robot from anywhere. The product itself allows for 75 minutes of battery life. It also allows for quick charging if you only want to let it run for a few minutes. As the battery gets low, it’ll return to its power station.

What We Love

  • It’s ideal for pets.
  • It’s great at getting into corners.

What We Don’t Love

  • It’s not the most budget-friendly option.



5. Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Lefant LS1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner mapping 3200Pa, LDS Navigation...
1,248 Reviews
Lefant LS1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner mapping 3200Pa, LDS Navigation...
  • 【Four Cleaning Modes】 Most of the cleaning modes of the robotic vacuum cleaner on the market are random walking. Compared with them, the Lefant cleaner robot has four cleaning modes: automatic, planning, fixed point, edge, and the planning the cleanup trilogy can carefully clean every corner of your home, cleaning will be so easy!

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This budget-friendly option comes with all of the important features of a robot vacuum without cleaning out your wallet.

Key Features

  • Designed to avoid getting stuck.
  • It uses a one-button design to start cleaning.

The Lefant robot uses a FreeMove technology that makes the product avoid getting trapped. It detects a collision in advance and will avoid smaller heights, chair legs, and tricky furniture. It’s slim enough to fit under common areas like couches, though.

This product has an incredible battery life and will work for up to 2 hours in a single charge. It’s designed to make minimal noise, so you can run it at any time during the day.

What We Love

  • It’s easy to use.
  • The battery life is very long.

What We Don’t Love

  • It’s not great at detecting stairs.





The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners Guide 2024!

Technology and functionality

Vacuum cleaning robots seem like a futuristic addition to the home. Though, there have been vacuum cleaner robots since the late 1990s. The robots are no longer just a gimmick but have advanced technologically so far that they can take over the vacuuming almost completely in a household. Of course, there are limits, but they are helpful in any case.

The operation of vacuum cleaner robots is relatively simple. Most of the devices are equipped with some brushes or rollers on their underside. The vacuum cleaner robots also have no conventional dust bag, the dirt is sucked in these devices directly into a built-in box. Higher-priced models have built-in sensors on the underside, with the help of which the devices can orient themselves. In this way, they recognize obstacles that can be avoided and also the different soil materials. In addition, most devices “remember” where their energy station can be found: After the room has been completely vacuumed, they return to their charging stations and recharge themselves.

Vacuum cleaner robots can be found in every room without difficulty and are very easy to operate. The robot captures the room with built-in sensors, collecting all the necessary information about the size of the room, possible obstacles, and dirty spots. It is rare that the robot gets stuck somewhere. He is extremely agile and often frees itself easily problem. If the device but firmly, so it emits an audible signal and turns off. In any case, you should remove clothing, loose cables and anything that would also catch conventional vacuum cleaners from the floor.

Important features

  • HEPA filter: The use of so-called HEPA filters (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) prevents the emission of 99.9% of all dust particles. For the use of vacuum robots the filter systems are designed much simpler. As the cleaning effect of vacuum cleaner robots is enhanced by their roller brushes, the vacuum cleaner only serves to transport the dust that has been stirred up into the filter box and hold it there.
  • Light / ultrasonic barriers: Some vacuum cleaner robots have a so-called “virtual wall” equipped with extremely sensitive sensors. This allows you to separate selected areas in the rooms with the aid of light barriers and to determine where to vacuum. Some models also work with a kind of magnetic limit strip, which achieves the same effect. The simpler devices are equipped with a built-in collision sensor, the device changes the direction when it encounters obstacles. Most modern models also use ultrasound or infrared light.
  • Battery and recharge time: With the help of rechargeable batteries, the devices have an operating time of about 90 minutes. In most cases, this is not enough to suck a whole apartment on the first pass, but after charging, the work continues. If the robot needs to recharge, it can take up to three hours to get it up and running again. But you do not have to empty the battery completely, but you can simply recharge the vacuum cleaner robot after every cleaning process.
  • Sensors: Vacuum cleaner robots have a large number of sensors that protect them from collisions and crashes and also detect heavily contaminated areas. These are cleaned until the sensors classify everything as clean. The more sensors the small cleaning robot has, the better.
  • Cleaning programming: Many vacuum robots can be programmed for regular operations. A timer function can be set on the display or the supplied remote control on most models. On selected days, the robot autonomously starts cleaning at certain times. Up to one week in advance can be adjusted so the suction.

The problems of suction robots

  • Edges and Corners: Edges and corners make most vacuum robots unsolvable problems. Due to the mostly oval or round shape, the models can not reach many bottlenecks, despite the many small brushes.
  • Cables on the floor: Even cables lying around are a problem for the small vacuum robots. In many cases, the model gets tangled or cables are pulled across the apartment.
  • The expensive price: Even if there are already cheap robotic vacuum cleaners on the market, the majority of the equipment costs well over £200. Even with the follow-up costs, a new battery will eventually be needed.
  • The volume: Most vacuum robots can be very loud despite the compact size. Some devices reach volumes well over 70 dB. This corresponds to the value of a switched-on lawnmower.
  • Carpet and door sills: From the carpet vacuum cleaner robots take only the surface dirt on. For thorough cleaning, they simply lack suction power compared to the commercial vacuum cleaner or cordless hand vacuum cleaner.


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