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Helping toddlers learn how to crawl, walk, and other fun activities need to be conducted in a safe, secured, and convenient environment. After all, there’s nothing more important than child safety! With a safe environment, you can guarantee their security and keep an eye on their progress even while doing your chores. One of the ways to do this is to make use of a baby playpen. 


The Best Selling Baby Playpens on the Market in 2024

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The best baby playpens are enclosed play areas where your child has enough room to roam about and stay near toys and playthings. Not only are they kept in a safe space, but they’re given enough room to play and keep their favourite toys nearby. Not only is this great for your child, but it also lets you take a break from heavily monitoring your child. You can trust in the safety of their playpen and not have to worry about having your eyes on them at all times. Sounds great, right? Here is what the best playpens on the market have to offer.

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1. Venture All Stars Duo Baby Playpen

Venture All Stars Duo Lite Baby Playpen - Multi-Award Winning...
6,291 Reviews
Venture All Stars Duo Lite Baby Playpen - Multi-Award Winning...
  • Award-Winning: Trusted for top-notch safety and thoughtful design.
  • Roomy: Measures 114x114x63cm, giving your child ample space.
  • Easy Setup: Click-to-assemble panels, no tools needed.
  • Visually Engaging: Star and moon designs captivate your child.

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The Venture All Stars Duo Baby Playpen is a next-generation safety measure for keeping your baby safe. Whether active or inactive, it is important to ensure that your baby is kept within a comfortable, yet secure place. To ensure comfort, one of the most important aspects of a playpen, the Venture All Stars Duo baby playpen is large and spans about 24.9 square feet. So, you can place it indoors or outdoors and know that your child has enough room to roam about!

This baby playpen comes with accessories that are designed to aid gameplay and ensure learning while having fun. Some of the features include:

  • 6 x large HDPE panels, 
  • 1 x Activity Panel, 
  • 1 x Lockable door, 
  • 4 x Protective floor pads, 
  • 1 x plastic Balls (Bag), 
  • 9 x Eva padded baby play mat. 

With enough essentials and adequate room to roam about, your baby gets to enjoy unlimited fun with this playpen. But, we all know that what most parents are concerned with is safety. This playpen is constructed with lightweight material and plastic panels, so chances of injury during play are low. The lightweight materials also allow for easy transportation of the playpen, so you can easily move it to different rooms in your home. The playpen is also free of materials including PVC, phthalates, lead, BPA, and latex, should your baby have any allergies or sensitivities.

What we like:

  • The panels are reliable and safe for use
  • The baby playpen has plenty of room for toys or more than one child at a time

What we don’t like:

  • The floor is slightly scratchy




2. All-Stars Joy Baby Playpen

Venture All Stars Joy Baby Playpen - Pop Up Compact Play Pen -...
2,052 Reviews
Venture All Stars Joy Baby Playpen - Pop Up Compact Play Pen -...
  • Strong And Safe: Thanks to it's durable steel frame and soft fabric mesh sides, the All Stars JOY Playpen provides a secure and comfortable play space for your child.
  • Foldable Playpen: Up and down in seconds this folding playpen for babies and toddlers is the ideal solution for parents on the go. Its portable and compact design ensures it takes up minimal room in your home.
  • Easy Access Zipping Door: The zipping door on one of the panels allows for easy access to the playpen and can give your child the option to move freely. It's all about flexibility.
  • Stylish Grey: The elegant grey colourway complements most home decors, ensuring that it seamlessly fits into your living space.

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Although size seems to be an advantage as far as playpens are concerned, some individuals find portable playpens as attractive and convenient as they find the large ones. For example, the All-Stars Joy Baby Playpen, although not as large as the Venture All Stars Duo baby playpen, it is portable and lightweight for convenient carrying and transporting. As a result, the All-Stars Joy Baby Playpen is suitable for use whether at the beach, park, or travel down the countryside. 

To stress on safety, the pen features a patented folding mechanism that automatically eliminates steel cross-sections. This way, you can keep your baby in the pen and rest assured that unlike the older versions, the steel cross-sections will not cause injuries. The nylon canvas is also padded with weather-resistant materials to ensure that the floor mat is weather-resistant and easy to clean. 

Because we all know that babies can be messy, all that you need to do to clean the playpen is wipe it down with a damp cloth. The side is also fitted with ventilating meshes to permit visibility, and it comes with a zip-opening panel for easy access and exit. 

Finally, the playpen features a double lock system, reinforced stitching, and steel frames, so you have a sturdy set-up. Setup doesn’t take long, and the metal frames often come fully assembled. After assembling, the entire playpen measures 136 x 136 x 75cm and is backed with 90-days manufacturer warranty. 

What we like

  • The material build-up permits easy accessibility, visibility, and breathability.
  • Purchase is backed with a 90-manufacturer warranty

What we don’t like

  • It stands tall which can cause for back pain when bending over the pen




3. Summer Infant Pop ‘N Play Playpen

Summer Infant Pop 'N Play Portable Playpen | Portable Play Area,...
1,092 Reviews
Summer Infant Pop 'N Play Portable Playpen | Portable Play Area,...
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Create a safe space for your kids whether its at home or in the great outdoors with our Pop 'N Play Portable Playard! It's the perfect essential for indoors, a day at the park, or a weekend at the beach for playful toddlers.
  • ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT: It's a freestanding playpen with a lightweight construction at 12 lbs (5.4kg). The folding metal frame comes fully assembled and you can simply unfold it in seconds when not in use.
  • WIDE VISIBILITY: The sides feature an airy mesh design that provides visibility, making it easier for parents to ensure their kids' safety.
  • WEATHER-RESISTANT: The playpen's bottom has a water-resistant floor that helps keep toddlers dry even when it's placed on the damp grass, protecting your little's one playtime and skin as well.

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One of the strongest messages that the Summer Infant Pop ‘N Play playpen communicates is that you can create a portable and safe play area for your baby. Regardless of when and where you want to make use of the pen, because of its lightweight design and portable features, carrying it becomes easy and convenient. 

Fitted with folding metal frames, the Summer Infant Pop ‘N Play playpen comes fully assembled. However, you can unfold it quickly for storage and transport. Aside from carrying about, the compact and ultra-lightweight features make it perfect for home use. To protect your baby from water, the playpen features water-resistant materials to ensure dryness even in wet or damp areas. 

Also, air meshes provide visibility and unrestricted flow of air across the playpen. To further stress on the portability, the Summer Infant Pop ‘N Play Playpen comes with a fold and travel bag with a strap for easy movement and carrying. It also comes with free standings and both the interior and exterior features water-resistant canvas. 

After assembling the pen stands at 106 cm and the frames create a 14 sq. play area. After unfolding, you can pull the straps underneath the feet to hide them from plain sight. The pen is recommended for 6 months old babies. 

What we like

  • It comes with a carrying case for convenience
  • Easy to use with an instructional manual

What we don’t like

  • The straps don’t have adequate slack, and consequently, you have to tug hard to keep them in place.




4. iSafe Rest and Play Luxury Travel Playpen

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The iSafe Rest and Play Luxury Travel playpen or travel cot is nothing short of the definition of convenience. Designed exclusively for comfort and getaways, the playpen comes with necessary features and accessories to ensure that your baby is safe. 

This pen features four sides meshes which provides adequate ventilation and also provide you with a cinematic view of whatever your baby is doing. As a result, you can monitor their activities and rest assured that you have everything under surveillance. The iSafe Rest and Play Luxury Travel playpen also come with a carrying bag for easy transportation. 

To enable flexibility even when carrying, the carrying bag comes with a carrying handle or shoulder handle strap. This way, you can alternate your choice of carrying for convenience. To ensure protection and security, the pad features a multi-lock mechanism to prevent unauthorized entry, padded frames, padded mattress base, and a carrying handle.

Another excellent feature of the iSafe Rest and Play Luxury Travel playpen is its compact design. A feature that many users look for in their playpen. Although large, the pen can be easily assembled and dismantled for convenient carrying and storage. It is recommended for babies right from birth and provides a cozy sleep space. So, if all of that playing tires them out, you can let them rest until they’re ready to go again.

What we like

  • The mattress features a hypoallergenic ultra-flow removable cover.
  • It features a compact design that enables easy assembling, storage, and transporting.

What we don’t like

  • There are limited instructions on how to set up.




5. Dreambaby Royale Converta 3 in 1 Playpen

Dreambaby Royale Converta 3 in 1 Playpen, Fireguard and Room...
1,064 Reviews
Dreambaby Royale Converta 3 in 1 Playpen, Fireguard and Room...
  • DETAILS: 6 configurable panels, measuring a total of 3.8m wide and standing 74cm tall. Additional extension panels (F1950 -sold separately) can be quickly and easily added. Wall brackets included. Complies with the latest EU Safety Standard 12227.
  • VERSATILE: Can be installed as a freestanding Playpen, a hardware-mounted Fireplace Barrier or an extra-wide Barrier Gate for small children or pets. You can keep everyone safer, right where you want them.
  • STAY-OPEN DOOR: One of the six panels of this gate is equipped with a Smart Stay-Open Door. This allows you to move freely while your child is down for a nap. Ideal for when you need quick access for 'toy clean up' time.
  • RELIABLE SECURITY: Constructed of durable, sturdy metal so you can rely on it to keep your home, family and pets safer.

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So far we have seen large playpens, portable playpens, and easy to transport pens. What we are yet to see is a playpen with enough versatility. So much versatility that it serves as a playpen, a room divider, and a fireguard! The Dreambaby Royale Converta 3 in 1 playpen comes with 6 configurable panels, each measuring about 3.8m wide and 74 cm high. Regardless of how complicated it looks, the playpen complies to the latest EU safety standards. As a plus, it features wall brackets and the extension panels can be bought separately and added to the structure.

To install the Dreambaby Royale Converta 3 in 1 Playpen, you can either decide to install it as a freestanding playpen, an extra-wide barrier gate, or as a hardware-mounted fireguard. This means that you can keep your babies safe in the condition where you want them to be all day long. Out of the six panels that make up the playpen, one of the panels serve as a stay-open door that provides unrestricted access while your baby is sleeping. Whether the intention is to clean the pen or supply more play toys, the door allows you to move freely without disturbing the occupant of the pen.

Besides all of these, the pen features a durable construction that is made out of sturdy metal to keep your child safe and protected. To aid transport and movement, you can easily fold up the pen and stash it away in the storage or at the back of a car.

What we like

  • The pen is versatile enough to serve as a freestanding playpen, an extra-wide barrier gate, or as a hardware-mounted fireguard.
  • Strong construction provides reliable security.

What we don’t like

  • The pen cannot be used on laminated or wooden floors.
  • Improper folding can damage the pen.




6. Callowesse Pop Up and Play Secure Easy Fold Playpen

Callowesse Breathable Mesh Pop Up Playpen for Babies and Pets,...
82 Reviews
Callowesse Breathable Mesh Pop Up Playpen for Babies and Pets,...
  • Wide Visibility: Our hexagon playpen is made of lightweight steel pipe and uses a high-quality mesh. The mesh is not only breathable, but also offers enhanced vision thanks to its panels, allowing you to keep an eye on baby for your peace of mind
  • Ultra Lightweight: Weighing only 6.2kg, this playpen comes fully assembled and can be put away as quickly as you can put it up, stowing away in the included carry bag for easy transportation, and the free-standing design makes it suitable for anywhere!
  • Weather Resistant: The playpen's bottom features a durable water-resistant floor, keeping your toddlers dry even when it's placed on the damp surfaces such as grass, protecting your little's one playtime and skin
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use: This playpen creates a safe, fun space for your child, either at home or on the road thanks to its simple pop-up design and lightweight chassis – You could even take it along with you to the beach!

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Compact design playpens ensure that your home is not cluttered and eliminates the stress attached to properly storing your playpen. Likewise, the Callowesse Pop-Up and Play Secure Easy Fold playpen provide much-needed compactness to keep your child secured. It also comes with security features for adequate protection. For example, the joints are padded and feature extra locking system to restrict movement. These locking mechanisms provide a safe and secure play area.

To aid assembling and dismantling, the Callowesse Pop-Up and Play Secure Easy Fold playpen comes with an easy-parent technology that allows you to dismantle the pen with ease and convenience. The freestanding features of the pen permit both indoor and outdoor use. Also, it comes with side meshes to guarantee breathability and visibility. 

After assembling, the pen measures 144cm high and 72 cm high and weighs 6.3 kg.. With 6-panels, the playpen conforms to current safety standards. Let your child play in this pop-up playpen and after playing, you can pack it up and continue whatever is next on your list.

Since the pen is lightweight and compact, you can carry it about to wherever you wish to go. For easy assembling, you can follow the image guide in the instruction manual.

What we like

  • Easy-parent technology enables swift assembling by following the image guide that comes as part of the instructional manual.
  • The pen is high enough to ensure that babies don’t climb out and foldable to save much-needed space

What we don’t like

  • Metal poles are not always adequately covered 





How To Choose The Best Baby Playpen? Our Buyers Guide

Although we all want the best for our child when it comes to fun and convenience, you are not ready to throw away safety for fun. Therefore, when you look to purchase the playpen for babies, we are looking for a package that combines security, versatility, flexibility, convenience, and sufficient play area. 

However, most times baby playpens fall short of your expectations and you often end up with a product that offers little of the features listed above. Not necessarily because you didn’t buy well, it is often caused by misinformation. 

The best way to avoid the headaches of a bad purchase is to know exactly what to buy, the features to look out for, and the ones to avoid entirely. 

Some of the features to look out for or avoid include:

    1. The size of the baby playpen: the idea behind a playpen is that it should be able to serve as a substitute for roaming around on hard or wet floors. By implication, it should offer a sufficient play area to keep your child engaged. When the playpen is too small, it can be restrictive and your baby will quickly outgrow it. To take care of this, the best line of action is to purchase a considerable-sized playpen from the onset. Let’s quickly explain two conflicting views about the size of playpen:
      • Lightweight: the weight of a playpen is not directly related to the size. Just because a pen is large doesn’t mean that it will be heavy. Lightweight pens permit easy handling and transport as opposed to the general notion that large pens will be heavy. Therefore, as much as you can, always purchase lightweight pens.
      • Portability: Now while this doesn’t mean lightweight, it means that the pen can be easily transported from one place to another. For example, some pens come with features that permit easy carrying while some don’t. For every purchase, you should strive to purchase a pen that combines portable and lightweight features into one. 
    2. Security and protection: keeping your child safe within the pen should be of utmost priority and this should define what type of pen to purchase. Let us consider security and protection under the following titles. 
      • Material: The material used in making playpens are almost the same in all pens, however, some can be quite different. For example, pens made from natural and non-toxic materials are better than those made from toxic material. Not only are toxic materials bad for health, but they are also not certified as safe for use. Therefore, make sure the pen you want to purchase is made from safe materials and certified as safe for use.
      • Also, features like panels, and steel construction although they strengthen the playpen, can cause serious injuries if they are not adequately covered. Consequently, the metal and steel around the interior play area should be covered with pads to reduce the chances of accidents.
      • Lock system: locks are designed to restrict access and also prevent unauthorized access from gaining entry into the pen. Most pens feature multiple-lock mechanisms that ensure that unwanted people are kept out of the pen and ensure the safety of your child.
  1. Storage: We understand that we need all the space we can get in the home, therefore, your baby’s playpen should not take up too much space. To enhance storage, some pens come with foldable features that allow you to store them away after use or carry them about to any location. 
  2. Convenience: features like a carrying handle makes it possible to transport playpens from one place to another. For example, some carrying features include a hand carrying handle, shoulder strap, and carrying bag. As a result, you can alternate between different carrying style. Most of the carrying features are peculiar to foldable pens, therefore, if a playpen is not foldable, you might as well forget the possibilities of slinging it over your shoulder.
  3. Padding and mattress: although all playpens come with paddings, not all of them come with a mattress. As a result, playpens with padding plus mattress provide better comfort than those without. 
  4. Height and width: your playpen should be high enough to ensure that your baby cannot climb out. However, it should not be too high to prevent back pains associated with bending over.




What are the Best Playpen Brands?

We are often asked the question of which is the best playpen brands, so after some research we identified the following:

  1. Venture distribution: This is a specialist company whose wide range of products include baby playpens, travel accessories, and all other things for babies and toddlers. You can check out for more information on their baby products.
  2. All-Star: Venture All-Star currently offers some of the most complete playpens in the market. It creates a safe and convenient play area for your child and makes use of highly durable and quality plastics. Visit or for more product information.
  3. Summer Infant: Also known as SUMR brands, the summer infant is a trusted brand that has evolved to meet the various needs and expectations of parents. With easy-change technology, the brands have pioneered many products in baby care. Visit for more information
  4. Rest & Play: Just like the name implies, the brand strongly believes in having sufficient rest and having enough room for play. Visit check out more products. 
  5. Dream Baby: Dream baby is an international child safety brand and is available in more than 100 countries. Check out more information.
  6. Callowesse: available all over the World, the Callowesse brand is a UK company that specializes in nursery products like toys. Check more information. 


Playpen Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. Is playpen flooring easy to maintain from stains?
    Yes, it is easy to maintain the playpen flooring. To clean, make use of a wet cloth and wipe off the stain.
  2. Can the panel collapse from too much baby weight?
    This is a highly unlikely event since most playpens feature sturdy materials built to withstand pressure from a baby.
  3. How long does it take to assemble a playpen?
    It will typically take less than 1 minute to put together a baby playpen.
  4. Do you need to purchase a roof after the initial purchase?
    You will not need to purchase a roof for your playpen unless you plan to keep your playpen outdoors and live in areas with a lot of insects.
  5. Do they all come with a mattress?
    Although some playpen comes with a mattress, some are simply padded. However, you can purchase separately and fit it in.
  6. Can the baby open the pen door from the inside?
    This is only possible if you forget to close the zip tie. The zip tie is located outside the pen so opening from the inside is impossible unless it is not locked.
  7. Is there a weight limit?
    There are no weight limits for playpens as they will be sitting on secure flooring.
  8. How many babies can fit into a single pen?
    It depends on the age of the babies and the size of the pen, but most playpens can comfortably fit at least two infants.
  9. Do they all come with a bag/case?
    No, not all playpens come with carrying case.



Babies tend to be more active and crave for exploration throughout their growth. As a result, it is important to have a playpen that can provide sufficient fun and security even as their demand for it changes. This is why we have compiled some of the playpens that are best for your babies. The selections were made after careful consideration of the present and future needs of your baby.

For each of the products, the most important message is adequate security and protection for your baby. Besides this, other features like space, storage, and convenience all combine to make playpens listed above the best you can purchase for a child. On another note, the prices are different for each of the products listed above, however, because of this difference, there is always a playpen tailored for your budget. 

Finally, playpens are necessary for personal peace while at home. Not only does it keep your child occupied, it allows you to go about your chores with ease rest assured that your baby is safe.