The Best Smoothie Makers To Stay Happy and Healthy


Smoothie makers have quickly become more and more of a trendy product of our society. And why not! They are healthy, taste good and are the perfect refreshment all year long. No matter if it’s juice or green vegetable smoothies that you’re after, they’re always a nice treat. Smoothies are fine and creamy mixed drinks that are made with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Such a smoothie is rich in vitamins and healthy, which is usually supplemented with yogurt, water, fruit juice or milk. For those who like the extra kick, you can also make a smoothie with vanilla or herbs! Basically, smoothies let you get your creative juices flowing – literally!


What are the Best Smoothie Makers 2024?

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If you’re after a great tasting smoothie and don’t want to spend money buying one at the coffee shop every day, it’s a worthy investment for your kitchen. So, here are some of the best smoothie makers that you can buy right now!


1. Breville Blend Active Personal Blender & Smoothie Maker

Breville Blend Active Personal Blender & Smoothie Maker with 2...
62,488 Reviews
Breville Blend Active Personal Blender & Smoothie Maker with 2...
  • Make healthy, delicious smoothies, frozen juices, protein drinks and more; ideal for school, days out, work or the gym
  • Just blend & go: one-touch blending action delivers perfect results in seconds; a quick and easy way to your 5-a-day
  • Powerful 300-watt motor smoothly blends frozen berries and ice with juice and other liquids; blending occurs in the top of the bottle so nothing gathers in the base
  • Detachable, easy-clean dishwasher-safe blades and blending bottles; convenient non-slip feet and cord storage

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If you want to be able to make all sorts of drinks, smoothies included, this is one of the best multi-purpose drink makers available now.

Key Features

  • It makes juices, smoothies, and protein drinks.
  • One-touch blending.

You can blend pretty much anything together to create something tasty. This product uses a powerful 300-watt motor that will smoothly blend anything, whether it’s ice, frozen fruits, vegetables, and other liquids. So, if you want to drink it, this will let you. It’s perfect for protein drinks, smoothies, and pressed juices.

While smoothies taste great, they can also create some pretty big messes. Thankfully, this product has detachable and easy-to-clean blades that are even dishwasher safe. So, you don’t have to worry about the cleanup. This purchase also includes 2 600ml blending bottles and some neat recipe ideas.

What We Love

  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • It’s easy to clean.

What We Don’t Love

  • It doesn’t make more than a hefty serving at once.




2. TEMINICE Professional Countertop Blender

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Some products are unique to smoothie making. Though, a good enough blender will also do the trick.

Key Features

  • It will juice whatever you need.
  • It’s heavy-duty for such a small size.

If you’re after a healthy, strong smoothy, the TEMINICE blender is a dream. You can make everything from healthy smoothies to sugary milkshakes to suit your daily needs. It will blend even the thickest fruits in seconds, and with enough space to give you the perfect portion.

The cup that you blend your drink in is also portable, so you don’t have to worry about pouring your drink into a second cup. It’s heavy-duty and has a leak-proof lid, so you can pop it straight into your purse or throw it into your car and know that it’ll stay intact as you wait to drink.

What We Love

  • It’s easy to use.
  • It makes perfect portions for single use.

What We Don’t Love

  • It can be loud.




3. Homgeek Smoothie Blender

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Just when you thought you’d seen the strongest of the smoothie makers, the Homgeek is here to remind you that you can blend, chop, and mix pretty much anything.

Key Features

  • Incredibly strong blender.
  • Works with wet and dry blending.

If smoothies are what you’re after, the wet blending functionality will be your go-to. This is meant for things like juices, fruits, milk, and orange juice. Though, the dry blender function will also work for coffee beans and spices. So, you can have it all! It uses a 350W high-torque power base to get a smooth blend every time.

With this purchase, you also get quite a bit of extra. The purchase comes with the power base, cross blade, flat blade, a tall blending cup, 2 short blending cups, 2 400ml bottles, 4 covers, and an instruction manual. Not convinced? There’s also a 1-year quality warranty, so you can buy worry-free.

What We Love

  • It’s very small and easily portable, so it won’t take up too much space.
  • It blends smoothly.

What We Don’t Love

  • It can be noisy.
  • Portions can be small.

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4. Homgeek Personal Mini Smoothie Maker

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The Homgeek product above is a great choice for the multi-drinking fan, but this personal smoothie maker is an easier choice for the kitchen connoisseur who is only after the perfect smoothie.

Key Features

  • Works in less than 30 seconds.
  • It’s easy to clean.

This smoothie maker can get up to 18,000 revolutions per minute, so you know it’s quick. The 230W high-power ensures a smooth drink, whether you’re mixing liquid or ice. The entire product is less than 10cm, so it’s incredibly easy to store in your home no matter how little space you have. It is recommended that you let your smoothie rest for a minute before drinking or moving the machine after blending, to ensure its consistency.

This product has a blade that can be disassembled from the main body of the blender. So, you can wash every centimeter of it no matter how many fruit bits you worry might stick.

What We Love

  • It gets a very fine blend.
  • It works quickly.

What We Don’t Love

  • It won’t crush rock ice.

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What are the Best Smoothie Makers on the Market 2024?

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There are some basic smoothie makers out there, and some pretty special ones. These ideally have to-go mix containers, which can be provided with a lid directly after smoothie production and taken along. This eliminates the annoying refilling and cleaning of the large blender and having to pour into your own cups. So, what should you be looking out for when buying a smoothie maker?

1. Important features

A smoothie maker is, as the name of the device suggests, especially for the preparation of fruit or vegetable smoothies. The engine power of the device is therefore somewhat weaker than that of a blender or juicer. But they are usually much cheaper to buy and also handier than a blender.

  • Performance : A conventional smoothie maker usually has a power between 250 and 700 watts. Low power is sufficient if fruit smoothies are to be produced. If so-called “green smoothies” are to be produced, ideally a higher motorized model should be used. Who wants the perfect consistency, should even resort to a high-performance mixer. The average power of such a device is between 1,000 and 2,000 watts.
  • U / minute : Basically: A smoothie maker is all the more powerful, the more revolutions per minute can be achieved. For persistent foods used in green smoothies, for example, more than 20,000 revolutions per minute should be achieved. With fewer turns, consistency is usually a different one.
  • The material of the To-Go jar: Personal preference comes into play here. Some prefer glass, while others may prefer plastic. Plastic is used in a smoothie maker in most cases, due to several advantages. It has less weight, does not break and is also cheaper than glass. Care should be taken, however, that BPA-free material was used.
  • Capacity: Most smoothie makers have a volume of between 0.3 to 0.7 liters. These are practical sizes to use the cups on the go. If more than one person wants to use the Smoothie Maker, care should be taken that several cups be included or optional.
  • Cleaning: The cleaning of smoothie makers is in most cases pretty simple. If you do not want to clean the cups by hand, you should make sure that the containers are dishwasher safe. To keep the knife blade sharp, it should not be in the dishwasher. Many options have removable blades.
  • Shredding ice cubes: If you also want to crush ice cubes during smoothie production, you must pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. Not every device can handle large ice cubes. By contrast, high-performance devices should not have any problems.
  • Four-Blade Knife: The best smoothie makers should definitely be able to shred the fibers so that the valuable ingredients are preserved. The speed is important, as the ingredients do not heat up quickly with shorter mixing time. If the smoothies stay cool, they will not lose any valuable ingredients. Most units have a blade unit with a four-blade knife installed.
  • Pulse function: The Pulse function is used to shred small parts lying on the ground. When the function is turned on, the mixer will alternately turn on and off to re-whirl and crush the small pieces. The feature is useful, but not necessarily a must.
  • Volume: Smoothie makers are rarely quiet. If ice cubes, fruits with peel and fiber-rich vegetables are crushed with up to 700 watts or more power, the noise is inevitable.

2. To buy smoothies or to make your own?

Doing it yourself is always better, since this way you can ensure that you’re using the ingredients that you love the most. This also shows in the smoothie production, because the purchased and ready to drink smoothie contains in most cases additives and preservatives, sugar additives or flavor enhancers. For some vendors, the smoothie contains more sugar than a common soft drinks.

One of the best parts about making your own smoothies is that you get to experiment. You can try every different combination of your fruits and veggies until you find a mix that works for you. You can also experiment with adding in supplements, like proteins.

Tip: buy plenty of fruits and vegetables and portion your smoothies for several days/weeks in advance. Pack the portioned containers into the freezer and you can enjoy freshly made smoothies every day.

3. So smooth are smoothies

Smoothies are undoubtedly very healthy. Ingredients such as artichokes, chicory, radicchio or even arugula are not only delicious, they contain bitter substances that activate the immune system and also have an anti-aging effect. Bitter substances ensure a healthy intestinal flora and active deacidification, and they activate the body’s defenses sustainably and thus strengthen the immune system. In addition, they also protect against hypertension and help with weight loss.

Bitter substances are contained in smoothies with green vegetables and fruits. As a rule of thumb in the preparation: Mix one-half of leafy vegetables with one half of fruit and add some water. But beware: Green smoothies can taste a bit bitter if you take the stalks of cabbage with you. This bitter note can be easily balanced with aromatic, sweet fruits like bananas. In a clean bottle, you can keep smoothies in the fridge for up to 24 hours. If the smoothie contains fruit that turns brown, such as banana or apple, you should definitely add 1-2 teaspoons of lemon or lime juice.

4. What exactly does “BPA-free” mean, and why does it matter?

Evidence for a BPA-free blender container is appropriate for almost every model. The focus is on the chemical bisphenol A (BPA for short). This has a weak estrogenic effect. By means of BPA different starting materials are connected.

It is also included in food packaging material. The estrogenic effect of BPA is questionable because it can be released and the chemical enters our food. It has thus been proven that Bisphenol A can have an effect on the hormone balance of living beings and direct contact should be avoided.

5. Recipes: 10 delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies to make your own

If more things were as tasty and healthy as smoothies – we would all be slim and healthy. But one thing is often underestimated even with the fruity drinks – how easy it is to make one yourself! We reveal ten simple favorite recipes, as fast as delicious.

Make smoothies anytime: Are not all ingredients available? No problem! Smoothies can be wonderfully self-composing, and recipes can always vary. In each case you should have fruit juices, delicious fruit syrups, ice cubes and maybe frozen fruit. So you can always create new recipes with a little improvisation and a few fresh ingredients!

Apple and pear smoothie

  1. A pear,
  2. an Apple,
  3. a little banana,
  4. half a glass of water, velvet
  5. a handful of raisins soaked in it

Melon smoothie

  1. A sweet melon (honey, charentais, or similar),
  2. a lemon,
  3. a tablespoon of honey,
  4. A big shot of syrup (eg raspberry),
  5. half a glass of cold water or the same amount of ice cubes

Peach Raspberry

  1. Half a kilo of peaches,
  2. a bowl of raspberries,
  3. a big shot of syrup (or honey),
  4. a big mug of yogurt,
  5. half a glass of milk


Carrot smoothie

  1. 250 grams of carrots,
  2. four little oranges,
  3. a little lemon,
  4. a tablespoon of maple syrup or honey,
  5. a pinch of pepper,
  6. a pinch of salt
  7. Courageous drinkers garnish with some fresh coriander

Mango Banana Smoothie

  1. A ripe mango,
  2. a banana,
  3. a glass of apple or orange juice,
  4. a tablespoon of honey and
  5. a big mug of yogurt


Green smoothie with corn salad

  1. Half a pack (two handfuls) of corn salad,
  2. a pear,
  3. a banana,
  4. a mango,
  5. Water as needed for consistency
  6. Courageous drinkers are having a good time
  7. a pinch of turmeric and
  8. a pinch of ginger

Green smoothie with spinach leaves

  1. A mango,
  2. a banana,
  3. a handful of leaf spinach,
  4. a splash of oil (preferably coconut),
  5. a glass applejuice


Kiba different

  1. A banana,
  2. a kiwi,
  3. A glass of orange juice,
  4. a shot of honey

Papaya Vs. cucumber

  1. A small papaya (very ripe),
  2. half a cucumber,
  3. one to two oranges,
  4. half a glass of cold water or the same amount of ice cubes


Cranberry and apple

  1. two apples,
  2. a few tablespoons of cranberries (if necessary, other fresh berries),
  3. half a cup of yogurt
  4. half a glass of whey or milk

The right preparation

This one is always the same. Solid ingredients are roughly cut into pieces and mashed first, then liquids like juice, oil and water are added, then all mashed together until the ideal consistency is achieved. Something for the eye get the smoothies, if you do not serve it in the cup, but in the glass, and then carefully stir in certain ingredients. Syrups (eg raspberry) are great not only as an ingredient, but also as an eye-catcher. For decoration, some coarse pieces of fruit from the recipe can not be mashed, but placed loosely on the liquid, stuck to the edge of the glass or skewered on a straw. Straws should generally be slightly larger so that the thick liquid can be sucked in well.