What Does an Ionic Hair Dryer Do? Our Guide to This Amazing Styling Tool


There have been countless advances in technology used to create heated styling tools, which leads to a huge increase in the amount of different heated styling tools to choose between. There are tons of hair dryer options, tons of curling iron options, tons of hair straightener options, and tons of heated roller options. All of these various items to choose from can be stressful for some people, and many people may not know the difference between each option. This is why it is important to know the answer to the question of what does an ionic hair dryer do.

Even though there are probably too many options of each type of heated styling tool on the market, it is important to know the differences between each one. Investing in the proper tools for your hair will provide you with incredible results and beautifully styled hair in the comfort of your own home. With an ionic hair dryer, you can get a gorgeous blowout with minimal frizz and heat damage when you are done. Although ionic hair dryers may be more expensive than other types of hair dryers, they are truly worth the extra cost. Here are some reasons why.


What Even Is an Ion

When it comes down to understanding what does an ionic hair dryer do, it is important to first understand what it is actually composed of. An ion is an atom or molecule that has gained or lost one or more of its valence electrons, giving it a net positive or negative electrical charge. This is where the saying “opposites attract” truly comes from. For example, ionic hair dryers help to minimize frizz on your hair because the ions in the hair dryer supply an opposite charge. Ionic hair dryers provide that opposite charge by sealing the cuticles in your hair, which leads to less frizz that will occur on your hair throughout the day.

Everyone’s hair has positive and negative charged places on it, which is why certain heated styling tools and styling products work better on hair than others do. When your hair is wet, the water on your hair is a positive charge, and the charges released from ionic hair dryers are negative. This allows ionic hair dryers to dry your hair quicker than other hair dryers, and why they create less frizz on your hair as well because of the balanced charges.


What Does an Ionic Hair Dryer Do

Now that you know what an ion is, it is time to answer the question of what does an ionic hair dryer do. As stated above, ionic hair dryers produce tons of negatively charged ions that are released on to your hair when you blow-dry it. These negative ions break down the positively charged ions within the water on your wet hair. This allows your hair to essentially moisturize and hydrate itself from the inside out. Since negative ions don’t open up the hair shafts or the cuticles in your hair, your hair will look more shiny and sleek once you are done using your ionic hair dryer.

When the negative ions releasing from the ionic hair dryer interact with the positive ions in the water in your hair, the water molecules are broken down into smaller pieces, which causes them to evaporate quicker while still locking in essential moisture in your hair. This happens because within an ionic hair dryer, a circular netting of metal is heated up, and as it is warming up, the negatively charged ions are generated. Most other hair dryer types on the market have positively charged ions, which will just add more to your already positively charged wet hair. This means that your hair will take longer to dry, there will be less moisture in your hair, and more frizz may occur on your hair throughout the day.



The Many Benefits of Using an Ionic Hair Dryer

There are countless different benefits and advantages of using an ionic hair dryer instead of other types of hair dryers. The time it takes you to blow dry your hair will pretty much be cut in half  using an ionic hair dryer, because the water molecules in your hair are broken down from the negatively charged ions blowing out of your ionic blow dryer, which are then distributed evenly across your hair. Since your drying time is lessened drastically, your hair will also experience less heat damage from an ionic hair dryer. This type of hair dryer is very gentle on your hair, and uses less heat to dry it, as it uses a much lower temperature to dry your hair.

Since your ionic hair dryer seals the cuticles within your strands, your hair will appear shinier and smoother after you blow dry it. There will be less frizz on your hair as well, and additional frizz added to your hair throughout the day will be less likely to occur. Ionic hair dryers also reduce your hair’s surface tension, which means that your strands will not form knots and tangles as easily. This also allows you to minimize flyaways on your hair, and to neutralize any static that has formed on top of your hair.

When it comes to the hair dryer itself, there are many benefits and advantages of using an ionic hair dryer over conventional types of hair dryers. Ionic hair dryers are very light weight, making them easy to maneuver around your head while you are drying your hair. Your arms and hands will feel way less tired after using an ionic hair dryer over other types.

Ionic hair dryers also have a longer lifespan and are more durable than other hair dryers, which makes the price even more worth it. You will not have to constantly replace your hair dryer because it is worn down from too much use. Rather, the investment of your ionic hair dryer will last you for a long time.


When choosing the perfect heated styling tools for you, it is crucial to know the difference between certain types of tools. While there are many different options of hair dryers to look at, it is important for you to know the answer to the question of what does an ionic hair dryer do. There are many benefits and advantages of ionic hair dryers, that make the more expensive price worth it. Purchasing an ionic hair dryer is truly an investment that will last you a long period of time.

Get smoother, shinier, frizz-free hair in half of the time it takes to dry your hair with a conventional hair dryer, all while simply using your ionic hair dryer. Ionic hair dryers are more durable and much more comfortable to use, which leads to a more enjoyable styling experience as well as you are drying your hair quickly. With all of the benefits of using an ionic hair dryer, there is no doubt about the fact that they are the most ideal type of hair dryer on the market in today’s society.