8ft Trampoline vs 10ft Trampoline – Which One Should You Buy?


The day has finally come and you decided to surprise your kids with a trampoline? Lucky them! But, before the big bouncy device comes to your home, you need to decide which one is the perfect choice for your children and your garden. And, this can be a bit tricky… What is the difference between the 8ft trampoline vs 10ft trampoline? Which shape should you go for? Will your kids outgrow the trampoline fast?

There are so many questions that can pop into your head when choosing a trampoline, and we have prepared an answer for every one of them! Basically, you need to make sure that you get a trampoline that will fit in your yard and that will be free from any nearby objects or obstacles that could cause injury to any child using the trampoline. Also, you need to make sure that the trampoline is age suitable for your kids.

Are you ready to find the perfect trampoline for your kids? Keep reading!


How to Choose the Perfectly-Sized Trampoline

Pick the Right Shape

The shape of the trampoline isn’t only a matter of appearance. There are subtle differences between the four shapes – round, oval, rectangular, and octagonal – that might affect your choice.

Round trampolines are the most common shape and they offer an excellent jumping experience. They are also the safest choice because, due to the shape, jumpers are naturally drawn to the center of the trampoline.

Then there are oval trampolines that are perfect for two people jumping simultaneously. These trampolines provide an increased jumping area, which doesn’t draw jumpers towards the center. An oval trampoline is a great shape to incorporate into an average garden.

Rectangular trampolines offer a high-performance jumping experience and a bounce that is typically more controlled and accurate. They are a perfect choice for professional gymnasts since they can help a jumper achieve greater height. These trampolines are suitable for people with advanced jumping techniques.

Last but not least, the octagonal shape provides an even distribution of pressure due to the eight straight sides. This ensures that jumpers are less likely to be thrown off balance.


The Most Popular Trampoline Size

People most usually go for the 8ft trampoline with enclosure. This is currently the most sought after size because it is suitable for children who are as young as four years old. Also, such trampolines can support around 75 kg (170 lbs) to 100 kg (220 lbs). So, this size is suitable for children from four to 12 years old, or perhaps even older.

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8ft Trampoline vs 10ft Trampoline

Even though the 8ft trampoline is the most popular size, many people go for 10ft trampolines as well. Now, let’s see what the differences between these two sizes are!

8ft trampoline vs 10ft trampoline


In terms of dimensions, an average 8ft trampoline has a diameter of 243 cm (2.43 m), a jumping area of 201 cm (2.01 m), and the average height is 233 cm (2.33 m). These trampolines can hold up to 100 kg, depending on the manufacturer. Also, 8ft trampolines come with thick padding that provides the much-needed protection for tumble and falls.

A 10ft trampoline, on the other hand, has a diameter of 305 cm (3.05 m), a jumping area of 260 cm (2.6 m), and the average height is 256 cm (2.56 m). Due to their larger size, 10ft trampolines can hold up to 120 kg (265 lbs), and they also feature thick, protective padding.

It is advisable to allow only one child to use a trampoline at a time. But, if you want the trampoline to be used by more children, then the larger the trampoline, the better.

Now that we’ve covered these technical details let’s move on to other, less specific instructions.



If you have children who are from four to ten years old, then an 8 ft trampoline is an excellent choice for you. But you have to be careful. Even though these trampolines can be used by, for example, nine-year-old children, it would be a mistake to buy it for them. Why? Well, mostly because they are going to outgrow it in a year or two. And, why would you change a trampoline when it can last at least five years (with proper maintenance)?!

A 10ft trampoline can be used by children who are up to 16 years old. Increased space means more movement and also increased weight capacity. These trampolines also have a higher spring count, making it suitable for older children as well.

So, let’s say you have three children; six-year-old Archie, nine-year-old Bella, and twelve-year-old Chris. In this case, buying an 8ft trampoline would be a mistake since Bella and Chris are on the cusp of becoming too big to use it. A 10ft trampoline, on the other hand, would be suitable for all three children, and all of them would be able to use it for the next five years.




Space can be one of the limiting factors that influence your decision on choosing between and 8ft vs 10ft trampoline. To make sure that the trampoline is placed safely in your yard, you should provide enough free space and remove any surrounding objects or natural obstacles such as trees, rocks, or fences.

Ideally, a trampoline should be placed on a soft grass surface, not concrete or gravel. Also, make sure that there is enough space for children to enter and exit the trampoline safely.

The minimum space needed for an 8ft trampoline would be the size of a 10ft trampoline – 3m minimum and at least 3m clearance from the ground above. This will protect your children from tree branches or washing lines.

A 10ft trampoline requires at least 3.65 m (size of a 12ft trampoline) and a height clearance of 3.65 m.

You wouldn’t believe how many people purchase a brand new trampoline without measuring their yard correctly, and then they try to cram it into a small garden. Before buying a trampoline, make sure to know its size and also don’t forget to measure the diameter in your garden.



Despite all the previous factors, the driving force behind any purchase is the price tag, and that includes a trampoline. But, you shouldn’t feel discouraged if you have a limited budget. Buying a large, safe, and cost-efficient trampoline at the same time is possible!

When it comes to the prices of an 8ft trampoline vs 10ft trampoline, you’ll be looking at a difference of £50 – £100 between the two. You can find a budget 8ft trampoline model in the price range of £90 – £120. Budget 10ft trampolines are a bit pricier, and their cost ranges from £120 – £200 for a budget model.

Now that you’re aware of the differences between 8ft trampoline vs 10ft trampoline let’s cover some FAQs. You’ll want to read these before deciding which trampoline you would like to buy.


8ft Trampoline vs 10ft Trampoline: FAQs

8ft trampoline vs 10ft trampoline

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How to Choose Between 8ft Trampoline vs 10ft Trampoline?

After pointing out the differences between 8ft trampoline vs 10ft trampoline, you still might find it challenging to decide which one to buy. So, here are a few tips that might help you out.

First of all, think of the age of the children who will be using the trampoline and how many kids will jump on it at the same time. There is no point in buying an 8ft trampoline if only one toddler will be using it. But, if you have more than one child, then the larger version is recommended. When choosing the right trampoline for your children, always keep their age and capabilities in mind.

Then, think of the size of your yard. You may want the best and biggest trampoline available, but if it can’t fit properly in your garden properly, then there is no point in buying it. Usually, people order trampolines online without measuring their backyard. So, make sure to properly measure your outdoor space before making a purchase.


Is Gymnast Experience Needed to Use a Trampoline?

Back in the day when trampolines just started getting popular, so many people were convinced that only gymnasts and cheerleaders are capable enough to use them. So, it’s perfectly understandable if this question crossed your mind.

The truth is, everybody can jump on a trampoline, regardless of their age. Just make sure that the weight of people jumping on the trampoline doesn’t surpass the weight limit.

Also, make sure to remind your children to stick to regular bouncing before trying any monkey business.


What Is The Minimum Age Limit?

In general, the age limit for standard outdoor trampolines which are bigger than 10ft is the age of six. Younger children should use only trampolines suitable for their age.

There are also specially designed kids trampolines which are smaller in size, can be used indoors, making them a perfect match for younger children.

Of course, you can allow a younger child to jump on a big trampoline, just make sure to keep an eye out on them all the time.


How Long Can Trampolines Last?

When you are planning to invest your money in something, then you want to buy something that will last you for a while.

The lifespan and durability of a trampoline usually depend on the brand. Upscale brands use higher-grade materials that can better resist the wind, rain, and strain from regular use. Unfortunately, there are no two ways about it – luxury brands will last longer than bargain trampolines.

If you maintain your trampoline correctly and use it with care, it is quite likely to last at least seven years with original parts. Just be careful that your children don’t overgrow it!



Should I Buy A Professional or Recreational Trampoline?

Sometimes buyers consider getting a professional trampoline because it is a more powerful and more durable option. The elasticity of professional trampolines is throughout all the springs, and these trampolines come only in a rectangular shape.

Here are some of the main differences between professional and recreational trampolines:

  • Most of the parts of a professional trampoline are made out of steel. However, these trampolines are still easy to move around.
  • Professional trampolines are meant to be used by athletes or by people who want to exercise.
  • The average size of a professional trampoline is 14 – 17 feet.

Trampolines for professional use may make you bounce higher, but they also cost more than recreational ones, because of the high-quality materials used in the production of these trampolines.


How to Avoid Getting Hurt on a Trampoline

Even though there isn’t a way to prevent injuries on a trampoline from happening at all, there are some steps you can take to reduce the injury risk to a minimum:

  • Make sure to read the trampoline manual thoroughly as it will help you install the trampoline properly and also teach you some basic moves.
  • Trampoline enclosure and safety pads should always be used.
  • Check the trampoline mat for damage or cuts before every use.
  • Ensure that the trampoline springs are firmly attached to frames and mats.
  • Learn to bounce correctly before performing any tricks and instruct your children to do the same.
  • Never let children use the trampoline without supervision.


Trampolines are the perfect activity that will provide endless fun and exercise to your children. Did you know that jumping on a trampoline comes with many health benefits? So, not only will your children have a fantastic time while jumping on it and playing games, but they will be improving their overall health at the same time.

Now that you reached the end of this article, we sure hope that you managed to remember all the differences between an 8ft trampoline vs 10ft trampoline. Deciding which one to buy depends on various factors such as the size of your yard, children’s age, and the price tag. Make sure to take all these factors into consideration before making a final decision!

Which trampoline will you go for? Share your choice with us in the comments below!


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