The Best Junior Golf Clubs Age 6-8 To Start Playing with Confidence!


There is no “perfect” age to start encouraging your child to play golf, but the ages of 6 to 8 is a time where many children start playing. This is when they have an easier time with bigger clubs and have a better grasp of the rules of the game. It’s especially important to buy junior golf clubs age 6-8 to ensure that they’re using the best equipment for their size and experience.


Best Junior Golf Clubs for 6-8 Year Olds on the Market 2024

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We’ve collected a list of all of the best junior golf clubs age 6-8. Whether your child is just starting out, has just “levelled-up” from mini-golf, or already has a few years of experience, we’re confident that you’ll find something on this list that’s right for you and your child!



1. Ben Sayers Right-Handed M1i Junior Package with Stand Bag

Ben Sayers Right-Handed M1i Junior Package Set with Stand Bag -...
880 Reviews
Ben Sayers Right-Handed M1i Junior Package Set with Stand Bag -...
  • The set includes a high-lofted 14 degree driver, which comes with its own head cover to protect the club, two irons and a mid-sized mallet putter with a stylish face insert.
  • The driver is fitted with a mid-kick graphite shaft and weighted sole plate that lowers the centre of gravity to promote a high launch angle, increased distance and forgiveness.
  • The two irons have a sleek head design with a wide sole and perimeter weighting to offer extra forgiveness and increased playability.
  • Golf stand bag includes a 5 inch top cuff with a 4-way divider, three zip pockets and a mesh bottle holder, ensuring there is plenty to space to store golf accessories.

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This set of junior golf clubs age 6-8 is a perfect classic set for any up and coming golfer.

Key Features

  • You can choose between orange or blue.
  • It comes with a stand bag.

Choosing to go with this option for junior golf clubs age 6-8 will get you a reinforced and high-lofted driver (with a head cover) and 2 irons. The irons include a combined 7/9 iron and a P/S wedge. Your child will have all the essentials!

There are mid-kick graphite shafts on the clubs to help with getting the ball airborne. This is great for children who may otherwise have troubles.

The product specifications for these junior golf clubs age 6-8 also state that children aged 5 can also use it. So, if your child is still a bit young, they will still have a good time with this set!

What we love:

  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • The colour options make it a stylish option.
  • Everything is lightweight and easy to carry.

What we don’t love:

  • The bag is designed to fit what comes with the purchase, so there is little extra space.




2. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids

Excellent Right Handed Junior Golf Club Set for Age 6 to 8...
838 Reviews
Excellent Right Handed Junior Golf Club Set for Age 6 to 8...
  • Right Handed Junior Set Includes: Driver (15"), Hybrid Wood (22), #6/7 Irons(1 piece), #9/p Iron (1 piece), Putter, Bonus Stand Bag and 2 Headcovers
  • Height: 3'8'' to 4'4''
  • Graphite shaft for Woods and iron, junior flex
  • Ergonomical lift handle for easy Use

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The Precise golf club set is so advanced that you’ll be surprised it’s for juniors!

Key Features

  • You can choose from red or pink.

Each club is made to help improve users’ accuracy and distance. This can give them significant help in improving their golf game, helping younger children become competition ready at a young age.

The set includes a driver, a hybrid wood, a 6/7 iron, a 9/p iron, a putter, a stand bag, and 2 headcovers for clubs. Every piece is right-handed. Heights range from 44 inches to 52 inches, providing a perfect option for smaller players.

What we love:

  • There is a good variety in the selection of clubs, especially compared to other sets of junior golf clubs age 6-8.

What we don’t love:

  • The pink option is pricier than the red.




3. Masters Golf – Junior MC-J 530 Half Set Age 5-8

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This budget-friendly choice is an easy option for new golfers!

Key Features

  • Everything is in a sleek red design.
  • It includes a large stand bag.

The Masters junior golf clubs age 6-8 includes a driver wood and dual irons, including a 9/PW iron mallet putter.

The added stand bag with this product comes with all the space and pockets you could ever need! There are 3 zipped pockets, a padded carry strap, a hardwearing base stand, and a mesh bottle holder.

If you fall in love with this set of junior golf clubs age 6-8, the company offers the same products for ages 9-11. This makes it easy for kids to grow out of this set and start playing with bigger sized clubs!

What we love:

  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • The stand bag is large enough to store extra items.

What we don’t love:

  • It’s a very basic kit, so it’s not the best option for more advanced children.





4. MacGregor Golf DCT3000 Boys Girls Junior Kids Childrens Golf Club Package Set with Golf Club Carry Bag

MacGregor Golf Junior Girls DCT3000 Premium Golf Club & Stand Bag...
118 Reviews
MacGregor Golf Junior Girls DCT3000 Premium Golf Club & Stand Bag...
  • MacGregor Golf Junior Golf Club Package Set & Golf Club Carry Bag For 6-8 Year Old Girls
  • Macgregor Junior Golf Clubs Designed To Be The Optimum Length And Weight For Age Group.
  • Matching Macgregor Golf Club Stand Bag.
  • Oversized Driver, 7 Iron, 9 Iron And Mallet Style Putter With Lightweight Junior Flex Shafts.

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It’s not uncommon to see brands sacrifice function over style, or style over function. Fortunately, this set of junior golf clubs age 6-8 masters both!

Key Features

  • You can choose between pink and white, red and white, or lime and grey.
  • It comes with a large stand bag.

The MacGregor junior golf clubs age 6-8 includes an oversized driver, 7 iron, 9 iron, and a mallet-style putter. Each item is specially designed to be lightweight and the perfect size for the 6-8 age group.

This set also comes in the same options but for the 3-5 age group. This is perfect if you have a smaller child in the family who wants to practice with the same clubs, or if you have a younger child and want to buy both sets to help them advance with ease.

What we love:

  • The unique colouring and different colour options make the bag and each club stylish.

What we don’t love:

  • They’re less budget-friendly than competitors.





5. Young Gun ZAAP BIRDIE Junior Kids Right Hand Graphite/Steel Golf Clubs Set + Bag

Young Gun ZAAP BIRDIE Junior golf club Youth Set & bag for kids...
94 Reviews
Young Gun ZAAP BIRDIE Junior golf club Youth Set & bag for kids...
  • Junior set specially designed for junior players
  • 8 Iron: New ZAAP design is lightweight specifically designed for junior players. Junior flex graphite shaft.
  • Putter: Ball Putter Semi-Mallet / Bag: Ultra lightweight with padded shoulder strap, 1 exterior zippered pocket.

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This set may look basic from far away, but it has everything a young golfer needs to learn how to play a proper game.

Key Features

  • The seller allows you to choose from a variety of age-designated sets.

This set comes with an 8 iron and a semi-mallet putter. This may not seem like a lot, but it’s just enough for a younger player to get started! So, if your child isn’t sure about golfing but what’s to get some experience playing the game, they can do so in a budget-friendly way.

The graphite shafts on the clubs are designed to help players hit the ball in a speedy manner, increasing their distance. No matter how little experience your player has, this one will help them feel like a pro!

What we love:

  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • It’s great for beginners.

What we don’t love:

  • Non-beginners may find this set too simple.






Junior Golf Clubs Age 6-8 Questions and Answers

Almost ready to click “buy” on a set of golf clubs for your child? Before you purchase, there are a few things that you may want to know first. We’ve gathered some of the most common questions that buyers and golfers may have about similar products.


Is golfing a sport?

Yes! Golfing is considered a sport worldwide and is played in the Summer Olympics.

As with other sports, golf can be considered both a physical and competitive pastime or a leisurely one. Most people who golf on courses are not competing, but rather going to enjoy their day or socialize while playing.


Is golfing a good activity to put children in?

Golf has plenty of benefits when it comes to encouraging children to play it!

Going outside to play golf is an easy way for kids to get fresh air. Many other sports can be played indoors or outdoors, and often in crowded areas. Golf is much more nature-based and less noisy, making it easier to concentrate.

Golf has a very clear objective (getting the ball in the hole) and is therefore easy to see progress with. Being able to make a hole-in-one, or even just lowering the number of shots that it takes, can be a reason to celebrate for many children!

Unlike many sports, golf is typically played alone. Many children may be shy, introverted, or just not a fan of team sports. Being able to have the independence to play alone might encourage kids who would be less likely to join team sports.

In addition to just being able to play without depending on a team, there are plenty of emotional benefits to playing golf as a child. It’s a good way to help children learn about confidence, as they will have to rely on their own skills. This can also help them learn how to train and practice with proper motivation.

While golfing is a solo sport, it’s still a great way for kids to make friends. There are many lessons and competitions where children will be paired with (or against) children of a similar age. Golf also has strict conduct rules, which helps lower the competitive spirit that’s seen in more aggressive sports.


How to know if your child will be good at golf

Many kids will play golf for fun, but even more, will enjoy the competitive nature. While it’s more important to consider if your child enjoys the sport, it’s good to know if their talent can take them far.

One of the most telling signs for if your child will be a golfing star later in life is their ambition and eagerness to play. If you constantly have to beg them to go on the golf course, then there’s a good chance they won’t want to spend years of their life dedicated to playing.

Children who genuinely enjoy the sport and look forward to competitions, leisurely games, or just practising are more likely to have the self-determination to help them go far.

Having a good eye for what club to use, where to stand, and where to hit the ball is a more physical way of determining if your child has what it takes. Having them get consistently good scores may seem like the only way to know for sure, but shot selection is equally important.

Children with good attitudes and approaches to sports are also more likely to succeed. If they are able to gracefully accept defeat, or be a proud but not over-confident winner, then they will have an easier time adjusting to the conduct rules of golf.


Is golf going to keep my child healthy?

Since golf is a sport, you can stay confident that it will provide some physical benefits to your child. They will spend a lot of time walking while playing. Swinging is also a good workout.

Fortunately, children don’t need to be at peak-physique to be good at golf. Proper stamina and endurance are more important than muscles or any one particular body type.

One of the most crucial elements in keeping your golfing child healthy is keeping them hydrated. Spending long hours out in the sun can come with some risks. So, be sure that they’re drinking enough water while playing and while at home.


Are there any other health risks to golf?

In addition to running the risk of becoming dehydrated, another safety concern is sunburn. Most golf courses have limited shade, so it’s important to wear lots of sunscreen and a hat while playing. Try to encourage your kids to stay in the shade whenever possible.

Hazards present another risk. Large areas of water or sandpits are easy to fall into if you aren’t paying attention. Encourage your children to always be aware of their surroundings, and keep an eye out that they’re following these instructions.

Younger children may be tempted to swing their junior golf clubs age 6-8 recklessly, regardless of if it’s their turn to do so. Keep an eye out for kids who are getting too close to each other, and encourage your child to keep their club straight to the ground or in their bag while they aren’t ready to swing.

Your children won’t be driving a golf cart anytime soon, but they are still a risk. Be aware of surroundings and speed if you’re in a golf cart, and be careful not to get in the way of any while you are walking through a golf course.


What is the appropriate golfing attire?

Now that you have your junior golf clubs age 6-8, it’s time to start thinking about the rest of the things you’ll need! Games and clubs may not be as strict with children than with adults, but there is still appropriate outfit considerations when it comes to golf. Some clubs will enforce them regardless of age.

Long or short-sleeved collared polo-shirts are a golf staple. They come in athletic materials to prevent sweat or overheating.

Full-length or short-length slacks are customary for bottoms. Skirts and skorts are also very common for women.

Specific shoes are created for golf. Spikeless or soft-spiked versions are available. It is customary to wear socks with them at all times.

Belts, baseball hats, and visors are all very common, though often not required.


How is golf scored?

Golf is scored differently than many other sports. Instead of trying to get the most points, you’re trying to get the least!

Typical games have 18 holes, though it’s not uncommon to play shorter games. Each player’s strokes (how many times you hit the ball before it goes into the hole) are counted for each hole. The lower, the better.

Stroke play is when you keep a tally of every single shot, and the lowest amount of shots per game wins. This is the most common way of keeping score.

Match play is when you see which player had the least amount of shots at the end of every hole. This person will “win” the hole and get the point. The person with the highest amount of wins will win the game. In this case, the higher, the better.


What are the different terms for golf scores?

Keeping track of points with a simple number may seem easier. However, a golf lingo is often used to refer to certain points.

  • Ace: A hole-in-one.
  • Par: The standard number for how long it should take to get the ball into the hole.
  • Eagle: When you get the ball in the hole with 2 strokes under par.
  • Birdie: When you get the ball in the hole with a single stroke under par.
  • Bogey: When you get the ball in the hole with a single stroke above par.
  • Double Bogey: When you get the ball in the hole with 2 strokes above par.
  • Triple Bogey: When you get the ball in the hole with 3 strikes above par.


Your child may already be a fan of the game, or they might have never thought about playing. Buying your child a new golf set can be a great surprise, gift, or advancement in their sport of choice. No matter what the case, picking a set of junior golf clubs age 6-8 is always a good idea!