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Are you looking for some of the best inflatable hot tubs on the market? Then, you have come to the right place. Inflatable hot tubs are used for either physical treatment or relaxation. You may desire an inflatable hot tub in 2024 because today’s life is becoming more and more stressful.

The advantage of an inflatable hot tub is that they are cheaper than built-in hot tubs and there is the added benefit of saving you space. When choosing your inflatable hot tub you will need to consider things like the brand, the size, and shape as well as some of the important features.

We have looked at nine well known inflatable hot tubs so you can just read on and imagine yourself in one of them!


Top 9 Best Selling Inflatable Hot Tubs

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Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best inflatable hot tubs in 2024!


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1. Lay-Z-Spa 54123-BNNX16AB02 Miami Hot Tub

Lay-Z-Spa 54123-BNNX16AB02 Miami Hot Tub, Airjet Inflatable Spa,...
860 Reviews
Lay-Z-Spa 54123-BNNX16AB02 Miami Hot Tub, Airjet Inflatable Spa,...
  • Relax and unwind in your very own fully functional hot tub
  • Portable and Inflatable, this hot tub fits two to four people
  • Heats Up to 40 degree Celsius (104 degree Fahrenheit) and includes a Lay-Z-Massage Jet System
  • Easy to set up: Includes one durable liner, one heater(220-240 V), one filter, one floater, one inflatable cover, airjet system

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Lay-Z-Spa is a round hot tub, suitable for 2 to 4 people and can be used indoors or outdoors. It can be inflated within just 10 minutes. The water can be heated up to 40ºC and the air jet system is perfect for unwinding. The set comes with all you will need; a durable liner, a 220-240v heater, a filter, a floater and the air jet system. At 80% capacity, this hot tub uses 800L, so the inflatable cover will help keep your water fresh for longer. Lay-Z-Spa comes with a 2-year warranty.

The dimensions for the Lay-Z-Spa are 1.80m x 65cm, so you can comfortably fit 4 people in it, although it is not recommended for children under 10 years old. The liner allows you to set it up anywhere you would like as long as you have a flat surface.

The instructions to set it up are very straight forward and you will receive a DVD with the hot tub. Once your pipes are connected you can fill up your hot tub and use the digitally controlled heater pump to choose your temperature.

The air jet massage system consists of 81 all-surrounding jets so you won’t need to fight your friend for the jet streams.

Some of our testers have been known to have chronic pain and after a few sessions in this hot tub, they definitely noticed a difference. It not only helped with aches and pains but most of us noticed improvements in our sleep patterns too.

It really was easy to set up, the parts are easy to identify and the DVD did help. It took a little while to heat up but once we were in it was amazing. The jets were really powerful and we couldn’t believe how sturdy it felt.

We think it would be wise to buy cleaning products to go with it. 800L is quite a lot so by buying the recommended products you can keep the water clean for longer, we felt we would be doing the environment a favour as well as ourselves!

This is a relatively low priced inflatable hot tub, you will have everything you need to get it up and running and the results are fantastic. It is a good size and fits nicely in smaller spaces. If by any chance you have an issue you can contact a UK based helpline.

What We Like

  • Brilliant value for money
  • The power of the jet streams

What We Don’t Like

  • The pump is very loud
  • It takes a long time to heat up



2. MSPA Silver Cloud – Portable Inflatable Hot Tub

MSPA Silver Cloud 2021 Edition Luxury Portable Inflatable Quick...
13 Reviews
MSPA Silver Cloud 2021 Edition Luxury Portable Inflatable Quick...
  • mSpa Brand Hot Tub / SKU: SILVER CLOUD D-SC04 / Dimensions: W180 x H70cm (Internal Width: 140cm) / People Capacity: 4 Adults / Water Capacity: 700L / Weight: 23KG
  • 118 air jets innovatively and dynamically positioned / Heat Increasing Rate 1.5 – 2 Celsius/hour/ Water depth at 80% Water Capacity – 44cm / Max temp 38-42c
  • Features a Built-in Control Box – One button to inflate within 2 minutes and no External motor! Classic Round Shape with Charcoal grey Rhino-Tech 6-layer reinforced PVC cover material
  • Supplied Accessories: Built-in Spa Cover, Wired Controller, Filter Cartridge, Digital Lock, Garden hose Adapter, Wrench and Instruction DVD and Owner’s manual. Also Includes Free Aerolite Digital Luggage Scale.

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This is a luxury hot tub spa that is suitable for up to 4 adults. It is a bubbling jacuzzi which you can set up indoors or outdoors. It will take 700L to fill up to 80% capacity.

There is a built-in control box and no external motor! It comes with a wired control, a filter cartridge, a digital lock, and a built-in cover. The tools you will need and the instruction DVD are also included. The guarantee for the pool is valid for 6 months and the electrical parts for 12 months.

MSPA is round in a nice charcoal grey colour, it is made from Rhino-Tech 6-layer reinforced PVC. The great thing is that with the built-in control box you can inflate the hot tub with the press of one button and in 2 minutes. There is no need to install the product because the heater and pump are both built into the hot tub. You just need to attach your garden hose and start filling it up.

The maximum temperature for the water is between 38ºC and 42ºC. The water heats at approximately 1.5 to 2ºC per hour. This hot tub has 118 air jets which have been logistically placed, giving you the best jacuzzi experience.

The lid is also built-in so no need to go running outside to catch your spa lid in the wind! It is also frost and UV resistant. It zips up around the spa, keeping the whole hot tub protected.

First of all, even opening the box was great. Everything was included plus a free luggage scale. The instructions were really clear although it didn’t need much explaining.

The best thing was definitely the setup. It was amazing how one button was literally enough to have your hot tub ready! We were also surprised that it only took about 10 minutes to fill up.

It was a completely relaxing experience. There are lots of jet streams so we really felt it helped our achy muscles. A large number of bubbles helped with the relaxing atmosphere

MSPA is another very well priced inflatable hot tub. Setting up the hot tub is so quick and easy. Knowing how long it will take to warm up means you don’t have to sit around getting impatient. You definitely notice the benefits of having more jet streams.

What We Like

  • The ease of setting it up
  • The jet streams are really strong

What We Don’t Like

  • The filter isn’t the best
  • It would be nice if the water treatment products were included



3. Intex Octagonal Pure Spa – 4 Person Bubble Therapy Hot Tub

Intex Octagonal Pure Spa - 4 Person Bubble Therapy Hot Tub...
293 Reviews
Intex Octagonal Pure Spa - 4 Person Bubble Therapy Hot Tub...
  • With the Intex PureSpa you can enjoy a luxurious spa experience and relax in the comfort of your home.
  • The built-in hard water treatment system makes water gentler on skin for a soothing experience
  • The PureSpa comes with a simple-to-use control panel that adjusts the heating system.
  • The PureSpa provides simple maintenance with 2 easy-to-replace filter cartridges for clean refreshing spa water.

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This 4 person hot tub has a 795L water capacity and a temperature range of between 20ºC and 40ºC. It’s rather large with an inner diameter of 150cm and an outer diameter of 201cm. The hot tub has 120 air jets and a built-in hard water treatment system. You will receive 2 filter cartridges and a floating chlorine dispenser to help keep the water clean. There is a very handy control panel which will allow you to control the temperature.

The material is made up of high strength polyester fibres so you will be able to feel the added stability while you are sat in it. There are 120 air jets integrated into the fibre technology.

Being octagonal, there is a flat surface for you to lean back on. It adds to the comfort and relaxing experience. The built-in hard water treatment system will keep the water soft and gentler on your skin and clothes. The control panel is also nice and easy to access, you don’t have to get out or look for the control.

The hot tub comes with a hose for inflating, a cover to maintain the heat and a bag to store the hot tub. On each side, there are strong handles so you can transport it wherever you want to.

The fantastic thing about the Intex Spa is its durability. One of our testers has had this version for three years now and regularly uses it. She is pleased with how the quality of the material has lasted.

It is nice and easy to get it up and running. And it was nice not to hear a really loud pump in the background. It is really spacious too, we had 4 people in and it didn’t feel cramped.

The jets are really strong and it is good value for money but we do feel that an easy inflating system would improve this hot tub.

While it is a bit more expensive, this hot tub will last for a very long time. The standards of the materials are excellent and having the floating chlorine dispenser and built-in hard water treatment system really helps with the quality of the water. There is no DVD providing instructions so you will have to find them online.

What We Like

  • The quality of the materials used
  • It is lovely and spacious

What We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t come with an automatic inflation system
  • The pump can be unreliable



4. Lay-Z-Spa BW54144 Palm Springs HydroJet Inflatable Hot Tub

Lay-Z-Spa BW54144 Palm Springs HydroJet Hot Tub, Inflatable Spa,...
113 Reviews
Lay-Z-Spa BW54144 Palm Springs HydroJet Hot Tub, Inflatable Spa,...
  • UK's Bestselling, Award Winning Inflatable Hot Tub Brand: Trusted by over 250,000 customers
  • Innovative HydroJet massage system: The 8 powerful and adjustable jets give you a rejuvenating massage for deep relaxation
  • Set up in minutes (tool free): Lay-Z-Spa spas require no professional installation or tools, inflate with the included pump and set up easily in less than 10 minutes
  • Blissful 40 degree Celsius rapid heating system: Enhanced pump technology enables you to simultaneously heat and filter the water whilst running the massage system

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This is an award-winning inflatable hot tub!

The Palm Springs HydroJet round hot tub has several differences to its Miami hot tub. It is slightly bigger, at 196 cm in diameter and is suitable for 6 people. This version uses 8 hydro jets. It also has I Beam construction along with 3 ply walls for added strength and it is puncture resistant. It is easy to set up and has a filling capacity of 795L and you can heat the water to 40ºC. The set comes with a filter cartridge, a chemical floater, a lockable lid and a heavy-duty repair patch. The product has a 2-year warranty.

8 hydro jets may seem few after reading about 120 air jets, but remember hydro jets are much more powerful and you still won’t need to fight over a jet! The maximum temperature is 40ºC and this should be plenty. This version has a rapid heating system.

The materials and technology used provide extra strong sides to the hot tub so there is no worry about sides bending. The great thing about this hot tub is that you can set a time for the hot tub to begin heating- you can be sat at work knowing your hot tub is warming up.

It comes with a flip-up control panel to adjust your temperature and there is also space to store some of your cleaning products.

The first thing we noticed was the giant pump that comes with it. This really needs to be taken into consideration when planning where to put your hot tub. The size of the actual tub is great. One of our testers is 6ft tall and was able to stretch right out.

We were pleasantly surprised by the extras. One person got a little drinks tray and another one received a blow-up pillow. It took longer to heat than we had expected but once we were in the power of the jets was perfect and it the hydro jets gave a lovely massage.

It is noticeably more expensive than the Miami version and we aren’t completely convinced it will last more than a couple of years. You will need a little practice to get the right balance adding chemicals to get the right balance for you.

It comes with all you need to maintain your hot tub plus a few surprising extras, the cushioned floor made a difference to the overall experience. When you take into consideration the size for 6 people and the pump, you will need sufficient space for it. Once set up and running it is a really pleasant, relaxing experience.

What We Like

  • The hydro jets function amazingly well and help with muscular problems
  • You don’t need any tools to set it up

What We Don’t Like

  • You are paying extra for the size
  • Some people have not received the chemical floater



5. Lay-Z-Spa BW54113 Monaco Hot Tub, AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

Lay-Z-Spa BW54113 Monaco Hot Tub 2018 Model, AirJet Inflatable...
145 Reviews
Lay-Z-Spa BW54113 Monaco Hot Tub 2018 Model, AirJet Inflatable...
  • Relax and unwind in your very own fully functional hot tub
  • Portable and inflatable, this hot tub comfortably fits six to eight people
  • Heats Up to 40 degree Celsius (104 degree Fahrenheit) and includes a Lay-Z-Massage Jet System
  • Easy to set up: Includes one drop stitch liner, one heater(220-240 V), one filter, one floater, one hand pump, one inflatable cover, airjet system

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The Lay-z-Spa Monaco hot tub is an impressive 2.1m x 69cm when inflated, it has a capacity for 6 to 8 people. It consists of 80 turbojets that will provide total relaxation. Its simple set up allows you to inflate it with the pump provided, attach the heater pump and then begin to fill, with a water capacity of 1540L. It has a rapid heating system, a massage system, and a filtration system. You will also receive a chemical floater. The cover is inflatable, insulating the water and it has a double lock system.

The hot tub is made of strong, drop stitch material and it has reinforced rigid walls. You will get a solid feeling from an inflatable hot tub. You won’t need any tools to set it up and it is normally ready to be filled within 10 minutes.

It has a rapid heating system, it will heat at approximately 1 – 1.5ºC per hour. Remember considering the amount of water, you will need to set it up the day before. The maximum temperature of the water is 40ºC; this can be controlled on the digital control panel. You can also set your hot tub to come on at a certain time.

Two filter cartridges are included to help maintain clear and clean water. Lay-Z-Spa recommends using Clearwater Chemicals to keep up the levels of water cleanliness and safety.

This is an expensive hot tub but because of its size, it provides great fun for all the family (NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 36 MONTHS). The massaging turbojets are a miracle worker on your back and shoulders. It’s really nice to get the family away from the TV!

Despite its size, it has a slim look and doesn’t look too bulky. An adult can lay down without touching the other side. We were really happy about our electric bills. One tester left the hot tub running all day and night and it cost around £15.

The actual hot tub is fantastic, we had no problems setting it up and we didn’t need the DVD, the only problem is that one lid arrived ripped and another broke very easily.

This is a hot tub that works incredibly well, the water stays nice and clean and the temperature is very pleasing. Again, we feel that you are paying extra for the size but the quality of the materials makes and sheer size make it worth it.

What We Like

  • It will easily fit 8 people and it is not a squash
  • The turbojets are powerful and effective without causing too much noise

What We Don’t Like

  • Make sure you have all the parts before you start assembling
  • A replacement liner is very expensive


6. Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Hot Tub, Airjet Inflatable Spa, 4-6 Person

No products found.

The Vegas Lay-z-Spa is a round tub that has a water capacity of 935L. It is 196 cm in diameter and can comfortably seat 4 people with a maximum of 6. The box includes the hot tub, a filter, a chemical floater, the air jet system and a lid. The 81 jets cover the whole perimeter of the pool. Installation is simple and can be completed in 10 minutes and there is a DVD just in case you run into problems.

This particular Lay-z-Spa is fitted with horizontal rings for additional strength. It also has a mosaic design on the inside which gives you that swimming pool feel. Included are the water filtration system and 2 filter cartridges. They still recommend Clearwater Chemicals to maintain the water level.

The relaxing bubbles produced by the 81 air jets combined with the ability to digitally control the temperature, on an LED screen, provides the perfect environment to de-stress with friends or family.

The cover is leatheroid and inflatable. It will insult the water as well as keeping dirt out when you aren’t using it. If you choose to store your hot tub, it will take you no time to set it up again and you won’t need to go searching for any tools.

We feel that the Vegas hot tub comes at a great price and it cheap to run but the replacement filters are a little bit costly. That being said it is well worth it considering it is only a few centimetres smaller than its larger versions.

We all agreed that this hot tub was so easy to set up, the DVD was helpful to learn about the maintenance but was needed for the set up. It didn’t take that long to heat up and once we were in there were lots of bubbles!

It is really easy to empty but It is a bit tricky to put away, however, if you look after it probably it will last for years. One tester is now on his 4th year and he has really noticed the quality of the materials.

The filter system is a little on the weak side and it is worth using the additional chemicals. With that in mind, you really can’t go wrong with its simple set up and amazing air jet massage system. It is a good price and we feel the materials are of high quality.

What We Like

  • The exceptional quality of materials
  • Really nice size for the price

What We Don’t Like

  • The filter system doesn’t pick up all the dirt
  • Be careful not to over inflate it, new liners are expensive.


7. Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Inflatable Portable Hot Tub Spa, 4 – 6 People

No products found.

This is an award-winning hot tub! It has many similar features to the hydro jet model, it is the same size and comes with the same filtration system. It does hold more water, 963L. It uses I Beam and TriTech construction so the sides will resist weight. It is suitable for 4 to 6 people and uses a 120 air jet massaging system. You are able to pre-set the temperature on the digital controller so it will be ready and warm for when you return. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

Everything can be controlled from the digital control panel, including the temperature (up to 40ºC) and the massage system settings. The timer comes in handy, you will not need to worry about forgetting to turn it off.

Your hot tub can be set up in any location, indoors or outdoors, as long as you have a flat set up. There is no need for tools, you simply follow the instructions on the DVD, the DVD also has tips for maintaining the water in your hot tub.

This version uses 120 air jets rather than the 8 hydro jets. You will experience the massaging effect all around the sides of the hot tub and the gentle bubbles will help you relax.

Some of us were slightly put off by the colour of the hot tub but others liked how it matched the colour of their garden decking and furniture. Of course, once you are enjoying the massage of the jets, you really don’t focus on the colour.

It is a good price. None of us noticed a huge increase in our electricity bill, even with varying amounts of usage and keeping it at a heat of 40ºC. This is a lovely temperature for any type of weather and children will happily use it including in the rain.

You will need a little practice when balancing the chemicals but it really is worth using them because you can keep the same water for a lot longer. If you use the inflatable lid when you aren’t in it. you will also keep the water warmer, taking less time to reheat it.

Whether you choose the hydro version or the air jet version depends on your personal preference. It is good value for money and provides you with an amazing, relaxing spa experience. The set up is simple and once you get the hang of it, you will find the water maintenance very straight forward too.

What We Like

  • The energy time saver helps you reduce your electric bill
  • You really feel that the hot tub is safe and sturdy

What We Don’t Like

  • The Clearsoft water treatment is not included despite the images
  • The seals around the straps are a little weak



8. Lay-Z-Spa BW14294 Saint Tropez Hot Tub with Floating LED Light

No products found.

This is an award-winning hot tub!

The Saint Tropez hot tub is a round, dark blue hot tub which fits 4 to 6 people inside the 196 cm diameter. It is easy to set up and completely portable. The box contains the filtration system, a floating chemical dispenser, 2 filters, a lid and a DVD with instructions. The unique thing about this hot tub is the LED floating light, letting you choose between 4 different coloured lights. The system using 87 air jets to gently massage your body.

Features and specs:

The 87 air jets are located all around the hot tub for an even jacuzzi feel. You can control the air jets with just one button on the same LED digital control as you can set the temperature (up to 40ºC) and the timer.

The hot tub has a height of 58cm, so not only can you comfortably fit 6 people in it, you will all be nicely covered by the 966 litres of water. There is a rapid heating system and your water will stay cleaner and warmer with the inflatable lid.

Once inflated, you will notice the horizontal, reinforced rigid walls. It gives the feeling of a solid structure with the advantage of being able to pack it away when you want.

Our thoughts

It sounds completely childish but we absolutely loved the LED floating light. It really changed the atmosphere of the hot tub and it is great when you are entertaining people.

It is so easy to set up but we were grateful for the DVD because it helped us with getting the right PH balance. Once the chemical balance is right, the filter does quite a good job of keeping the hot tub clean.

Luckily it is also easy to empty and store away because this particular model isn’t suitable to be left out over winter.


It’s a great buy. If you have tried a permanent hot tub and would like something with the same effects then this is definitely one to consider. Although there are reinforced ridges, you will still have to be careful with the liner. The LED light is a great, unique touch.

What We Like

  • The LED light is original and adds atmosphere to the whole environment.
  • It is great value for money, safe, study and the air jets function well

What We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t come with a mat for underneath
  • This version seems more expensive to run



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