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Building your upper body strength can be hard. Gym memberships are expensive and require travelling. The alternative of bringing weights into your home is not always cost-effective, either. Plus, who has the space for all of that stuff anyway? Fortunately, there’s another solution. The best pull up bar can take your stress away and give you more time to focus on your physical gains.

We have put together a careful selection of the best pull up bar products out there. Whether you want to get some casual exercise in or use it to dedicate your time to personal development is up to you!


Your Guide to Finding the Best Pull Up Bar

We think that it’s worth taking the time to pick the best pull up bar for you. Though, we know that sometimes you don’t have the time to consider all of the great options out there! So, if you aren’t in the mood to shop, head straight to the best sellers list and take your pick.



1. GM Unisex’s Door Gym, Black, Large

GM Unisex's Door Gym, Black, Large
2,929 Reviews
GM Unisex's Door Gym, Black, Large
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Fits All Standard Door Frames (24" - 32" Wide)
  • Quick & Easy Assembly (Tools Included)

This best pull up bar looks pretty standard, and that’s because it is! If you want a basic pull up bar without any complicated set-up, this bar is for you.

Key Features

  • It allows for users up to 130kg.
  • It’s easy-assembly approved.

This best pull up bar is designed with heavy-duty steel to help ensure safety and reliability. It will fit all standard door frames with ease, allowing for users up to 130kg to benefit from it. The product also comes with all tools required to assemble it, so you’ll be ready to work in no time!

Some pull up bars allow for pull-ups only, but not this one! This door gym product will give you the ability to do pull-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, and more arm and shoulder exercises.

What We Love:

  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • It provides the ability to do multiple exercises.

What We Don’t Love:

  • It takes up more space inside of a room compared to other pull-up bars.
  • You can’t always close your door if the pull-up bar is installed.


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2. Innovation Fitness Powerbaar 2 Professional Pull Up Bar

Looking for quick, easy, and simple? Well, look no further!

Key Features

  • The company offers a ten-year guarantee.
  • Spare parts are available for separate purchase.

This product has been designed with a variety of exercises in mind. Not only can you put it up on your doorframe to do pull-ups, but you can bring it down and use it for more creative workouts, too! This includes front levers, standard push-ups, and more.

The Innovation Fitness brand best pull up bar uses a fully welded frame and requires no assembly. This makes it easy enough to put up and take down within seconds so that you don’t have to leave it up in your doorway even when it’s not in use.

Oh, and if you lose a piece? You can buy a spare part separately without worry!

What We Love:

  • It’s easy to move and store.
  • It’s budget friendly.

What We Don’t Love:

  • It’s a bit heavier than other competitors.


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3. ONETWOFIT Door Frame Pull-Up Bar

ONETWOFIT Door-Frame Pull-Up Bar, Wide Grip Heavy-Duty Metal and...
925 Reviews
ONETWOFIT Door-Frame Pull-Up Bar, Wide Grip Heavy-Duty Metal and...
  • Adjustable pull up bar for door frame - no screws or drilling...
  • The doorway pull up bar features comfortable grip pads - for a firm...
  • Transparent rubber closures on the left and right - this prevents...

This bar may look a bit different than our previous picks. It’s smaller, but it’s just as mighty!

Key Features

  • It is available in both black and grey.
  • Size of the bar is easily adjustable.

This best pull up bar works similarly to a shower-curtain bar in that you adjust it to fit the size of your doorway. So, almost all sized doorways will work! There are no screws or drilling involved, as it will stay in place with the easy-secure telescopic functionality.

There are grip pads placed at appropriate positions throughout this pull-up bar to make your experience more comfortable. You can use it on the doorframe for pull-ups and other stretching exercises, or take it down and use it as an accessory for push-ups or sit-ups!

Worried about hurting your door frame or scuffing your walls? There are transparent rubber closures on both sides of this product to prevent marks.

What We Love:

  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • It’s very small and easy to store.
  • It’s easy to adjust.

What We Don’t Love:

  • It will slip easier on various surfaces, including glass, tiles, wallpaper, and corners.


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4. UMI Essentials Door Pull-Up and Chin-Up Bar

Amazon Brand - Umi Pull Up Bar, Adjustable Chin-up Bar with 200KG...
4,294 Reviews
Amazon Brand - Umi Pull Up Bar, Adjustable Chin-up Bar with 200KG...
  • 【Non-Screw & No-Trace】Advanced technology of fixative Pull-Up Bar...
  • 【Capacity Up To 200kg】UMI Pull up bar’s main body is made of 3MM...
  • 【Reliable Security System】Safe using and exercise relieved are the...

You may notice a bit of a jump in price with this upper body workout bar, but it’s for good reason. It offers a sturdier workout for all bodies!

Key Features

  • It has a maximum capacity of 200kg.
  • It has unique safety locking mechanisms.

The installation for this bar is easy. All you need to do is twist the bar to increase or decrease its length, and then grip it into your doorframe with the telescopic build! There are also 360-degree anti-loosen safety locks to help you feel more secure.

This product also comes with impressive removable hand grips to boost your comfort during your workout. These grips are non-slip, washable, sweat-absorbing, and work to reduce hand irritation!

You can easily install this product in your doorframe, and it won’t decrease your ability to open or close your door. Though, the customized width allows you to reach up to 36.2″, so it can also be placed in smaller hallways!

What We Love:

  • It puts hand-comfort at the top of the list of important factors.
  • It has a larger weight capacity than most competitors.

What We Don’t Love:

  • It’s pricier than most competitors.


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5. JX Fitness Pull Up Bar

JX FITNESS Pull Up Bar Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar Home Gym Punch...
3,239 Reviews
JX FITNESS Pull Up Bar Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar Home Gym Punch...
  • ◆ HIGH QUALITY ENGINEERING: Made of Heavy-duty steel with high...
  • ◆ MULTI-FUNCTION EXERCISE BAR: Ultimate body sculpting and strength...
  • ◆ MORE EXERCISE SPACE: If you're looking for a step up from the...

Are the telescopic options not secure or flexible enough for your training needs? Well, then we’re certain this one will be.

Key Features

  • The company offers a two-year warranty.
  • It is designed to be a more stable structure.

You may be wondering why this piece of equipment looks larger and more stable than most other best pull up bar products. That is because it is designed to be a full door gym! You can do various body-sculpting workouts in addition to pull-ups. It also has hooks for punching bags and power ropes!

This product is a wall-mounted pull-up bar. It is designed with a thickened steel-pipe construction and uses a triangle support structure. This makes it much sturdier and stable compared to other pull-up bars.

What We Love:

  • It allows you to do more exercises than most other competitors.
  • It will feel very sturdy during use.

What We Don’t Love:

  • The maximum capacity is only 125kg.
  • It’s not budget-friendly.


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6. Magnoos Pull-Up Bar Matador

MAGNOOS 'Matador | Premium Pull-Up Bar Door Frame - No Screws |...
4,007 Reviews
MAGNOOS "Matador | Premium Pull-Up Bar Door Frame - No Screws |...

Our final pick for the best pull up bar is this easy to install bar that gives you a unique body position for pull-ups.

Key Features

  • No screws or drilling is required.
  • It’s 20cm higher than other standard bars.

This best pull up bar is designed with a higher-than-average bar. This is done to provide you with more range of movement, enabling you to get more creative with your workouts. It also makes it an ideal option for taller people!

There is a comfortable soft foam handle system with this pull-up bar, working to prevent blisters. In addition, the handles are all slip-resistant!

This product has a maximum weight capacity of 130kg.

What We Love:

  • It is great for taller users.
  • It provides you with more space to exercise.

What We Don’t Love:

  • It’s not budget-friendly.


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The Best Pull Up Bar Questions and Answers

Building your muscles properly is important. And even with the best pull up bar of all time, odds are you’ll need a bit more extra information. So, for your convenience, we’ve found out! Take a look at our complete question and answer guide to help your purchase feel better thought out.


What are pull up bars?

Pull-up bars are a piece of home-gym equipment designed to help you do various muscle-engaging activities. Specifically, they are designed for pull-ups and chin-ups, but can often be used for other activities.

These pieces of equipment are made with a metal bar wrapped in a foam or rubber grip. They use various ways to attach to a doorframe or between walls. Some are telescopic and require adjustments, while others can be nailed into your doorway.

These bars are placed high enough on your home structure so that you can lift yourself to the bar and complete exercises with ease, even in a small space.

You can use the pull-up bar to complement a home gym or as a sole piece of equipment. They are particularly handy because they can be installed in even the smallest home. Since you already have doors, finding space for them should be no issue!


What are the benefits of doing pull-ups?

Pull-ups are considered a closed-chain movement. Your body will end up in a suspended position, using the hands to pull yourself up. Your elbows flex, abducting and extending the shoulders to bring them back up to your torso.

Pull-ups are, put simply, quite difficult to do. Even some of the strongest people that you know will struggle to do a handful of them at first. This is because they are a unique exercise to adjust to!

So, why bother with the difficult pull-up? Well, because of all of the muscles they exercise! They are great for exercising the back and shoulders, as well as your arm strength.

Some of the muscles that you strengthen through doing pull-ups include:

  • The latissimus dorsi.
  • The trapezius.
  • The thoracic erector spinae.
  • The infraspinatus.

Additionally, the best pull up bar will help you improve your grip strength. This can be beneficial for other activities, including golf, tennis, and bowling, as well as more day-to-day activities like opening jars.


What is the difference between a pull-up and a chin-up?

The pull-up and the chin-up may look identical to the untrained eye, but there are a few key differences. Though, it’s not all in the chin!

When doing a chin-up, you’ll have your palms facing your chin. This puts you in an underhand grip.

For pull-ups, you’ll have your palm in an overhand grip, with the palm facing away from you.

Both of these exercises are great for building your upper body muscles. Though, we recommend trying to master both to build on as many muscles as you can!


What is an assisted pull-up?

Not ready to do real pull-ups? Well, then you might benefit from trying an assisted one! This is when your body does the motion of a pull-up, but you have something helping you achieve it.

One of the most common ways of doing an assisted pull-up is to use exercise or resistance bands. You’ll place the band and put it over the pull-up bar, and then position yourself with your feet in the band (and off the ground.) You can also place your band around your knees.

Using an exercise band to do assisted pull-ups will help improve the muscles needed for non-assisted pull-ups. Combine this type of exercise with attempts to do pull-ups, including hanging from the bar and trying your best. You’ll get to the non-assisted pull-up someday!


How many pull-ups is good enough?

You’ll likely be thrilled when you can do your first pull-up. Though, after that you may be wondering how many is enough!

Research has found that physically fit men should be strong enough to do at least 8 pull-ups. This is a good number to aim for, but you can set your sights higher once you find your strength improving. Similar research has found that the ability to do 18 consecutive pull-ups is a strong marker of high fitness.

The number of pull-ups that most women can do is slightly lower. Women should, on average, be able to do 1-3 consecutive pull-ups. Seven consecutive pull-ups would be considered quite strong for a female.


What other exercises can you do with pull up bars?

Pull-ups are great, but the best pull up bar will allow you to do even more exercises! Depending on the bar you buy, you’ll have a handful of opportunities at your fingers.

Here are a few more ideas of ways you can use your pull-up bar:

  • Burpee pull-ups
  • Chin-ups
  • Hanging knee raises
  • Knee-to-elbow raises
  • Hanging leg raises
  • L-sits

Various picks for the best pull up bar also allow you to use it for activities off of the wall or doorframe. This includes different styles of push-ups. And, if it’s heavy enough, you can use it as a weight!


Will pull up bars damage your walls?

The pull-up bar is uniquely designed to fit between walls or door frames. So, they are created with sensitive walls in mind. As such, they should not scuff your walls or risk putting holes in them.

Some pull-up bars will require you to use screws or hooks. These may leave some lasting damage or marks on your wall.

Telescopic pull-up bars tend to leave fewer marks. They are also more likely to be made with rubber or protected ends. If you are renting or in a space where home modifications aren’t feasible, we recommend going for a telescopic pull-up bar.

The best pull up bar is far more than a piece of gym kit. It makes it much easier and more convenient to work on your upper body strength, and can transform your physical fitness in days! Pick the best pull up bar for you and get to work. You’ll see results in no time.