The Best Stepper Guide – Working Out in Small Spaces


Steppers are an incredibly underrated piece of exercise equipment. They’re small, effective, budget-friendly, and fun! They don’t get as much attention as the treadmill and exercise bike, but they’re definitely worth a spot in your workout routine. If you know anything about this type of activity, you may be wondering what the best stepper is.

Best Steppers On the Market 2024

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We’ve found all of the best stepper products on the market so that you can begin working out right away! Take a look at our favourite picks to help you get started on your fitness journey.



1. SportsPlus 2 in 1 Dual Exercise Stepper

SportPlus 2in1 mini stepper, patented switching technology, side...
698 Reviews
SportPlus 2in1 mini stepper, patented switching technology, side...
  • 2in1 STEPPER: Thanks to the patented switching technology, you can easily and quickly switch between a side stepper and an up-and-down stepper.
  • TRAINING COMPUTER: The small training computer displays the approx. calorie consumption, the training time and the number of steps
  • MOVEMENT: High-quality and wear-free hydraulic cylinders ensure a smooth and dynamic movement.
  • DETAILS: Large and non-slip treads (approx. 13x32 cm) / User weight up to 100kg / Dimensions approx. 40x35x23,5cm (L/W/H)

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This classic-looking best stepper has everything you need for a good workout while remaining small enough to keep anywhere.

Key Features

  • It allows for different types of stepping movements.
  • The footplates are large for any size foot.

This handy machine allows you to step in different ways. You can do the expected up and down stepping routine with ease. You’re also able to use this machine to step in a bi-directional movement, completing the up and down steps with simultaneous sideways movements. This makes it a great workout for your hips and buttocks.

SportsPlus’ stepper uses wear-free hydraulic cylinders to help create the seamless stepping motions. It uses a computer system to deliver all the important information that you need to track your workouts. This includes showing your number of steps, your stride frequency, time stepped, and your calories burned.

What we love:

  • It feels very sturdy.

What we don’t love:

  • It’s not always quiet while in use.





2. Vinteky Up-Down Stepper, Home Trainer

Vinteky Up-Down Stepper, Home Trainer, Mini Stepper Gym Exercise...
120 Reviews
Vinteky Up-Down Stepper, Home Trainer, Mini Stepper Gym Exercise...
  • Stable training apparatus with robust metal frame and silent, high quality shock absorbers, CE certified / with elastic bands for additional training of the arm and shoulder area
  • The Stepper includes a console with various automatically switchable indications, such as training time, number of steps per minute and calorie consumption
  • The degree of resistance can be adjusted individually depending on the user's state of form; In this way, this step machine is also an appropriate training device for seniors and beginners
  • Optimum training device for a comprehensive workout: works the abdominals, legs, thighs and the entire lower body

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Are you interested in choosing the best stepper but worried that you’d ignore your upper-body workouts? Then this is the choice for you!

Key Features

  • It has an arm cord for upper-body training.
  • The resistance can be adjusted.

This machine combines all the best parts of a stepper with the additional feature of being able to use your arms. The elastic bands with easy-to-grip handles allow you to train your arm and shoulders at the same time as your lower half.

The best stepper uses a high-quality metal frame with shock absorbers. This helps keep your stepping quiet while still feeling like you’re on a sturdy piece of equipment. The support surfaces have a non-slip surface and anti-slip edges to ensure complete safety.

A user console comes with this stepper. So, you can keep track of your number of steps, time, and calories burned while training. The resistance can also be adjusted, allowing for users of all fitness levels to try out this best stepper.

What we love:

  • It comes with a small mat to protect floor surfaces.
  • The armbands can be removed for stepping only.

What we don’t love:

  • It’s heavy.





3. HOMCOM Mini Stepper Gym Exercise

HOMCOM Mini Stepper Gym Exercise Leg Thigh Toning Workout Fitness...
193 Reviews
HOMCOM Mini Stepper Gym Exercise Leg Thigh Toning Workout Fitness...
  • Twist action helps tone thighs, buttocks; resistance bands work arms, chest, back.
  • LCD display shows total step count, time, burned calories.
  • Versatile home fitness equipment, a great addition to any home gym.
  • Safe oversized slip resistant footplates.

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This best stepper contender has so many features that you’ll be surprised that it’s so small!

Key Features

  • It comes with arm cords.
  • You can change the resistance levels.

HOMCOM’s product allows you to do more than just step up and down until you get tired. The footplates allow you to do twist actions, helping tone your thighs and buttocks. The removable arm cords will also help tone your arms and increase the muscles in your shoulders.

All of your important data is easy to find with an LCD display right in your view. It will show you your step count, time, and burned calories. The resistance is also incredibly easy to adjust so that you can burn even more calories than you ever thought was possible with a stepper!

What we love:

  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • The LCD display is in the perfect spot.

What we don’t love:

  • It can make squeaking noises while it’s being used.





4. Ultrasport Swing Stepper

Ultrasport Swing Stepper, home trainer stepper with training...
8,555 Reviews
Ultrasport Swing Stepper, home trainer stepper with training...
  • PEDAL EXERCISER FOR STRENGTH TRAINING: An ideal machine for muscle building and rapid fat loss, especially for legs, hips, buttocks and upper body. It also improves endurance and cardiovascular health
  • LCD TRAINING COMPUTER: This stepper offers an efficient workout, allowing you to easily track training time, steps per minute, scan, and calories burned
  • ROBUST DESIGN: Because of its robust metal materials and characteristics, the Ultrasport Stepper is one of the best exercise machines on the market. Non-slip plastic feet provide more stability during workouts on this stepper
  • COMPACT DEVICE: This stepper has dimensions of 40L x 43W x 23H cm, so you can easily stow it away after exercise. It can carry up to 100 kg. You can adjust the resistance level on the stepper to match your fitness level

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This powerful little machine is the perfect addition to a home gym.

Key Features

  • It comes with resistance bands.
  • It has an automatic switch-off function.

The Ultrasport best stepper is incredibly small. It’s great for if you want to make it a part of your home gym, keep it in front of your television for distracted workouts, or you just plan on placing it under your desk!

You can take advantage of the left-to-right twisting function or stick with the basic up and down. The training computer will give you all the important information you need to know, including your time, step count, and calories burned. It’s displayed conveniently right above your toes for an easy read.

What we love:

  • It’s sturdy and allows for higher user weights.
  • It’s very compact in size, making it easily portable.

What we don’t love:

  • The display can take time to update your numbers for efficient tracking.





5. Yzdha Stepper LCD Display Screen, Multi-Function

yzdha Stepper LCD Display Screen,Multi-function Treadmill...
3 Reviews
yzdha Stepper LCD Display Screen,Multi-function Treadmill...
  • Unique design:According to the principle of pyramid load-bearing and stable design, the 270-jin load-bearing thickening increases the high-carbon steel pipe, and the tail adopts the ground anti-skid technology. The up and down stepper with power rope and twist function can replace 2 devices. Arms, shoulders, biceps and neck are all trained with training straps. The swing stepper defines your legs, hips and hips.
  • Prominent non-slip foot pad:a stepper that performs foot massage during exercise. PP foot pedals have multiple bumps, so the feet should be comfortable and firmly fixed in place throughout the exercise. The bump presses and stimulates the corresponding acupuncture points on the sole of the foot, so as to achieve the effect of massage and fitness.
  • LCD display screen:The LCD display screen can easily measure the calories of the dashboard, and the only equipment with accumulated exercise data will be added to the treadmill. It is convenient for athletes to master the burning time, frequency and calories, allowing you to exercise easily.
  • Stability and safety:The stepper with swing function is stable, quiet and requires no assembly at all. Non-slip pedals provide perfect grip during exercise. You can enjoy additional foot massage without wearing shoes.

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If you’re willing to spend a little bit more to ensure the highest quality, then the best stepper for you may be this Yzdha product.

Key Features

  • It comes with resistance bands.
  • The stepper features non-slip footpads with a massage pedal.

This product uses a unique design for the stepper to increase its safety and effectiveness by implementing anti-skid technology and sturdiness. The combination of stepping and using the resistance bands will allow you to work out your arms, shoulders, neck, and bicep all at once.

The most unique feature of all of our favourite stepper products is the massage pedal on Yzdha’s best stepper. The added bump massage function will help ease your foot soreness. So, it’s recommended to use this machine while barefoot!

The LCD display of this product will measure your time, calories burned, and step count to help you track your workout. There is also a higher weight limit on this stepper than most competitors, so it’s a perfect option for those at a different starting point.

What we love:

  • It has a massage pedal.
  • There is a higher weight limit.
  • It’s very sturdy.

What we don’t love:

  • It’s not budget-friendly.





Best Stepper Questions and Answers

Ready to start stepping? Before you take your pick from our list to find the best stepper, you may want to learn a little bit more about what these small machines can do for you.


What is a stepper?

A stepper is basically a tiny machine that stimulates the movements of walking up sets of stairs. While they have larger climbing simulators like the Stairmaster, the stepper is an excellent option for those who want a smaller piece of equipment.

Steppers continue the movement of walking up and down without stop. This forces you to keep up with the machine and not take rests like you could on regular stairs.

In addition to the basic up and down movements that all steppers offer, some will also allow you to mix things up by making side-to-side motions. This can help work out even more muscles.


Why choose a stepper?

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to consider a stepper compared to other fitness machines. Here are our top reasons for why a stepper is a great choice to add to your home:

  • They are small. You don’t need a home gym or a huge bedroom to keep a stepper! They take up minimal space and are easy to move around as needed.
  • They are budget-friendly. Treadmills and exercise bikes can cost you hundreds. While the best stepper may cost a little more than some of the cheaper options, they still remain in a much lower price range than similar pieces of equipment.
  • They are easy to use. Understanding how to use a stepper is a pretty easy task! Once you get the hang of the right posture and rhythm, anyone can learn how to use a stepper effectively.
  • You can place them in front of the television. Do you get bored easily? If you set up your best stepper in front of a screen, you can step while being entertained!
  • The resistance and speed is all up to you. If you want to go for a higher-intensity workout one day and a peaceful, relaxing walk the next, it’s up to you!

What is the difference between a stepper and a Stairmaster?

Both machines simulate walking up sets of stairs. However, there are quite a few differences between the stepper and the Stairmaster.

When you use a stepper, your feet remain on the pedals the entire time. They move along with your feet as you make the up and down climbing motions. On a Stairmaster, you are constantly moving your feet. Your feet leave the pedals with each step, as the stairs descend while you walk.

Many steppers will allow you to change the resistance. The speed will ultimately be up to you. A Stairmaster allows you to adjust the speed and the resistance, which can provide for a more challenging workout.

Both machines are great options for working out your lower half. The Stairmaster is more accurate in having you do natural movements, and can also work out more parts of your leg. Unfortunately, these machines are larger and more expensive. So, there are pros and cons to each.


What parts of the body does a stepper work out?

Using the stepper will help you tone your lower body parts. The hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, and calf muscles are all areas that benefit from using one of the best stepper options.

Many products will also come with resistance bands. This allows you to exercise your lower and upper body all at once. If you choose to use these resistance bands, then you will also work out your shoulders and arms.

Since your body must remain on the small foothold platforms, using the best stepper can also help improve your balance and stability.


Is using a best stepper safe?

Steppers are considered very safe pieces of exercise equipment. They provide a low impact aerobic workout, as your body is suspended on the stepper. This means that you are putting minimal pressure on your joints, making it a safe option for those with joint pains.

Using a stepper is also far easier on your knees than if you were climbing up or down actual stairs.

One of the risks of using a stepper is that you may fall off. It’s important to get used to your stepper before trying to go faster or use it at a high resistance. If you have poor balance or are worried about falling, it’s recommended to move any potentially harmful objects out of the way in case you fall.

If you are unable to find your balance, you can use a stepper right in front of a wall. This will allow you to place your hands on the wall for added support. You can also have it there just in case you feel like you need to rebalance.


What is the right posture for using a stepper?

To ensure that you’re getting the most out of your stepper, it’s important to make sure that you’re using it properly.

You need to keep your feet flat on the foot pedals while using your stepper. You can use them barefoot, but sneakers can be more comfortable for many users. It also helps prevent your feet from feeling sore against the hard metal or plastic of the machine.

Keep your back straight, your shoulders back, and your head facing forward. Not only will this help you reap the benefits of the stepper, but it can also improve your overall posture.


How long should you use a stepper for?

The length that you spend on your stepper is ultimately up to you and your fitness goals. However, if you are using it as your main form of cardio, it’s recommended to use it for 20 to 40 minutes per day, 3 to 5 times a week.


Should you stretch before using a stepper?

You are engaging your legs while using a stepper, so it’s important to make sure that they are warmed up. You don’t need to do a long stretch routine, but starting at a low resistance at a slow speed is a good way to get started.


What other exercises should you incorporate into your workout?

The stepper is mostly working out your legs. While this is a great start, you may want to consider another form of exercise into your routine if you want to lose weight or build muscle.

Upper body exercises, like weight lifting, are an efficient way to maximize your upper-body gains in addition to using the stepper. You can use small weights while using a stepper if you are perfectly balanced, but you’ll want to get off of it for any heavier weights.

Steppers can also be used alongside other forms of cardio. If you are an avid runner, a light stepping workout may be beneficial on your rest days to keep your muscles activated.


You can’t go wrong with picking any of the best stepper options on our list. They are an excellent choice for those who find it difficult to get the motivation to exercise, as they are a lower-intensity and low-impact workout. Plus, you really can’t beat the small size if space is an issue for you! So, pick a product, lace up your sneakers, and get to stepping on one of the best stepper contenders!