7 Cross Trainer Benefits and Why You Should Be Using One


New ways of exercising are constantly being invented. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed with all the choices that are available for you. Fortunately, we’ve done some research on the greatest exercise machines and workout techniques. The cross trainer is one of the easiest and most exciting ways to get your daily workout in.

It’s accessible for people of all ages and fitness levels. It can be used indoors. It’s budget-friendly. But the best part about them is that cross trainer benefits are superior to most other fitness machines. So, let’s take a look at why the cross trainer should be on your radar!


All The Great Cross Trainer Benefits

Cross trainers (sometimes called an elliptical trainer or x-trainer) are stationary exercise machines that mimic the movements of walking, running or climbing stairs. These machines have been around since the 1990s and offer a variety of different types. Some allow for upper arm movement and lower body movement while others only allow for the former. Many are powered with electric consoles while some are self-powered. The variety in their design allows the user to explore what works best for them while also getting a unique workout.

No matter what type of cross trainer you use, you can rest assured that it comes with the many great cross trainer benefits.

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They will protect your joints

The suspension design of the cross trainer helps allow for it to be impact-free. Your feet don’t constantly hit the ground or another surface, meaning that you don’t put additional pressure on them. This will protect your joints far better than any other workout machine, especially compared to the treadmill.

Protecting your joints is important for any fitness enthusiast to keep in mind. However, it’s especially important for people with injuries or who experience joint problems. The hips and knee pressure is significantly reduced.


Cross trainers speed up recovery

In addition to protecting you from injury, the cross trainer can also help you recover from one faster. Most sports-related or similar injuries will prevent you from doing any high-intensity workouts. Going from a lot of exercise to none can slow down your recovery process as your body is not encouraged to get the blood flowing.

Using a cross trainer allows for minimal-impact, low-intensity exercising to promote active recovery by increasing blood flow in your muscles.


They can help with weight loss

Weight loss is the goal of many people who are in search of an exercise machine. Fortunately, the cross trainer benefits include weight loss! It’s easy to burn calories on these machines. Whether you prefer a short but high-intensity workout or a longer low-intensity workout, you’re still certain to work up a sweat and burn plenty of calories.

The number of calories burned during a workout on the cross trainer will depend on variables such as your weight, height, and age. The electrical cross trainers will typically have a function that can track the calories burned during your workout. User-generated cross trainers make it harder to track this information, but you’ll still be burning calories.


They can provide a workout for your entire body

A majority of cross trainers will come with arm handles. By placing your hands on the handles you’ll be working your arms by making motions of pushing and pulling. This will work your arms, chest, and shoulders.

Your feet will also be moving pedals. These motions work your lower body including your glutes.



Cross trainers are great for versatility and for building strength

If you’re going to invest money in a workout machine, you’ll want to be able to trust that it will grow with your physical progress. You may start out at a beginner’s pace, but by the time you’ve been using the cross trainer for longer you’ll naturally advance in your abilities.

Cross trainers allow you to increase your speed no matter what type you have. Most of them also allow for resistance building, meaning that you can gradually increase your resistance as you get stronger. You can also change the speed and resistance mid-workout, or change it up each time.


They let you work out from the comfort of your own home

Almost every gym out there will have a selection of cross trainers to choose from. So, if you’ve got a gym membership, you’re all set! Though, traveling to and from a gym is not ideal for most people. It’s hard to get the motivation to work out when you need to get in your car and drive somewhere. Cross training machines are easy to set up and are small enough to fit in most rooms of any house.

These machines make a great addition to any home gym setup. They complement other workout tools and can make for a great all-encompassing workout. They’re also a strong option for the folks who only have enough room for one piece of equipment.


They’re budget-friendly

A high-performance treadmill or any other workout machine can put a lot of pressure on your wallet. Since cross trainers come in a variety of options, you can pick one that works with your budget. The self-powered machines tend to be cheaper, while those with electronic consoles and the ability to track analytics tend to be on the pricier end.


Everyone should try using the cross trainer. They’re one of the most universally used fitness machines in the world. In addition to the great cross trainer benefits listed above, they’re the type of exercise machine that is great for any home. They can be used by people of all ages, sizes, and capabilities. By the time you buy your first cross trainer and get use to its many great benefits you’ll have a hard time remembering a time where you didn’t have one in your life!