7 Great Glutes Workout at Home – Get Fit Without Going Far!


Obtaining a better body is a goal for a lot of us. Whether we want to look better, feel better, or both, it’s a goal that we can all agree is worth working towards! While it sounds easy enough, sometimes our fitness goals feel unattainable due to various factors including long commutes or busy gyms. But what if I told you that there are plenty of glutes workout at home to be done that can get you to your goals faster?

We have put together a list of the best easy glutes workouts at home that you can start doing today to work on your fitness goals! You’ll be able to say “goodbye” to all of your tired excuses and “hello” to a body that you love!

Glutes Workout at Home

glutes workout at home
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  1. Glute Bridges
  2. Chair Jump Squats
  3. Chair Jump Squats
  4. Walking Lunges
  5. Crossover Lunges
  6. Single-Leg Squats
  7. Hip Thrusts

1.  Glute Bridges

This simple exercise can be done without any equipment. All you need is a comfortable spot to lay down!

To start you’ll want to lie down with your face towards the ceiling. Bend your legs at the knee and keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Your arms should be by your slides, angled-out only slightly.

Begin by raising your hips off the floor. Engage both your core and your glutes. Pause once your hips are almost parallel with your knees before going back down slowly.

Begin our list of the best glutes workout at home by doing three sets of ten glute bridges.

2. Chair Jump Squats

We all know that squats are great for the glutes, but what about doing a glutes workout at home that brings a chair into the equation?

Begin this exercise by sitting on a chair with your back straight. Keep your bottom closer to the edge of the chair. Your feet should be hip-width apart during the entire exercise.

You’ll complete the workout by jumping straight up from your chair, doing a complete jump where your feet leave the floor. Land and put your bottom back on the chair by squatting slowly.

This workout can be done by doing two sets of fifteen jumps.

3. Chair Step-Ups

Remember that chair that we used in the last workout? You’ll want it for this one, too! Though, you’ll have to make sure that it’s sturdy. You can place weights on the feet of the chair to add extra protection and help ensure that it won’t tip over.

Begin by standing in front of your chair. Place one foot on the seat of the chair and use the opposite glute to lift your entire body up. You’ll essentially be treating the chair like a step on a staircase, bringing the other leg up like you’re going to step on another non-existent step.

Return to the beginning position by lowering yourself back down and then try from the other leg.

Aim to do fifteen reps on each side.

4. Walking Lunges

Lunges are another activity that many people are accustomed to doing in their workouts.  This is when you take a big step forward with one of your legs, shifting all of your body weight forward. You then press your knee of the back leg downward, lunging towards the ground.

Walking lunges take this workout another step further. You’ll complete one lunge, raise yourself back up, and keep moving forward. Take turns on each leg.

Do five lunges moving forward a total of five times to complete twenty-five lunges in one workout.

5. Crossover Lunges

This workout brings the same essential design of the lunge that we described above, but with a literal twist!

The crossover lunch will have you begin in a similar stance to a basic lunge, with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lift one of your feet and step backward, crossing it over behind the opposite foot. You’ll then perform a complete lunge and push off with your foot to go back to your original position.

Aim to do fifteen crossover lunges on each foot, for a total of thirty.

6. Single-Leg Squats

Squats are an exercise that your body adjusts to easily. So, we decided to shake things up and bring a more advanced version to the list!

To do a supported squat you’ll begin by pushing your hips back. While engaging your glutes, drop down into your squat position while keeping one leg out. It will straighten while you go down, sticking out. Raise your leg as you go back to a standing position.

This can be pretty tricky for a new single-let squat performer. Beginners can keep a door frame or chair next to them to use for support.

Begin this exercise by completing three sets of five. As you become more accustomed to the advanced exercise, you can double this number.

7. Hip Thrusts

Our last pick on the list of the glutes workout at home list, we’re going for an easier option! This is great for a warm-up or cool-down after the rest of your workout.

Begin by laying with your face up and your knees bent, hip-width apart. Place your palms on the floor under your shoulders with your fingers pointing opposite the direction of your body. Plant your feet firmly on the floor and engage your glutes, squeezing them together, and raise them towards the ceiling. Your entire body will be lifted.

Do two sets of fifteen hip thrusts, raising the number depending on the intensity of the rest of your workout.

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Are you ready to get your glutes moving? Our list of the glutes workout at home that you can try is designed to be beginner-friendly and easy to do without having to invest in a full home gym. What are you waiting for? Let’s get moving and exercise those glutes!