The Best Kids Mini Golf Set Games For Constant Outdoor Fun


There are so many amusing outdoor games, but it’s often hard to find one that every kid wants to play. Some aren’t into sports, while others refuse to play anything but a ball game! Fortunately, a kids mini golf set is the kind of outdoor fun that every child wants to partake in.

We’ve found our favourite picks to help you find the best kids mini golf set out there! No matter what are your children are, or how much creativity they need, we’re confident that you’ll find a product that works for you and your family.

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1. Hamkaw Foam Golf Clubs, Golfer Toy

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Want to give your kids the freedom to play but afraid that mini golf isn’t the safest game? This product lets you feel more confident in their safety.

Key Features

  • The clubs are made of foam.
  • Every item is designed in bright, fun colours.

We’ve all seen just how rowdy children can get when it comes to playing games outside! Regardless of how long or heavy a golf club is, there’s always the potential that children will swing and hit with them. This product keeps these kids in mind!

The clubs that come with this set are made with foam, so you’ll never have to worry about an accidental whack. It also allows the products to be more lightweight and easy for small hands to carry.

This kids mini golf set comes with 3 different types of clubs, all with their own unique and bright colour design. You also receive 3 different coloured balls. There is a toy flag and a green contraption that can be used as an obstacle or a way to catch the ball and finish the hole!

The Hamkaw set is designed for toddlers and children over the age of 3.

What we love:

  • The clubs are made of foam.

What we don’t love:

  • There aren’t a variety of mini-golf obstacles, so your imagination will have to come in handy!

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2. Childrens Garden Crazy Golf

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Looking for something that’s practical while also being visually appealing for kids? This kids mini golf set is the perfect budget-friendly option for you!

Key Features

  • All obstacles have child-friendly designs on them.
  • Everything is designed in bright colours.

This kids mini golf set comes with 2 golf clubs that are 61cm tall. There are also 3 hollow golf balls and 3 obstacles. This includes the Slow Snails Bridge, The Ladybird’s Leap, and the Wavy Worm.

Finally, there are also 3 holes, including the Butterfly Double Hole, the Frog Pad Windmill, and the Beehive Trap.

These products are recommended for any child above the age of 3. The balls are hollow, and the golf clubs are plastic, so there are minimal safety risks. However, it’s still recommended to have an adult supervising any games.

What we love:

  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • The designs are very appropriate for younger children.

What we don’t love:

  • The hollow balls make it tough to play when there is any wind.


3. Garden Games Wooden Crazy Golf Set for Kids

Garden Games | Wooden Crazy Golf Set for Kids, Children's Garden...
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Garden Games | Wooden Crazy Golf Set for Kids, Children's Garden...
  • Turn your garden or the park into a crazy golf course with the Garden Games Crazy Golf Set. Arrange the obstacles to create your very own holes and challenge your friends to see who comes out on top!
  • Great for juniors and adults, this crazy golf set is perfect for parties or days at the garden or park. Including 4 high quality wooden putters, 4 wooden golf balls, 4 obstacles and 4 holes, it has everything you need for a great round of golf!
  • It also includes a branded carry bag for easy transportation and storage.
  • Set contains: 4 x Wooden putters, 4 x Wooden golf balls, 4 x Obstacles, 4 x Holes, Carry Bag

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This mini golf set is perfect for larger families to enjoy in the grass or at a garden party.

Key Features

  • There are 4 of everything.
  • The clubs are made of wood.

You will receive 4 wooden putters for golf clubs, 4 wooden golf balls, 4 obstacles, and 4 holes. You can arrange the obstacles to create one wild hole, or set them up separately to have 4 holes to play straight through. Everything is also colour-coded, so each child can have their own set.

In addition to the golfing toys, this purchase will also come with a free branded carry bag. This makes it easy to transport all of the fun materials!

What we love:

  • You receive a free bag.
  • It’s easy to use with larger groups of kids.

What we don’t love:

  • It’s less budget-friendly than other competitors.


4. Wondertoys Wooden Animals Croquet Set Golf Toys

Wondertoys Wooden Animals Croquet Set Golf Toys with 2 Balls...
473 Reviews
Wondertoys Wooden Animals Croquet Set Golf Toys with 2 Balls...
  • 【NICE DAY WITH THE CROQUET TOY:】 Go and enjoy the fresh air! Take the croquet set, call a few partner, start a happy sport croqurt game.It is perfect for building confidence and skills in young players. Growing up with a skill in sports can help raise self esteem and give kids something to be proud of while encouraging exercise and outdoor play
  • 【EDUCATIONAL TOYS FOR CHILDREN】: Sports can promote children's physical and mental development. The croquet set like play golf toys, can physically strengthen upper limb muscles, joints and ligaments. Mentally and enhance the abilities to observe, imagine, make judgment and patience
  • 【DIFFERENT FROM CLASSIC GOLF TOY】: Come with 2 mallets,2 green and red ball, 4 animal wickets, like lion, horse, elephant and frog.Improve child’s animal recognition. Your children can take apart and put up the croquet toy.Put the 4 wicket in order, Both hands grip the ball rod, faces up to the goal, wields the pole to hit a ball, play it with friends together, perfect for indoor or even outdoor play
  • 【GREAT GIFT FOR CHILDREN】: Great present for birthday, parties and holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving & New Years). Durable set for indoor or outdoor use including lawns, living rooms, preschools, kindergartens & anywhere else. Suitable for baby infants, boys and girls, preschoolers and toddlers

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The Wondertoys set mixes elements of both mini golf and croquet to provide an easy-to-learn game for kids of all ages.

Key Features

  • The game is designed to be easier for young children to play.
  • The obstacles are cute and friendly animal designs.

You will receive 2 clubs and 3 golf balls along with 4 different holes or obstacles. They are designed in the shape of a lion, a frog, a giraffe, and an elephant. So, even if your child is too young to join the others and play with the balls, they can still enjoy the fun pictures!

Everything that is a part of this set is uniquely designed to be used by younger children. The balls are bright and large, and the clubs are easy to handle. They may not get a hole-in-one every time, but it’s still a set that makes mini-golf easier to learn!

What we love:

  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • It’s visually attractive for children.

What we don’t love:

  • There isn’t much variety in the obstacles.


5. Small Foot 1504 Minigolf Game Set

small foot 1504 Minigolf game set made of sturdy wood, incl. two...
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small foot 1504 Minigolf game set made of sturdy wood, incl. two...
  • Golf game with original golf balls for real gaming fun
  • Incl. 2 mini golf clubs, 7 different mini lanes, 4 ball holders, 4 point certificates
  • Minigolf with perfect club length for children and for both indoors and outdoors
  • Made of robust wood

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At first glance, this set may seem a bit pricier than most competitors, but the sturdy materials and variety in obstacles make it well worth it.

Key Features

  • All of the materials are made with sturdy wood.
  • It can be played inside and outdoors.

This kids mini golf set comes with 2 clubs, 7 lanes, 4 ball holders, and 4 point certificates. So, it’s easy to set up a few exciting and adventurous holes to play! The clubs are also easy to hold and use, so you won’t have any kids complaining that it’s too hard to learn.

Everything is easy to set up, and the materials will be safe to use outside in the grass or indoors on your flooring. The scoring cards make it easy for kids to start full tournaments or quick and easy games. It’ll look so much fun that you’ll want to play, too!

What we love:

  • There are a good amount of obstacles.
  • Everything is bright and colourful.

What we don’t love:

  • There are only 2 clubs, so larger families may need to share.


6. Dinapy Mini Golf Set

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This kids mini golf set may look different than the previous choices on our list, but that’s because it makes the perfect gift for golfers of all ages!

Key Features

  • It’s designed to look like a miniature version of a real golf course.
  • It can be set up anywhere.

This product, designed for anyone above the age of 3, is a fun way to spend time inside while pretending like you’re in the great outdoors!

It’s designed to look like a real golf course, with miniature players and everything. You can play it with your child as a bonding experience, or even by yourself.

The set comes with a gold course cloth, a shot-maker club, a moveable putting green, interchangeable clubs, a water hazard, 2 sandtraps, small balls and one large ball, an umbrella table, 2 chairs, a pin, a cup, and a flag. All while remaining budget-friendly!

What we love:

  • It’s fun for all ages and makes for a great gift.

What we don’t love:

  • The small pieces can be a choking hazard so it’s important to supervise your child at all times.

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7. ToyVelt Kids Golf Club Set

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Do your kids want to play a full game of golf in the grass? This set has everything they could need!

Key Features

  • Each piece is designed to be easy to use in the grass.
  • Every element is colourful and bright for children.

You will receive 11 pieces with this kids mini golf set. It includes a golf card with wheels, 4 colourful golf clubs, 4 balls, and 2 practice holes. The cart makes everything easy to carry around and store, so your kids can pretend that they have their very own caddie!

The clubs are small enough for little hands. Though, the different clubs and ability to make your own holes makes it stimulating enough for older children to enjoy, too! Get your kid started with golfing early by practising with this set.

What we love:

  • Everything is easy to store and carry, so you won’t have to worry about losing pieces.

What we don’t love:

  • There are no obstacles.

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Kids Mini Golf Set Questions and Answers

Ready to start helping your children learn how to play with one of the best kids mini golf set options? We’ve collected some of the most commonly asked questions by parents so that you can feel more confident in your selection.

What is the difference between golf and mini-golf?

While golfing is amusing, its purpose is usually competition and more of a sport than a fun game. Players tend to look carefully at each score, and a winner is typically declared.

Mini-golf is designed to be fun and exciting. Many players may still keep score, but winning isn’t the main goal. Instead, it’s having fun!

Regular golf won’t require non-nature obstacles. It’s usually about the distance or hitting the ball hard enough to go over hazards like sandpits or water.

Obstacles in mini-golf are typically human-made and designed to make the game challenging in creative ways. Common obstacles in mini-golf include bridges, swinging windmills, cans, boxes and more.

Mini-golf also has less of a focus on different kinds of clubs. Since the distance that you shoot is much shorter than regular golf, a putter is usually adequate enough. You won’t see any drivers in these games!

Is a kids mini golf set safe?

Most kids mini golf set products are made with plastic, wooden, or foam materials. This is different than adult sets, as they usually use metal pieces. The children’s materials are much safer, as a swinging club won’t pose as much of a risk.

It’s not uncommon to give a child a golf club and for them to start swinging it, or even trying to hit their friends with it. Always remind your children how the clubs are meant to be handled, and ask them to keep a safe distance when swinging the club.

Other risks include small objects. These can be a choking hazard, so the biggest dangers will come from leaving a child unattended with these pieces.

How old do children need to be to play with a kids mini golf set?

Many kids mini golf set products recommend that children under the age of 3 don’t play. Some sets that include smaller pieces may even recommend that your child be older.

These warnings are mostly due to the small parts that are always included in these types of games, such as the golf balls or smaller obstacles.

If you want your younger child to feel included while also keeping them safe, you can always choose a plastic or foam set and let them play with the club while your older children are playing the game!

Always keep your eyes on your children when they are using a kids golf set.

Can kids play golf on real golf courses?

Have your children been loving mini-golf? If so, you may be curious about bringing them to a golf course for a real game or even to practice.

While there are always restrictions on the age a child can be to drive a golf cart, not all courses have a minimum age. Minors are typically expected to be supervised by a legal guardian.

Check your local golf course for any age restrictions. Children under the age of 8 can often receive special reduced fees, too. So, it’s often never too early to get them used to playing with real clubs!

While you may be allowed to bring your child onto a golf course, you should make sure they are ready for it. Golf brings along risks that mini-golf doesn’t, such as dangerous metal clubs and the potential for a golf ball unexpectedly flying your way.

What are some fun homemade obstacle ideas?

Many of our picks for the best kids mini golf set include obstacles. These smaller pieces are great ideas for younger kids who play a shorter game. However, it’s easy to make bigger obstacles that make the game more fun, especially for older children.

If you have creative kids, having them help build obstacles can be just as fun as the golfing itself! Here are some of our favourite ideas to make your game of mini-golf even more exciting.

Using cardboard is a great place to start. You can build tunnels, walls, or even ramps and slides with enough of it. Paint each piece with fun colours or artistic pictures to make it look even better.

Go through your house or other storage spaces to see what kinds of objects you could use in your game. These can be pieces that are large enough to try and aim the ball around, like bowling pins or garden gnomes. Smaller children may even want to set up their stuffed animals as an audience!

Water toys are another way to make the game more fun in hot weather. A sprinkler can be a good obstacle. Though, you can also incorporate it into the game, forcing your kids to get wet and cool off on the last hole!

Grass-friendly paint can also be used to design elaborate holes. It can make the game much more challenging, as you and your children will have to keep the balls within the colours.

If you have a large enough yard, painting your grass can also help give each child their own hole or lane to practice in!

Ready to have some fun in the sun with your kids? Choosing to play with a kids golf set promises a fun afternoon for you and your entire family! The best part about mini golf is that there are endless ways to get creative with it.