How to Brighten a Dull Winter Garden – 5 Easy Ways to Add Colour to Those Dark Months

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We often think of summer when we imagine a garden. Luscious grass, bright sun, colourful flowers, and a nice afternoon tending to your plants. And while we may have a few beautiful months where this is a possibility for our gardens, we don’t want to deal with the other four to five months of the year where the season doesn’t make all of this a possibility.

Odds are, you’re curious to learn how to brighten a dull winter garden. And we can’t blame you! Why should the summer months get all of the fun? We have put together a list of the most simple ideas that you can incorporate into your garden to get it to brighten up your cold winter months.

how to brighten a dull winter garden
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How to Brighten a Dull Winter Garden

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes. We will be using tips that will work in most gardens, big or small. Whether you have a rooftop garden included in your flat or a large yard filled with flora, we’re sure that you’ll find something on this list that works for you!

Step 1: Get Some Lighting

Lights aren’t our first thought when we think of our gardens, but they are an essential addition in the winter months. With such short days, chances are that you’re spending most of your time seeing your garden in the dark. Putting simple lighting in and around your garden will ensure that you see more of it, and that those dull patches are illuminated!

There are a few different lighting options that you can choose from. Some prefer the simple solar ground lights, while others may choose a more whimsical fairy light approach. Our favourite? Jam jars with tea lights! You can make these at home or buy them in most gardening stores. They can help spruce up a garden walkway or be scattered through your shrubbery for a fun addition.

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Step 2. Incorporate a Fire Pit

This tip might only work for those with larger gardens or patio sections, but it is one of the fastest ways to learn how to brighten a dull winter garden!

Many garden owners might incorrectly believe that fire pits require heavy installation fees or time consuming weekends spent building one. However, that’s not the case! A good fire pit can be found for much less than the rest of your garden might have cost.

These fire pits will add some colour to your garden during dark and dreary days. And on the occasion that the weather is nice enough, you might be able to go outside and enjoy a nice evening around the fire, even in the middle of the winter!

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Step 3: Get a Bird Bath and Feeder

Personally, we think that bird baths are a necessity for any good garden no matter what month it is. They’re even more special and needed in the winter months!

Birds are a bright and colourful sight no matter what month it is. So, we want to make our gardens enticing to them so that we still have something to look at when all of our colourful flowers have gone away for the winter.

Let’s face it. There are days where it’s just too cold for a bird bath to be appealing to our winged friends, as that water might just turn to ice. That’s where the bird feeders come in! Ensure that they are always willing to fly into your garden with some food.

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Step 4: Paint Some Background Elements

The easiest way to add some colour and figure out how to brighten a dull winter garden? With some paints!

There are plenty of elements in your garden that can be painted to add a splash of colour. Some of these items include:

  • Flower pots, whether they are permanent or temporary
  • Fencing
  • Garden signage and accessories
  • Lanterns
  • Your trellis
  • A table and chair set up

Another exciting way to add colour with paint? Get some big rocks and paint them with your friends and family. Go for fun designs, cute quotes, or basic colours and add them throughout your garden. Not only will this add colour, but you’ll also have some nice memories!

Make sure that you use paint that is designed for exterior use. This will help it withstand the cold and sun. Most latex-based paints are ideal for this use!

Step 5: Plant More Winter-Friendly Plants

The most sensical idea when learning how to brighten a dull winter garden is to plant more flowers that will survive through the winter. This will ensure that you have flowers year round, and enough colour to keep your garden thriving.

You might want to prepare for this step when it’s safe and easy to plant new flowers. Depending on how long it takes each flower to grow, it’s a decision that you’ll need to plan for ahead of the next winter. There are also a few ways to help prepare your garden for the winter months, ensuring that your flowers are well cared for in the cold. You can read more about that here!

Here are some of our favourite flowers that can withstand winter:

  • Coneflowers
  • Lily of the valley
  • Blue spruce
  • Wintergreen boxwood
  • Catmint
  • Pansies
  • Winterberries

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Gardens are meant to be enjoyed all of the time. If we start thinking about these spaces as a summer-only sanctuary, we’re not giving them the thought and time that they deserve! The garden is here to brighten our lives no matter what season, and that includes winter. So, we hope that you can carry some of these tips into your garden maintenance and spend more time enjoying the view!

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