How to Use a Stepper Machine – Our Complete Guide on Powerful Stepping


No matter how experienced you are in the world of exercise, there’s always a fear that you’re using a machine the wrong way. This is especially true when you’re trying one out for the first time! If you’re interested in learning how to use a stepper machine, then you’ve come to the right place.

We have gathered all the basics, tips, and tricks on how to use a stepper machine. This will help ensure that you spend your time wisely, giving you more time for gains and less time for worries!



How to Use a Stepper Machine

What is a stepper machine?

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A stepper machine, or a stepper, is a piece of exercise equipment that simulates climbing up a set of stairs. They allow you to climb to great heights, all while staying in one place!

Steppers can be compared to machines such as treadmills and exercise bikes, as they encourage movement that you could naturally make within another space.

Most steppers will give you the ability to control the resistance of the machine, making it harder. The one true constant of a stepper machine is that you have to keep moving to keep the machine going.

We all know that nobody wants to climb up their own staircase 100 times in a row. Using a stepper keeps things simple. You can plop in front of a screen and watch tv, listen to music, or interact with others while using a stepper.

In order to make using your stepper more fun, try to set it up in a place that allows you to have a stimulating environment. This may mean putting it in the television room or near a window where you can watch people go by or look at the scenery.




How to use a stepper machine

The first thing that you’ll need to do is make sure that you’re dressed appropriately for learning how to use a stepper machine. This involves wearing comfortable shoes and clothing that won’t cause much friction.

Hop on your stepper machine, placing your feet in the footholds so that they are comfortable. Your stance will be similar to the one that you make every day.

Pull one of your feet up with the machine, encouraging it to start. What comes next will be the trickiest part: getting into a good rhythm. You can fiddle with the intensity of the stepper to find a good resistance that feels slightly difficult without being impossible.

So, how do you fall into a good rhythm on the stepper? Try to mimic regular stair climbing. Your first time stepping should not involve climbing at a high resistance. Instead, you’ll want to get your body used to the stepper.

You can buy a mini stepper or a regular stepper. The biggest difference is that the regular stepper comes with handrails. These are okay to use, especially as you’re learning how to use a stepper machine.

Try keeping your hands off of the handrails once you get comfortable. This allows your body to engage more muscles in the legs, as you’re using more muscles to keep you balanced.


What is the correct posture when learning how to use a stepper machine?

You should keep your feet flat on the machine while it is in use. Additionally, your back should be straight, and your shoulders should be slightly pushed back. Your core should be engaged throughout the workout.

Make sure that you’re not looking down the entire time of your stepping workout. This can cause soreness in the neck. You should hold your head high and look straight ahead.


Can you lift weights while on a stepper?

Some dedicated weight lifters will try to incorporate weight lifting into any cardio exercise. Sure, this is an easy way to get both weights and cardio in quickly, but can it be done with a stepper?

As long as your weights aren’t so heavy that you’re distracted from the stepper, there’s no reason to avoid weight lifting. Start with light weights that feel easy on your arms and find what balance and posture work best for you.

You can rotate between which arm you are using so that you always have one arm on the handrail if you are concerned about balance.


Are steppers safe?

Stair steppers are rarely recommended for people who have preexisting knee issues, such as joint problems in the knee. This is due to the unique movement that stair climbing forces your body to do.

As long as you don’t have any previous injuries in your knee area,  you should feel safe hopping on a stepper. Due to the suspension of the stepper, you won’t be putting a lot of pressure on your knees or the rest of your body.

Climbing down sets of stairs can put more pressure on your joints. Fortunately, the stepper only has you going up sets of stairs. This makes steppers a safer choice for your body when compared to regular staircase climbing.

Steppers are easier on your body compared to machines such as the treadmill as it is significantly lower impact. When running on a treadmill, you put a lot of stress on your joints and feet, which can easily lead to injuries.


What are the benefits of a stepper?

The stepper is an excellent piece of equipment for your lower body. In particular, the stepper will help work out the following muscles:

  • The hamstrings
  • The quadriceps
  • The glutes
  • The calf muscles

Steppers will work out your entire body. The legs are engaged, as is the core. Move your arms while you step to encourage upper-body results, too!

A common desire in fitness is to be able to see progress. While you may think that you’re great at stepping because you don’t typically have issues with climbing stairs, you’ll be blown away by the progress that you see when stepping.

You’ll be able to watch your body improve in the time that you spend stepping and the resistance that you can go up against on the stepper.

Is there a particularly tricky set of stairs near you that you always dread climbing up? Wait to climb it for some time and go back to it once you’ve spent some time on the stepper. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it feels!

As long as you aren’t relying on the handrails too often, you can also rest assured that the stepper is helping your balance and stability.

Finally, another important stepper benefit is that it’s convenient for home use. They aren’t as noisy as faster machines like the treadmill or exercise bike, and can easily be stored and moved for space.


How often should you use a stepper?

Cardiovascular exercise, which is typically any exercise that raises your heart rate for sustained periods of time, is the time of exercise that stepping would be sorted into. It’s recommended to get about 150 minutes (or more) of moderate exercise per week.

Your stepper doesn’t have to be the only form of cardio that you get. You may choose to pair it with walking, running, using an exercise bike, or any other form of cardio.

Try using your stepper three times a week for 30 minutes each time. This will increase your amount of cardio, and can easily be supplemented on the days that you don’t step.


Can you lose weight using a stepper?

Since learning how to use a stepper machine counts as cardio, you’ll certainly be able to lose weight while using one!

To maximise the calories burned while using a stepper (and thus creating a higher loss of weight), you’ll want to do the following:

  • Step at a speedier rate
  • Increase the resistance on the stepper machine
  • Pair using a stepper with weight training
  • Drink more water before and after using a stepper
  • Combine your new fitness routine with a healthy diet




Very few people have an easy time climbing stairs. While it’s easy to pass this off as a frustrating task, you can always improve your ability by learning how to use a stepper machine! Not only will it help your fitness, but it’ll help you be more eager to skip the lift at work.