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The elliptical machine is one of the most beloved ways to workout in the fitness industry. They are great for burning calories, getting your daily step count in, and having a good time while working out. While they may line every single gym around the globe, it’s also incredibly easy to have one in your own home! You may be wondering what the best elliptical machine for home use is, and we have just the right answer for you.


Best Elliptical Machine On the Market 2021


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While all ellipticals have their strengths, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to brand, special features, and the overall power of the machine. So, we’ve compiled all of our options for the best elliptical machine for home and put them all together to help you with your search.



1. ANCHEER Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer Machine for Home

ANCHEER Elliptical Cross Trainer for Home Use, Smooth & Quiet,...
1 Reviews
ANCHEER Elliptical Cross Trainer for Home Use, Smooth & Quiet,...
  • Smooth & Quiet: Equipped with an advanced magnetic brake system and...
  • Adjustable Resistance: Switch between the 10-levels magnetic...
  • Multi-Function Display: The console displays real-time workout...

If you’re a fan of the top ellipticals that you know and love from the gym, then this product will help you bring your favourite machine street to your home.

Key Features

  • It has cross trainer features.
  • There are 10 levels of resistance.
  • You can choose between grey or black for colouring.

This best elliptical for home use has one of the most classic designs for the machine. It uses an advanced magnetic brake and belt-drive system to utilize the front-mounted flywheel effectively. It’s also designed to be quiet and give you a smooth workout every time.

The 10 different options for resistance will bring you from a casual walk to an intense uphill mountain climbing session. You can choose to work out your arms at the same time as your legs or leave your hands on the handlebars.

The display screen will show you your distance, time, speed, heart rate, and the number of calories that you’ve burned. So, it has all the helpful information you need to keep up with your fitness journey!

What we love:

  • The customisation of the different resistance levels.
  • It feels strong and sturdy while using it.

What we don’t love:

  • It’s not budget-friendly.


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2. EX Sports Luna Pro 2-in-1 Elliptical Cross Trainer

XS Sports Luna Pro 2-in1 Elliptical Cross Trainer Exercise...
1,395 Reviews
XS Sports Luna Pro 2-in1 Elliptical Cross Trainer Exercise...
  • XS Sports Pro Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer with Pulse Sensors - 2...
  • Front Mounted Flywheel for Added Stability - Adjustable Resistance for...
  • Can Be Used to Workout Legs, Hips, Buttocks, Arms & Shoulders -...

Looking for a classic elliptical but don’t want to spend too much money? This budget-friendly choice is the go-to for you!

Key Features

You can sit or stand on this machine! You have the freedom to choose whether you want to take advantage of its elliptical usage or turn it into an exercise bike. It has a front-mounted flywheel so that you can feel safe and stable no matter what you’re using the machine for.

The upper handlebars can be used to move your arms with the rest of your body for your workout. The other handlebars have pulse sensors to help you monitor your heart rate. The footplates are designed to be extra-wide for comfort and adjustability!

What we love:

  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • It’s easy to move around or store in your home.

What we don’t love:

  • The LCD display is much smaller, which can be distracting.


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3. XS Sports CT700 Magnetic Deluxe Elliptical Cross Trainer

XS Sports CT700 Magnetic Deluxe Elliptical Cross Trainer - 5.5kg...
137 Reviews
XS Sports CT700 Magnetic Deluxe Elliptical Cross Trainer - 5.5kg...
  • STRONG; Our CT700​ elliptical machine​ features chip resistant...
  • SAFE; Each XS Sports ​upright elliptical ​has undergone stringent...
  • ADVANCED; Our ​cross trainer​ is the perfect combo elliptical...

Another budget-friendly option, this contender for the best elliptical machine for home use is a classic choice that is great for those with limited space.

Key Features

  • It’s built with long-lasting features.
  • It’s small for the space-conscious buyer.

This machine may be small, but it’s definitely mighty. It’s made with heavy-duty materials to hold a higher weight capacity. The machine is driven by the belt and magnetic flywheel, so there is lots of choice in how hard you want each workout to be.

The LCD display screen is small, but it has plenty of options for what you want to track. This includes a pulse reading, calories burned, your elapsed time, speed, distance, and ODO. And our favourite part? It has a tablet or phone holder so that you can watch videos while working out!

What we love:

  • It has a tablet holder.
  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • It saves space in the home.

What we don’t love:

  • The assembly is not the easiest.


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4. Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical (LT1)
1,622 Reviews
Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical (LT1)
  • ZERO IMPACT EXERCISE: Ideal for all fitness levels. The comfortable...
  • WHISPER-QUIET, FLUID STRIDE: The unique striding motion protects your...
  • TOTAL BODY WORKOUT: Dual power motion works your upper and lower body...

We love this elliptical for its unique approach to the workout. It uses a recumbent design for optimal safety.

Key Features

  • The recumbent feature makes it a zero-impact exercise.
  • It’s designed to be quiet.

This is the perfect option for any user recovering from an injury, or someone with joint pain. The recumbent seating option for use takes off much of the pressure on your joints. Additionally, the machine has a patented stride technology that makes your body do natural stepping motions that are more gentle on your ankles, knees, hips, and back.

You can settle into this machine for a longer workout if needed. In addition to the easy-to-read digital console, you also get a device stand and bottle holder. So, bring your drink and your tablet loaded up with a movie and get to exercising!

What we love:

  • It’s ideal for people with injuries or existing concerns.
  • It’s comfortable to use.

What we don’t love:

  • It’s not budget-friendly and costs more than most competitors.
  • It’s a heavy machine.


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5. XS Sports Pro 2-in-1 Elliptical Cross Trainer

XS Sports 2 in 1 Elliptical and Stationary Exercise Bike -...
369 Reviews
XS Sports 2 in 1 Elliptical and Stationary Exercise Bike -...
  • STRONG; Our 2 in 1 ​exercise bike ​and​ elliptical cross trainer...
  • SAFE; Each XS Sports ​upright elliptical ​has undergone stringent...
  • TWO IN ONE; Unlike inferior ​exercise equipment for home​ that...

Are you trying to set up the perfect home gym? This stylish fitness machine is a great choice for your space.

Key Features

  • You can stand or sit.
  • It has unique design elements for your optimal comfort.

This machine is perfect for the user who wants to work out in a variety of different ways. You can sit or stand, and choose whether you want to work out your arms, too. There is also the option for bidirectional movement, helping you work out even more parts of your body.

You can adjust the resistance on this machine to suit your daily goal. No matter what you’re doing, you can rest assured that you’ll stay comfortable the whole time. The seat on the bike is padded, and the foot pedals are extra wide for your comfort. The outer handlebars are also adjustable for those in need of a change.

What we love:

  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • It feels sturdy while in use.

What we don’t love:

  • It’s very heavy.
  • It can be noisy at higher speeds and resistance levels.


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6. Sportstech CX640 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Sportstech Crosstrainer for at Home | Elliptical Trainer with...
25 Reviews
Sportstech Crosstrainer for at Home | Elliptical Trainer with...
  • ✅𝗛𝗢𝗠𝗘𝗧𝗥𝗔𝗜𝗡𝗘𝗥: a computer controlled...

For the dedicated fitness enthusiasts who are willing to spend a little extra for the absolute best will love this high-tech product.

Key Features

  • It has an app-compatible multimedia console.
  • It has cross-trainer capabilities.

This machine is filled with small features that make it run perfectly. A grooved belt drive system helps make sure that every workout is a silent one, making it ideal for those who share their home. There are also 26 pre-installed training programmes to boost your workout in seconds!

The most outstanding feature of this best elliptical machine for home is its video training abilities. The app-compatible multimedia console allows you to access Kinomap and Sportstech technology to watch video events and receive coaching throughout your workout.

What we love:

  • It’s equipped with a water bottle holder.
  • It has plenty of pre-installed training options.

What we don’t love:

  • It’s not budget-friendly.

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Best Elliptical Machine For Home Questions and Answers

All of the options we’ve selected for the best elliptical machine for home use are so perfect that it might feel tempting to purchase them right away. While we support your decision on any of our 6 picks, there are still a few things that you might want to learn before choosing the right elliptical for your home.


What is an elliptical?

Ellipticals are stationary machines used for exercise. They allow you to walk, run, and climb all without moving from a single spot!

Most ellipticals allow you to exercise both your arms and legs. You move the machine by doing your walking/running/climbing motions with your legs while pumping the handlebars with your arms. However, the upper-arm movement is not required on an elliptical.

Some ellipticals are powered entirely by your movement. Others use an electric console mixed with a resistance system to give you more options in customisation and movement.


Are the best elliptical machine for home options good for losing weight?

Ellipticals are great for burning calories, which helps you lose weight easier.

A Harvard study found that it’s possible to burn up to 400 calories in a 30-minute elliptical session. So, using your elliptical can be incredibly effective for weight loss. They are also simple enough to use that it’s possible to spend an entire hour on an elliptical without too much stress to your body.

If you want to maximize the calories being burned on an elliptical, it’s important to make sure you’re using it effectively. This means that you’re using your arms as well as your legs. You should also be at a speed and resistance that provides some challenges to you.

In addition to just counting the calories you’ve burned, a high-intensity session on the elliptical can also help burn body fat.


What parts of the body does an elliptical work out?

The elliptical is an effective way to complete your cardio exercises. Fortunately, using the elliptical works out more parts of your body than many other cardio routines, including running.

Running tends to focus more on the lower half of your body while using an elliptical can work on even more muscles. Here are some of the key parts of the body used while on an elliptical:

  • The glutes
  • The quadriceps
  • The hamstrings
  • The calves
  • the anterior tibialis
  • The chest
  • The back
  • Your biceps
  • Your triceps
  • Your core muscles

There are plenty of other health benefits to using one of the best elliptical machine for home use options. It will help boost your stamina due to it being a strong cardiovascular fitness option. This allows you to keep your heart, lungs, and muscles strong.

You can also use the elliptical to improve your balance. If you choose to avoid using the handlebars while engaging your core, you will be able to naturally improve your balance over time.


Are ellipticals safe?

Ellipticals are one of the safest options for exercise machines. They put minimal stress on your joints, especially when compared to treadmills.

The movements made while using an elliptical are incredibly low-impact. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone recovering from an injury, or anyone who has pre-existing joint problems.

Since the workout is so low-impact, you’re able to do it more regularly. This allows you to complete longer exercises and spend more days each week on the elliptical. However, it’s important to still listen to your body and make sure that you are not overworking yourself, or putting too much stress on your body.

The downside of using an elliptical is that the motions you are making are not as natural as movements made on similar machines. So, your muscles will be activated in different ways than they are used to. It’s important to build up to higher-intensity workouts on the elliptical, as too much too soon can hurt your muscles.

Another downside is that the elliptical may not be a strong option if you seek to gain muscles in your legs. While it does work out your leg muscles, you aren’t putting as much stress on your legs, creating a limit to how much muscle you can naturally gain.


What workouts should you do in addition to using an option from the best elliptical machine for home list?

Combining cardio (using the elliptical) with strength training is ideal for anyone on a fitness journey. Some worry that lifting weights will make you gain muscle, therefore preventing you from losing weight. Fortunately, this isn’t often true.

Depending on your goals, it’s important to mix in strength training with your cardio on a frequent basis. You can choose to rotate between cardio days versus strength training days, or do a smaller amount of each on the days you do workout.

Luckily, you don’t need to invest in a ton of weights to strength train. Things like push-ups, squats, lunges, and planks are all great ways to incorporate strength training into your life without spending money.

Many of you may prioritize strength training, and that’s great! The elliptical can be a great way to incorporate cardio into your fitness routines. A cardio workout can easily be done twice a week on days that you are not strength training.


What features are important when looking at the best elliptical machine for home use?

There are some of the key elements you may want to consider when looking at the best elliptical machine for home use list.

One of the most important considerations is noise. If you have a private room or home gym that is relatively soundproof, then the sound will be no concern! However, if you live with others or have nearby neighbours, you’ll want to keep your noise to a minimum. Many ellipticals are designed to be extra quiet, so look out for them!

Ellipticals will also have a weight limit. If you are in the early stages of your weight loss journey, be sure that the product you are buying will not limit your ability to workout.

If you like to change up your daily routine, many options allow you to choose between sitting or standing. The ellipticals that can convert into an exercise bike are a great choice if you aren’t sure what kind of fitness machine to buy!

Another feature that is often forgotten about is the ability to watch media while using your elliptical. A product with a tablet holder is great if you like to watch movies while working out. These are also ideal for those who like to follow fitness videos while working out.


Ellipticals are easy machines to incorporate into your living space. Since they work out a variety of muscles, they’re a smart decision for anyone looking to spend more time working out! They are also a great choice for users who already have a home gym and are looking to boost their workout game.

Our selection of the best elliptical machines for home use are all incredible options. Whether you want a smaller, lightweight machine for hassle-free workouts, or a strong, sturdy product with lots of resistance options, your choice is on the list of the best elliptical machine for home use contenders!